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Indonesian manuscripts in Iran2021 Indonesia and the Malay world 49 (143): 126-38
  • Majid Daneshkar
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1469-8382
Why don't you get it? Reflections on language and the idea of (mis)understanding in Dewi pulang2021 Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 177 (2-3): 243-53
  • Richard Fox
H6/KX [BIJDRAGEN-]0006-2294in thematic section 'A short film discussion, Candra Aditya’s Dewi pulang'
Maintaining and revitalising Balinese language in public space. A controversial language planning regulation2021 Indonesia and the Malay world 49 (145): 481-95
  • I Wayan Mulyawan
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1469-8382
The complexity of simplicity: 'Aku ingin' by Sapardi Djoko Damono2020 Indonesia and the Malay world 48 (142): 397-401
  • Harry Aveling
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1469-8382
The particle pun in modern Indonesian and Malaysian2019 Archipel (98): 177-238
  • Henri Chambert-Loir
*H6/KX [ARCHIPEL-]0044-8613
La littérature indonésienne en traducion française2018 Bulletin de l’Ecole Française d’Extrême-Orient 104: 207-99
  • Henri Chambert-Loir
H6/KWY [ECOLE-]0336-1519
Informativity and the actuation of lenition2017 Language 93 (3): 569-97
  • Uriel Cohen Priva
H6/KK [LANGUAGE-]0097-8507
Nusantara: history of a concept2016 Journal of the Malaysian branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 89 (1): 3-14
  • Hans-Dieter Evers
H6/KWY [ROYAL-]0128-5483
On the morphosyntax and pragmatics of -in in coloquial Jakartan Indonesian2016 Indonesia and the Malay world 44 (130): 342-64
  • I Wayan Arka
  • Nurenzia Yannuar
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811
The Javanese suffix -(n)e: some social aspects2015 Indonesia and the Malay world 43 (127): 431-40
  • Robert Wessing
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811
Nipah or Gebang? A philological and codicological study based on sources from west Java2015 Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 171 (2-3): 249-80
  • Aditia Gunawan
H6/KX [BIJDRAGEN-]0006-2294
External negation in Malay/Indonesian2014 Language 90 (1): 137-84
  • Paul Kroeger
H6/KK [LANGUAGE-]0097-8507
Youth radio and colloquial Indonesian in urban Java2014 Indonesia and the Malay world 42 (122): 43-61
  • Howard Manns
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811
Dialect, diffusion, and Balinese drumming: using sociolinguistic models for the analysis of regional variation in Kendang Arja2014 Ethnomusicology 58 (3): 481-505
  • Leslie Tilley
"Love" the local, "use" the national, "study" the foreign: shifting Javanese language ecologies in (post-)modernity, postcoloniality, and globalization2014 Journal of linguistic anthropology 24 (3): 339-59
  • Lauren Zentz
H6/KK [JOURNAL-]1055-1360
Sutan Pangurabaan rewrites Sumatran language landscapes: the political possibilities of commercial print in the late colonial Indies2012 Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 168 (1): 26-54
  • Susan Rodgers
H6/KX [BIJDRAGEN-]0006-2294
Jawi Dari Jahu: 'Malays' in South Africa through text2012 Indonesia and the Malay world 40 (117): 143-59
  • Saarah Jappie
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811in special issue 'Indonesians overseas'
Bangsat, a Sundanese short story2012 Indonesia and the Malay world 40 (118): 315-31
  • C.W. Watson
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811
Naming as a dynamic process: the case of Javanese personal names2011 Indonesia and the Malay world 39 (113): 69-88
  • Jean-Marc de Grave
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811in special issue 'Memoryscapes in Indonesia'
In memoriam HR Bandaharo: the exiles' view2011 Indonesia and the Malay world 39 (114): 171-95
  • Dorothea Schaeffer
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811
