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    KeywordTypeSee alsoNotes
    World War IKeyword
    World War IIKeyword
    World Wide WebKeyword
    WoseraEthnic group
    Wouanana (see Choco)Ethnic group
    Wounded Knee sitePlace
    Wounds and injuriesKeyword
    WoyoEthnic group
    Wrestlers and wrestlingKeyword
    WritingKeywordCalligraphy, Hieroglyphics, Notation
    Written sources (see Historical sources)Keyword
    Wupatki National MonumentPlace
    WuteEthnic group
    WyandotEthnic group
    WyomingPlaceUnited States
    X chromosomeKeyword
    X-linked genetic disordersKeyword
    X-linked immunodeficiencyKeyword
    X-ray analysisKeyword
    X-ray diffractionKeyword
    X-ray fluorescenceKeyword
    Xaida (see Haida)Ethnic group
    Xavante (see Akwe Shavante)Ethnic group
    Xcalumkin sitePlace
    Xcaret sitePlace
    Xerente (see Sherente)Ethnic group
    Xeroderma pigmentosumKeyword
    XhosaEthnic group
    Xhosa languageKeyword
    Xia dynastyKeyword
    Xianbei cultureKeyword
    XibeEthnic group
    Xifan (see Pumi)Ethnic group
    XikrinEthnic group
    Xingu river regionPlace
    Xiong-nu (see Hsiung-Nu)Ethnic group
    Xiongnu (see Hsiung-Nu)Ethnic group
    Xisha Paracel (see South China Sea Islands)Place
    Xituanshan cultureKeyword
    Xochicalco sitePlace
    Xokleng (see Shokleng)Ethnic group
    Y chromosomeKeyword
    YaakuEthnic group