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Lacto-vegetarian diet and correlation of fasting blood sugar with lipids im population practicing sedentary lifestyle2017 Ecology of food and nutrition 56 (5): 351-63
  • Ardhendu Bhusan Praharaj
  • Manoj Kumar Gupta
  • Ramesh Kumar Goenka
  • Shantanu Kar
  • Sujata Dixit
H6 [ECOLOGY-]0367-0244
Diet and physical activity in relation to metabolic syndrome among urban Indian men and women2015 Ecology of food and nutrition 54 (1): 43-56
  • Kiran Bains
  • Neetu Miglani
  • Pritpal Singh
H6 [ECOLOGY-]0367-0244
Ambulatory blood pressure and blood lipids in a multiethnic sample of healthy adults2013 American journal of human biology 25 (4): 563-5
  • Angela M. Reza
  • Gary D. James
  • Helene M. Van Berge-Landry
  • Lynn A. Morrison
  • Nicola A. Nicolaisen
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
The effects of intra-uterine growth restriction on blood lipids and response to exercise training2013 American journal of human biology 25 (6): 844-6
  • Jessica G. Redmond
  • Melisa Kiyamu
  • Timothy B. Gage
  • Tom D. Brutsaert
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
The influence of organized physical activity on anthropometric measures amd cardio-vascular diseases risk factors in population of students2011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 331-8
  • Dušan Šuščević
  • Proko Dragosavljević
  • Saša Dragić
  • Željko Sekulić
  • Zoran Obradović
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Relationships between adiponectin, leptin, and blood lipids in physically active postmenopausal females2010 American journal of human biology 22 (5): 609-12
  • Aire Leppik
  • Erwin Tafeit
  • Jaak Jürimäe
  • Tatjana Kums
  • Toivo Jürimäe
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Relation between C-reactive protein levels and body composition in a multiethnic sample of school children in Hawaii2010 American journal of human biology 22 (5): 675-9
  • Daniel E. Brown
  • Harold A.T. Tefft
  • Lenard Allen
  • Miyako Warrington
  • William J. Mautz
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Blood lipids, infection and inflammatory markers in the Tsimane of Bolivia2010 American journal of human biology 22 (6): 731-40
  • Eileen M. Crimmins
  • Jeff Winking
  • Jung Ki Kim
  • Michael Gurven
  • Sarinnapha Vasunilashorn
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Concentration of lipids, lipoproteins and apolipoproteins in Gypsy children from Žilina2005 Česká antropologie 55: 26-31
  • Zuzana Cudráková
  • Zuzana Rašovcová
H6/KVL [ANTROPOLOGICKÁ-]0862-5085English summary
Anthropometric assessment of elderly women in relation to the risk of cardio-vascular diseases (epidemiological study of female population aged 65-74)2005 Papers on anthropology 14: 295-307
  • Eleonora Solodkaya
  • Jelena Abina
  • Lidia Tchaico
  • Merilaid Saava
  • Peeter Laane
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Health implications of stevia rebaudiana2004 Journal of human ecology 15 (3): 191-4
  • A. G. Shankar
  • K. Sheela
  • Parama Ramakrishna
  • S. M. Savita
  • Sharan Sunanda
H6 [JOURNAL-]0970-9274
Nutritional status and main risk factors for cardiovascular disease in the various ethnic groups of the elderly male population in Tallinn2004 Papers on anthropology 13: 214-25
  • Jelena Abina
  • Lidia Tchaico
  • Merileid Saava
  • Peeter Laane
  • Vanda Belova
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Cardiovascular disease risk factors in preschool children2003 Papers on anthropology 12: 113-23
  • Elvira Kurvinen
  • Katrin Aasvee
  • Riina Zordania
Anthropometric assessment of elderly men aged 64-69 in relation to some atherogenic metabolic indices (epidemiological study in Tallinn 2002-2003)2003 Papers on anthropology 12: 219-28
  • Jelena Abina
  • Merileid Saava
  • Naima Villo
  • Peeter Laane
Atherogenic aspects of tobacco smoking in a coastal population of Andhra Pradesh, India2003 Journal of human ecology 14 (5): 349-53
  • G. Bulliyya
Morphophysiological correlations2003 Voprosy antropologii 91: 3-21
  • L. K. Gudkova
H6/KVY [VOPROSY-]0507-2921English summary
Characterization of appolipoprotein E genetic variations in Taiwanese: association with coronary heart disease and plasma lipid levels2002 Human biology 74 (1): 25-31
  • Jau-Tsuen Kao
  • Min-Shien Wen
  • Sin-Kai Lo
  • June Hsieh Wu
Age-related changes in subcutaneous adipose tissue of adolescent distance runners and association with blood lipoproteins2002 Annals of human biology 29 (4): 389-97
  • J. C. Eisenmann
  • R. M. Malina
0301-4460French and German summaries
Nutritional status and plasma lipid profile in selected ischemic heart disease (IHD) patients2002 Journal of human ecology 13 (6): 449-54
  • Asna Urooj
  • K. Kusuma
Relation between commuting, leisure time physical activity and serum lipids in a Chinese urban population2001 Annals of human biology 28 (4): 412-21
  • Gang Hu
  • Huiguang Tian
  • Zeyu Guo
  • Heikki Pekkarinen
  • Osmo Hänninen
0301-4460French and German summaries