Ä€dityawarman: three inscriptions of the Sumatran 'king of all supreme kings' translated and annotated from H. Kern and F.D.K.Bosch2010 Indonesia and the Malay world 38 (110): 135-58
  • Eric van Reijn
  • Uli Kozok
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811
Arabic loanwords in Indonesian revisited2010 Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 166 (2/3): 218-43
  • Nikolaos Van Dam
H6/KX [BIJDRAGEN-]0006-2294
Enregistering diversity: adequation in Indonesian poetry performance2010 Journal of linguistic anthropology 20 (1): 1-21
  • Debbie Cole
H6/KK [JOURNAL-]1055-1360
Malay (and Javanese) loan-words in Chinese as a mirror of cultural exchanges2009 Archipel (78): 181-208
  • Claudine Salmon
*H6/KX [ARCHIPEL-]0044-8613
An event-based account of -kan constructions in standard Indonesian2008 Language 84 (1): 120-60
  • Minjeong Son
  • Peter Cole
H6/KK [LANGUAGE-]0097-8507
Speaking Bugis and speaking Indonesian in South Sulawesi2008 Review of Indonesian and Malayan affairs 42 (2): 67-92
  • Murni Mahmud
H6/KX [RIMA-]0815-7251
On the development of a colloquial writing style. Examining the language of Indonesian teen literature2008 Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 164 (2/3): 238-68
  • Dwi_Noverini Djenar
H6/KX [BIJDRAGEN-]0006-2294
Serinta behind the traditional poetry of the Alor people of Belagar and Pandai in Pantar, eastern Indonesia2007 Anthropos (St Augustin) 102 (2): 570-8
  • R. H. Barnes
  • Syarifuddin R. Gomang
H6 [ANTHROPOS-]0257-9774
Going 'un-native' in Indonesia(n)2006 Social analysis 50 (1): 178-83
  • Joseph Errington
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0155-977Xin thematic section 'Identifying with freedom: Indonesia after Suharto'
A late eighteenth-century probatio pennae from Batavia2005 Indonesia and the Malay world 33 (95): 53-65
  • E. P. Wieringa
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811
Madurese prolepsis and its implications for a typology of raising2005 Language 81 (3): 645-65
  • William D. Davies
H6/KK [LANGUAGE-]0097-8507
Trilingual dictionary of Lamaholot (Indonesia)2003 The Asia Pacific journal of anthropology 4 (1/2): 143-9
  • John Bowden
  • Malcom Ross
H6 [CANBERRA-]1444-2213review article on Koda Kiwã: dreisprachliches Wörterbuch des Lamaholot (Dialekt von Lewolema). (Abhandlungen für die Kunde des Morgenlandes, Band 53, 4) by KH Pampus (Stuttgart: Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellchaft/Franz Stainer Verlag, 1999)
Public speaking: on Indonesian as the language of the nation2003 Public culture 15 (3): 503-30
  • Webb Keane
0899-2363in thematic issue 'Technologies of public persuasion: an accidental issue'
Diglossia in Indonesian2003 Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 159 (4): 519-49
  • J. N. Sneddon
H6/KX [BIJDRAGEN-]0006-2294
Kayam's Kedaulatan Rakyat column and New Order talking2003 Review of Indonesian and Malayan affairs 37 (2): 11-26
  • Jennifer Lindsay
Jawi speing and orthography: a brief review2002 Indonesia and the Malay world 30 (86): 21-6
  • E. Ulrich Kratz
Syar perang Inggeris di betawi: a Malay account of the British invasion of Java of 18112002 Indonesia and the Malay world 30 (86): 27-36
  • Ben Murtagh
Ba Naruq: an eastern Indonesian narrative2002 Anthropos. Anthropos Institut, Sankt Augustin 97 (2): 495-504
  • R. H. Barnes
0257-9774English summary
Describing character in Javanese. Three grammatical categories2000 Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 156 (2): 297-302
  • Stuart Robson
  • Yacinta Kurniasih
Panglotjitaning basa jawi (1952) ou le javanais sacrifié dans l'Indonésie indépendant2000 Archipel: études interdisciplinaires sur le monde insulindien 60 (4): 125-40
  • Jerome Samuel
Interaction between codeswitching and usage of honorifics in Balinese society1999 Journal of Asian and African studies (Tokyo) 58: 365-82
  • Mayuko Hara
0387-2807English summary
Ordinary songs: Chairil Anwar and traditional poetics1992 Indonesia circle 58: 3-18
  • S Tiwon