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Blood groups and abortions2004 South Asian anthropologist 4 (2): 199-201
  • N. Srinivas
  • Rema Devi
  • Sayee Rajangam
H6/KW [SOUTH-]0257-7348
Maternal-fetal interaction in the ABO system: a comparative analysis of healthy mothers and couples with recurrent spontaneous abortion suggests a protective effect of B incompatibility2001 Human biology 73 (2): 167-74
  • Ada Amante
  • Andrea Finocchi
  • Gian Franco Meloni
  • Giuseppina Ruggiu
  • Nunzio Bottini
ABO blood group incompatibility and fertility among the Bhatras of Bastar2000 Man in India 80 (3/4): 313-19
  • Jaya Mukherjee
  • Manjula Guha
  • Moyna Chakravarty
A study on fetal wastage and blood groups in a Bengalee population1992 Journal of human ecology 3 (2): 159-61
  • A R Bandopadhaya
ABO phenotype and morphology1992 Current anthropology 33 (2): 221-4
  • A J Kelso
  • C L Smith
  • K L Beals
ABO blood group incompatibility and consanguinity in relation to reproductive performance: a study among two occupational caste groups of Andhra Pradesh1992 Journal of human ecology 3 (1): 49-52
  • B B Rao
  • G R Rajeswari
  • S Narahari
Effect of ABO incompatibility on fertility and fetal deaths1991 Man in India 71: 511-16
  • G R Lakshmi
  • S S Bandyopadhyay
Seasonal effects on fetal selection related to AB0 blood groups of mother and child1991 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 49 (4): 341-53
  • I Nakamura
  • K Nonaka
  • T Miura
German summary
ABO-Hp interaction and unexplained infertility1991 Man in India 71: 461-8
  • I J S Bansal
  • P Singhal
  • S Gupta
Fertility, fetal incompatibility and malformations in Dehra Dun city1990 Journal of the Anthropological Survey of India 39 (1): 40-69
  • G R Lakshmi