Genetic variation at the Apo B 3'VNTR in Czech general population and in Czech diabetes mellitus type II patient group2001 Journal of human ecology 12 (1): 19-24
  • B. Bendlová
  • I. Mazura
  • J. Perušičová
  • J. Včelák
  • M. Vaňkova
Influence of the apolipoprotein E polymorphism on plasma lipoproteins in a Mexican population2001 Human biology 73 (6): 835-43
  • Aida Medina-Urrutia
  • Gilberto Varas-Alaracón
  • Guadalupe Hernández-Pacheco
  • Guillermo Cardoso-Saldaña
  • Ricardo Gaboa
Plasma lipoprotein(a) distribution and its correlates among Samoans2000 Human biology 72 (2): 321-36
  • Christopher E. Aston
  • Linda Bausserman
  • M. Ilyas Kamboh
  • Robert E. Ferrell
  • Stephen T. McGarvey
Relationships between blood pressure, anthropometric characteristics and blood lipids in high- and low-altitude populations from central Asia2000 Annals of human biology 27 (1): 19-28
  • A. Rimondi
  • D. Pettener
  • F. Facchini
  • G. Fiori
  • N. Battistini
0301-4460French and German summaries
Anthropometric data, their correlation to plasma lipids and blood pressure in schoolchildren of Tallinn (1998-1999)2000 Papers on anthropology 9: 178-84
  • Karin Lilienberg
  • Merileid Saava
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Cord blood apolipoprotein-E genotype distribution and plasma lipid indices in newborns of different ethnicity2000 Annals of human biology 27 (4): 367-75
  • Biret Fokkens
  • D. A. Janneke Brouwer
  • Frits A. J. Muskiet
  • Hans Mulder
  • Samuel Ramsewak
0301-4460French and German summaries
Cardiovascular risk factors of migrants in Port Moresby from the highlands and island villages, Papua New Guinea2000 American journal of human biology 12 (5): 655-64
  • Kazumi Natsuhara
  • Masahiro Umezaki
  • Taro Yamauchi
  • Tetsuro Hongo
  • Tsukasa Inaoka
Apolipoprotein A polymorphisms and plasma lipoprotein(a) concentrations in non-Hispanic whites and Hispanics2000 Human biology 72 (5): 821-35
  • Linda Chiu
  • M. Ilyas Kamboh
  • Richard F. Hamman
The influence of [being] overweight on the outcomes of early cardiac rehabilitation in patients after surgical revascularisation of myocardium and acute myocardial infarction1999 Papers on anthropology 8: 15-24
  • Aet Arak-Luhmann
Assessment of biochemical indices of atherosclerosis risk in children1999 Perspectives in human biology 4 (2): 125-32
  • Elzbieta Pac-Kożuchowska
  • Hanna Chrząstek-Spruch
in special issue 'Child growth, secular trends and continuing human evolution'
Applying patients' height and weight data in epidemiological studies1999 Papers on anthropology 8: 60-4
  • Jaan Kasmel
  • Jelje Kaarma
  • Kandela Puss
  • Olga Volozh
Physical activity, body mass index and risk factors for coronary heart disease in rural islanders1999 Papers on anthropology 8: 109-15
  • Eva Tamkivi
  • Heidi-Ingrid Maaroos
  • Jaak Maaroos
  • Maret Pank
  • Virge Nemvalts
Serum lipids with reference to atherogenic risk in fish consuming and non-fish consuming people1997 South Asian anthropologist 18 (2): 123-31
  • G. Bulliyya
Tel-Aviv-Heidelberg three generation offspring study: genetic and environmental sources of variation and covariation among plasma lipids, lipoproteins, and apoliproteins1997 American journal of human biology 9 (3): 357-70
  • G. Livshits
Low-molecular-weight acid phosphatase (ACP1), obesity, and blood lipid levels in subjects with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus1997 Human biology 69 (4): 509-15
  • N. Lucarini
Height, weight, body mass index, skinfolds and their correlation to serum lipids and blood pressure in the epidemiological study of schoolchildren in Tallinn1997 Papers on anthropology 7: 243-52
  • I. Tur
  • K. Neilinn-Lilienberg
  • M. Saava
High frequency of the apolipoprotein E *4 allele in African Pygmies and most of the African populations in sub-Saharan Africa1997 Human biology 69 (4): 575-81
  • L. Zekraoui
Population change in adult obesity and blood lipids in American Samoa from 1976-1978 to 19901993 American Journal of human biology 5 (1): 17-30
  • S T McGarvey
Patterns of association between genetic variability in apolipoprotein (Apo) B, Apo AI-CIII-AIV, and cholesterol ester transfer protein gene regions and quantitative variation in lipid and lipoprotein traits: influence of gender and exogenous hormones1992 American Journal of human genetics 50 (1): 92-106
  • A M Kessling
Temporal changes and rural-urban differences in cardiovascular disease risk factors and mortality in China1992 Human biology 64 (6): 807-19
  • S T McGarvey
  • S Zhai
Genetic studies of human apolipoproteins. 20, Genetic polymorphism of apolipoprotein J and its impact on quantitative lipid traits in normolipidemic subjects1991 American Journal of human genetics 49 (6): 1167-73
  • M I Kamboh
The gender-specific apolipoprotein E genotype influence on the distribution of lipids and apolipoproteins in the population of Rochester, MN. 1, Pleiotropic effects on means and variances1991 American Journal of human genetics 49 (6): 1155-66
  • S L Reilly