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Livestock in Rapa Nui, an economic variable policy to consider2021 Chungará 53 (2): 359-73
  • Rolf Foerster
H6/KUL [CHUNGARA-]0716-1182English summary
The Bakkarwal of Jammu and Kashmir: negotiating the commons2020 Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (NS) 12 (1): 110-20
  • Anita Sharma
H6/KF [OXFORD-]2040-1876
Land tenure and the sustainability of pastoral production systems: a comparative analysis of the Andean altiplano and the East African savannah2019 Nomadic peoples (NS) 23 (1): 28-54
  • Gerardo Damonte
  • Lilian Kirimi
  • Manuel Glave
  • Sandra Rodríguez
  • Tim Ngaji
H6/KF [NOMADIC-]0822-7942
Diné and climate change: a historical lesson for land use today2019 American Indian culture and research journal 43 (1): 55-82
  • Clara Kelley
  • Harris Francis
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0161-6463
Diné and climate change: a historical lesson for land use today2019 American Indian culture and research journal 43 (1): 55-82
  • Clara Kelley
  • Harris Francis
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0161-6463
Contemporary livestock husbandry in Kyrgyzstan2017 Anthropology and archeology of Eurasia 56 (1/2): 52-78
  • Amantour J. Japarov
H6/KVY [ANTHROPOLOGY-]1061-1959in special issue 'Animal-human relationships'
The role of kinship in negotiating territorial rights. Exploring claims for winter pasture ownership in Mongolia2016 Inner Asia 18 (2): 245-64
  • Ariell Ahearn
H6/KW [INNER-]1464-8172
Legal pluralism and land administration in West Sumatra: the implementation of the regulations of both local and nagari governments on communal land tenure2015 Journal of legal pluralism and unofficial law 47 (2): 312-23
  • Hilaire Tegnan
H6/KFNC [JOURNAL-]0732-9113
Stone walls as a means of understanding the different types of reindeer herding: a study from the Lule Sámi area on the Norwegian side of the border2014 Arctic anthropology 51 (2): 23-34
  • Oddmund Andersen
*H6 [ARCTIC-]0066-6939
El cercado de la llama libre: transformaciones en el territorio comunitario de Curahuara de Carangas (prov. Sajama, dpto. Oruro, Bolivia 2007-2013)2014 Bulletin de l’Institut Français d’Etudes andines 43 (2): 355-67
  • Carla Virginia Rodas Arano
H6/KUL [INSTITUT-]0303-7495
Visual symbols and silent messages: rock art, landscape, and communication, a case study from Scandinavia2013 American Indian rock art 40: 1145-54
  • David Vogt
Beyond hierarchy: the archaeology of collective governance2013 World archaeology 45 (5): 714-29
  • Susan Oosthuizen
H6/KE [WORLD-]0043-8243in thematic issue 'The archaeology of legal culture'
Land tenure change and sustainable management of Alpine grasslands on the Tibetan plateau: a case from Honyuan County, Sichuan province, China2012 Nomadic peoples (NS) 16 (1): 36-49
  • Jin Li
H6/KF [NOMADIC-]0822-7942in special issue 'Ecological narratives on grasslands in China: a people-centered view'
Land use negotiation in eastern Morocco2011 Nomadic peoples (NS) 15 (1): 54-69
  • David Kreuer
H6/KF [NOMADIC-]0822-7942in special issue 'Nomads in the political field'
Being in the frontline of Sámi culture and private business: cross-border reindeer herding in northern Norway and Sweden2011 Nomadic peoples (NS) 15 (1): 114-43
  • Judith Miggelbrink
  • Peter Koch
H6/KF [NOMADIC-]0822-7942in special issue 'Nomads in the political field'
The 2011 Swedish Supreme Court ruling: a turning point for Saami rights2011 Nomadic peoples (NS) 15 (2): 130-5
  • Anett Sasvari
  • Hugh Beach
H6/KF [NOMADIC-]0822-7942
"An equal interest in the soil": Creek small-scale farming and the work of nationahood, 1866-18892009 American Indian quarterly 33 (1): 98-130
  • David A. Chang
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0095-182X
Indigenous conflict management and resolution mechanisms of rangelands in Somali regional state, Ethiopia2008 Nomadic peoples (NS) 12 (1): 109-21
  • Ahmed Mohammed Bouh
  • Yared Mammo
H6/KF [NOMADIC-]0822-7942
Multi-stakeholder forums for co-management of pastoralism in Niger2008 Nomadic peoples (NS) 12 (1): 165-77
  • Thomas Sommerhalter
H6/KF [NOMADIC-]0822-7942
"Mobile" pastoralism in Iran. Its variants, their determinants and the consequences for development2008 Etudes rurales 181: 89-102
  • Jean-Pierre Digard
  • Mohammed-Hossein Pâpoli-Yazdi
H6 [ETUDES-]0014-2182English summary
Changing communal land tenure in an East African pastoral system: institutions and socio-economic transformations among the Pokot of NW Kenya2008 Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 133 (2): 301-22
  • Matthias Österle
  • Michael Bollig
H6 [ZEITSCHRIFT-]0044-2666
Changing practices in regulating access to natural resources among reindeer herding peoples of Siberia2007 Rasy i narody 33: 128-63, 371-2
  • Brian Donahoe
  • Kirill Vladimirovich Istomin
H6/KVY [RASY-]English summary
Aboriginal managers as blackfellas or whitefellas ? Aspects of Australian aboriginal cattle ownership in the Kimberley2004 Anthropological forum 14 (1): 23-42
  • Richard Davis
Süssura de l aalp. Il sistema dell'alpeggio nelle Alpi lombarde2004 Annali di San Michele 17: 31-155
  • Michele Corti
*H6/KVG [SM ANNALI-]1120-5687in thematic issue 'Il destino delle malghe. Trasformazioni nello spazio alpino e scenari futuribili di un sistema di consuetudini d'alpeggio'
Traditional forms of grazing and livestock breeding in theTuriec region2003 Národopisný zborník 14: 71-100, 242
  • Marta Pastieriková
H6/KVL [NARODOPISNY-]English summary
Herdsmen and foresters in the west Vercors in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries1991 Le monde alpin et rhodanien 19 (1): 43-82, 84
  • M Wullschleger
English summary