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When the rain stopped: evapotransportation and ontology at ancient Cahokia2020 Journal of anthropological research 76 (4): 410-38
  • Timothy R. Pauketat
H6 [SOUTHWESTERN-]0091-7710
Prenatal rites in the Rirual of the Bacabs, a colonial Maya manuscript2019 Ethnohistory 66 (4): 721-44
  • Edber Dziz Yam
  • Timothy W. Knowlton
H6/KUB [ETHNOHISTORY-]0014-1801in thematic issue 'Mesoamerican experiences of illness and healing'
Zoque archaeological sweatbaths. New data from western Chiapas2019 Estudios de cultura maya 53: 45-79
  • Arianna Campiani
  • Davide Domenici
  • Lorenzo Zurla
  • Thomas A. Lee Whiting
H6/KUL [ESTUDIOS-]0185-2574English summary
Sensoriality and Wendat steams. The analysis of fifteenth- to seventeenth-century Wendat steam lodge rituals in southern Ontario2017 American Indian quarterly 41 (1): 1-30
  • Steven Dorland
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0095-182X
Experimental analysis of fire-cracked rocks from varied use contexts: fracture attributes2017 North American archaeologist 38 (3): 237-91
  • Jay F. Custer
*H6/KE [NORTH-]0197-6931
Identifying ritual structures in the archaeological record: a maritime woodland period sweathouse from Nova Scotia, Canada2014 Journal of anthropological archaeology 35: 92-105
  • M. Gabriel Hrynick
  • Matthew W. Betts
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Changing spirits: sweats and recovery2013 News from native California 26 (3): 20-5
  • Cheryl McKnight
*H6/KUB [NEWS-]1040-5437
Early Navajo archaeology on McKean Mesa, Dinétah2011 Kiva 76 (4): 453-81
  • Robert A. Heckman
  • Ronald H. Towner
*H6/KE [KIVA-]0023-1940Spanish summary
Ritual architecture in prehistoric complex hunter-gatherer communities: a potential example from Keatley Creek, on the Canadian plateau2010 American antiquity 75 (3): 599-625
  • Jesse Morin
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Somatic poetry in Amazonian Ecuador2008 Anthropology and humanism 33 (1/2): 12-29
  • Michael Uzaendoski
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGY-]0193-5615
Spirituality: spirit piracy and Native sweat lodges2008 Journal of northwest anthropology 42 (2): 143-55
  • Line Laplante
H6/KUB [NORTHWEST-]1538-2834
La Venta and a feminine shamanic tradition in formative Mesoamerica2007 Acta americana 15 (2): 5-30
  • Carolyn E. Tate
H6/KUL [ACTA-]1104-4446
Temazcales or sweat-baths in the region of Puebla-Tlaxcala (Mexico): a contribution to an inventory of the material culture of the rural region2007 Revista española de antropología americana 37 (1): 67-90
  • Konrad Tyrakowski-Findeiss
H6/KUL [MADRID-]0556-6533English summary
Recent investigation into ancient Maya domestic and ritual activities at Pook's Hill, Belize2006 Papers from the Institute of Archaeology (London) 17: 77-85
  • Christophe G. B. Helmke
H6/KE [PAPERS-]0965-9315
Hot rock redemption: sweat lodge in juvenile prison2006 News from native California 19 (4): 4-7, 36
  • Jan Stürmann
*H6/KUB [NEWS-]1040-5437
Un temazcal terapéutico en el barrio de talladores de obsidiana de Huapalcalco, Hidalgo2001 Arqueología (Mexico) 26: 49-70
  • Margarita Gaxiola González
The struggle to protect the exercise of Native prisoners' religious rights2000 Indigenous nations studies journal 1 (2): 29-49
  • Sharon O'Brien
Sweathouses1993 Ulster folklife 39: 81-5
  • Gabriel Burns