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    KeywordTypeSee alsoNotes
    Celtic literatureKeyword
    CeltsEthnic group
    CemeteriesKeywordCliff cemeteries, Funerary archaeology, Gravestones, Sarcophagi, Sepulchral monuments
    Central AfricaRegion
    Central African RepublicCountry
    Central AmericaRegion
    Central American Indian languagesKeyword
    Central American IndiansEthnic group
    Central Asia and Far EastRegion
    Central EuropeRegion
    Central InuitEthnic group
    Central nervous systemKeyword
    CenuEthnic group
    Ceramics (see Porcelain, Pottery)Keyword
    CercopithecidaeKeywordBaboons, Macaques, Rhesus monkeys
    Cereals (see Grain)Keyword
    Cerebral dominanceKeywordLaterality
    Cerebral palsyKeyword
    Ceremonial exchangeKeyword
    Ceremonial sites (see Sacred space)Keyword
    Ceren sitePlace
    Ceropithecoidea (see Cercopithecidae, Victoriapithecus)Keyword
    Cerro de la Campana sitesPlace
    Cerro de las Mesas sitePlace
    Cerro de las Minas sitePlace
    Cerro de Trincheras sitePlace
    Cerro El Plomo sitePlace
    Cerro Sechin sitePlace
    Cervical cancerKeyword
    Cewa (see Chewa)Ethnic group
    CeylonPlaceSri Lanka
    Chacben Kax sitePlace
    Chachapoya cultureKeyword
    Chachapoya IndiansEthnic group
    Chachi (see Cayapa)Ethnic group
    Chaco (see Gran Chaco)Place
    Chaco Boreal (see Gran Chaco)Place
    Chaco Canyon sitePlace
    Chaco cultureKeyword
    ChacoboEthnic group
    Chadic languagesKeyword
    ChagaEthnic group
    Chaga languageKeyword
    Chagas diseaseKeyword