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Is that really the end, or what happened in the civil town of Aquincum in the fourth century AD?2018 Acta archaeologica (Budapest) 69 (1): 143-68
  • Orsolya Láng
H6/KE [ACTA-]0001-5210
Vessels with planta pedis stamp in the area of Aquincum2015-2016 Communicationes archaeologicae Hungariae : 209-34
  • Alexandra Nagy
H6/KE [COMMUNICATIONES-]0231-133XHungarian summary
Neues zur Urbanistik der Zivilstädte von Aquincum-Budapest und Carnuntum-Petronell2014 Acta archaeologica (Budapest) 65 (2): 361-404
  • Helga Sedlmayer
  • Orsolya Láng
  • Paula Zsidi
  • Stefan Groh
H6/KE [ACTA-]0001-5210English summary
Die Sarkophagwerkstätten von Aquincum und Brigetio2014 Acta archaeologica (Budapest) 65 (2): 405-26
  • Erwin Pochmarski
H6/KE [ACTA-]0001-5210English summary
Spätkeltische Siedlung von Budakalász-Duna-part2009 Communicationes archaeologicae Hungariae : 179-207
  • Katalin Ottományi
H6/KE [COMMUNICATIONES-]0231-133XGerman summary
Herstellerwerkstatt von Keramik rätischen Typs in Savaria2009 Communicationes archaeologicae Hungariae : 209-60
  • Nikoletta Varga
H6/KE [COMMUNICATIONES-]0231-133XGerman summary
Eastern Mediterranean import and its influence on local pottery in Aquincum2009 Acta archaeologica (Budapest) 60 (1): 51-72
  • D. Gabler
  • G. Lassányi
  • P. Hárshegyi
  • P. Vámos
H6/KE [ACTA-]0001-5210
Les cercueils en plomb de Pannonie2007 Folia archaeologica 53: 155-73
  • András Márton
H6/KE [FOLIA-]0133-2023
Appendix zur Studie von András Márton. Anthropologische Untersuchungen an einem Kinderskelett aus dem römischen Gräberfeld Budapest - Kaszásdűlő-Raktárrét (Grab 45-1881-82)2007 Folia archaeologica 53: 175-8
  • Mónika Merczi
H6/KE [FOLIA-]0133-2023
Decorated pinctada margaritifera: new data to the presence of eastern people in the civil town of Aquincum?2006 Communicationes archaeologicae Hungariae : 149-61
  • Orsolya T. Láng
Urbs Roma in Aquincum. Insight to the provincial history of the cult2005-2006 Folia archaeologica 52: 57-78
  • Ádám Szabó
H6/KE [FOLIA-]0133-2023English summary
Reconsidering theAquincum macellum: analogies and origins2003 Acta archaeologica 54: 165-204
  • O. T. Láng
Fassgefüllte Brunnen aus Aquincum2003 Antaeus 26: 85-95
  • Maria Pető
New Samian ware finds from the Canabae legions of Aquincum. Samian ware from the corner of Lajos street - Nagyszombat street and from 9 Galagonya street - Bokor street excavation2003 Archaeologiai értesitő 128 (1/2): 125-76
  • Judit Lebegyev
  • Márton Andras
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGIAI-]0003-8032English summary
Neue Forschungergebnisse über die Produktionsumstände der bleiglasierten Pfannen vom Fundort Aquincum2002 Communicationes archaeologicae Hungariae : 93-116
  • Adel Bugán
H6/KE 'COMMUNICATIONES-'0231-133XGerman summary
Animal remains from the mithraeum of castrum at Aquincum2000 Folia archaeologica 48: 55-84
  • Istvan Vörös
H6/KE 'FOLIA-'0133-2023Hungarian summary
Aquincum (Budapest, Hungary)2000 Athena review 2 (3): 21-3
  • Barbara Abendschein
1083-4141in special issue 'Romans on the Danube: sites and museums from Vienna to the Black sea'
Rómer for Aquincum1991 Archaeologiai értesitő 118 (1/2): 96-9
  • K S Póczy