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A new chapter in the revival process of the Nonuya language: testimony of a recent experience2017 Mundo Amazonico 8 (2): 85-105
  • Blasiney Moreno
  • Didier Moreno
  • Elias Moreno
  • Eliécer Moreno (Sika)
  • Esteban Moreno
  • Eveli Moreno
  • Guillermo Alfonso Viasús Quintero
  • Isabel Victoria Romero Cruz
  • Jair Moreno
  • Juan Alvaro Echeverri
  • Kathy Moreno
  • Margarit Gómez
  • Nubia Anibal
  • Sonia Rodríguez
  • Virgelina Gómez
2145-5082English and Portuguese summaries
Documentation of linguistic and sociocultural practices of the people of the center, northwest Amazon2015 Mundo Amazonico 6 (1): 129-46
  • Doris Fagua Rincón
English summary
Jaɨeni Jitoma iaɨyinoɨ ikakɨ: story of the orphans of the sun2015 Mundo Amazonico 6 (1): 175-210
  • Blas Candre transl
  • Hipólito Candre
  • Juan Alvaro Echeverri
  • Olga Lucía Montenegro
Witoto texts; English summary
The Nonuya language and linguistic conservation: some considerations2015 Mundo Amazonico 6 (2): 49-65
  • Isabel Victoria Romero Cruz
English summary
Eikɨ jɨkanote: asking for the song-divination2015 Mundo Amazonico 6 (2): 49-65
  • Laura Tattiana Areiza Serna (Ayaɨngo)
English summary
Do you want to know who Anastasia Candre is? Dear reader, here I am2014 Mundo Amazonico 5: 23-80
  • Anastasia Candre Yamacuri
in special issue 'Anastasia Candre y otros creadores indígenas'; English summary
Glossary of plants, animals and expressions2014 Mundo Amazonico 5: 127-33
  • Anastasia Candre Yamacuri
  • José Alvaro Echeverri
in special issue 'Anastasia Candre y otros creadores indígenas'; English summary, also in Witoto
Perception of the image in indigenous poetics2014 Mundo Amazonico 5: 135-40
  • Betsimar Sepúlveda
in special issue 'Anastasia Candre y otros creadores indígenas'; English summary
The products of the garden for life and health2014 Mundo Amazonico 5: 309-26
  • Adelaida Rodríguez
English summary
The science of life written on birds: Second part: Wattled curassow (Crax globulosa)2012 Mundo Amazonico 3: 257-84
  • Aniceto Nejedeka
also in Muinane; English summary
History of my father Mogoroto 'Blue Macaw': words of the ritual of the fruits, which come to us as food in abundance as told by the Okaina ethnic group2011 Mundo Amazonico 2: 307-28
  • Anastasia Candre Yamakuri
in Witoto; English summary
The science written on birds: First part: creation of our grandfather life-tobacco of the center2011 Mundo Amazonico 2: 329-58
  • Aniceto Nejedeka
in Witoto; English summary
Two cultural myths from the upper Amazon: tales from a humanized world2011 Mundo Amazonico 2: 359-64
  • Wilson Eduardo Gómez Pulgarin
English summary
Morphosyntactic aspects of Ocaina: between genetic features (Witotoan family) and areal influences2010 Mundo Amazonico 1: 215-44
  • Doris Fagua Rincón
  • Frank Seifart
English summary
Morphosyntax of the Muiname: typological remarks2004/2005 Amérindia 29/30: iii-iv, 119-40
  • Consuelo Vengoechea
*H6/KUL [AMERINDIA-]0221-8852in monographic issue 'Langues de Colombie'; Spanish and French summaries
Nominal and verbal structures in Uitoto2004/2005 Amérindia 29/30: iv-v, 141-58
  • Gabriele Petersen de Piñeiro
*H6/KUL [AMERINDIA-]0221-8852in monographic issue 'Langues de Colombie'; English and French summaries
Sondeo de fuentes bibliográficas sobre lenguajes del interfluvio Caqueta-Putumayo: Amazonia colombo-peruana1992 Amérindia 17: 149-72
  • J A Echeverri