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La Pata de Cabra, satire and free speech in nineteenth-century Mexico City2022 Journal of Latin American studies 54 (1): 1-27
  • Lance Ingwersen
*H6/KUL [JOURNAL-]0022-216X
Puelche diaspora in the theatre play Tayiñ Kuify Kvpan2022 Cadernos de arte e antropologia 11 (1): 48-65
  • Laura Kropff Causa
  • Miriam Álvarez
in special issue 'Fronteiras, ativismos e (i)mobilidades: perspectivas estético-políticas'; English summary
Theatre as a narrative change for refugees2022 Cadernos de arte e antropologia 11 (1): 66-80
  • Beatriz Brandão
in special issue 'Fronteiras, ativismos e (i)mobilidades: perspectivas estético-políticas'; English summary
A round unvarnished tale: the dissolution of narrative authority in Othello2021 Journal of folklore research 58 (1): 47-75
  • Greg Kelley
H6/KF [INDIANA-]0737-7037
From square to theater. Strategies and spaces for artistic production in a community theater group2021 Runa: archivo para la ciencias del hombre 42 (2): 157-74
  • Camila Mercado
0325-1217English and Portuguese summaries
Living (and dying) on dry bread: rationing and biopower in Jack Davis’s Kullark and No Sugar2021 Food Culture and Society 24 (4): 579-99
  • Steven Farry
H6/KF [FOOD-]1751-7443
Zurciendo teatro, confeccionando un oficio: el caso de Juan Meléndez, sastre y autor de comedias2021 Colonial Latin American review 30 (1): 44-57
  • Laura Paz Rescala
*H6/KUL [COLONIAL-]1466-1802
De Lazarillo a Qispillu: de la casa de un escudero a las encrucijadas de un Fausto andino2021 Colonial Latin American review 30 (1): 58-78
  • Jorge García-Granado
*H6/KUL [COLONIAL-]1466-1802
Marathi sangeet natak and the affirmation of Hindu nationalist cultural politics in Western India2021 The World of Music 10 (1): 105-30
  • Rasika Ajotikar
H6/KFY [WORLD-]0043-8774in special issue 'Postcolonial sound archives: challenges and potentials'
‘The diary of a country in crisis’: Zimbabwean censorship and adaptive cultural forms2021 Journal of southern African studies 47 (5): 787-98
  • Ashleigh Harris
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]1465-3893in special issue 'Reading repression and resistance in Zimbabwean literature'
A testament on the challenges of holding HANDS UP2021 Journal of American folklore 134 (534): 418-29
  • Omiyemi Artisia Green
H6/KF [JOURNAL-]0021-8751in special issue 'African American expressive culture, protest, imagination, and dreams of Blackness'
The experience economy of TV promotion at San Diego Comic-Con2021 International journal of cultural studies 24 (1): 157-76
  • Melanie E.S. Kohnen
H6/KF [INTERNATIONAL-]1367-8779in special issue 'Media and transgression'
Spatial dimensions in Sara Uribe’s Antígona González. Hybridisms, marginalities and transgressions2021 Iberoamericana 21 (77): 213-35
  • María Ema Llorente
H6/KUL [IBEROAMERICANA-]1577-3388English summary
Frames of worlds: visual commentary on ‘Dybuk’, the drama by An-ski. Between two worlds2021 Konteksty 75 (1/2): 15-19, 530
  • Monika Krajewska
H6/KVM [POLSKA-]1230-6142English summary
The light of the world: mediating divine presence through the light and sound in a contemporary megachurch2020 Material religion 16 (1): 84-107
  • Katja Rakow
H6/KFO [MATERIAL-]1743-2200in thematic issue 'Light mediations'
Change in ballet costume during the 1990s2020 Visual anthropology 33 (2): 151-63
  • Tatiana V. Portnova
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1545-5920in special issue 'The transition to Demokratii'
Control mechanisms: pornography, theatre and subversion in Santa Fe province during the last Argentine military dictatorship2020 Bulletin of Latin American research 39 (2): 223-37
  • Laura Schenquer
*H6/KUL [BULLETIN-]0261-3050
Between desire, friendship and precariousness. Artistic work and cultural activism in La Plata independent theater production2020 Cuadernos de antropologia social (51): 169-88
  • Mariana del Mármol
H6/KF [CUADERNOS-]1850-275Xin special issue 'Perspectivas antropológicas sobre las formas de ganarse la vida: diálogos entre el norte y el sur global'; English and Portuguese summaries
(Re)creating rituals through contemporary dance2020 Visual anthropology 33 (3): 278-300
  • Claire Vionnet
*H6 [VISUAL-]1545-5920
Unghosting bones: resistant play(s) versus the legacy of Carlisle Indian Industrial School2020 SAIL: studies in American Indian literatures (Series 2) 32 (1-2): 159-87
  • Jen Shook
*H6/KUB [SAIL-]0730-3238
Les femmes voulent prendere la parole. Oralité contestataire et performance de genre chez Aristophane2020 Cahiers de litterature orale : 37-48
  • Manon Brouillet
H6/KF [CAHIERS-]2266-1816in special issue 'Oralités contestataires'
Images, fantasy and violence: woman in North Indian performance traadition svang2020 South Asian popular culture 18 (2): 123-37
  • Karan Singh
H6/KW [SOUTH-]1474-6689
Mak yong, a UNESCO 'masterpiece'. Negotiating the intangibles of cultural heritage and politicized Islam2020 Asian ethnology 79 (1): 67-90
  • Patricia Ann Hardwick
H6/KWS [FOLKLORE-]1882-6865in special issue 'Intangible cultural heritage in Asia: traditions in transition'
Kutiyattam, heritage, and the dynamics of culture. Claiming India's place within a global paradigm shift2020 Asian ethnology 79 (1): 21-44
  • Leah Lowthorp
H6/KWS [FOLKLORE-]1882-6865in special issue 'Intangible cultural heritage in Asia: traditions in transition'
Heritage production in national and global cultural policies. Folkloristics, politics, and cultural economy in Ryukyuan/Okinawan performance2020 Asian ethnology 79 (1): 45-66
  • Hideyo Konagaya
H6/KWS [FOLKLORE-]1882-6865in special issue 'Intangible cultural heritage in Asia: traditions in transition'
'That's old school trick': ethnography of nights and drag arts in Pelota-RS2020 Habitus: revista do Instituto Goiano de Pre-Historia e Antropologia 18 (2): 651-67
  • Felipe Aurélio Euzébio
  • Louise Prado Alfonso
  • Newan Acacio Oliveira de Souza
English summary
Unraveling psychologically: knitting in performance costume and the themes of You got older (2015)2020 Textile: the journal of cloth and culture 18 (4): 344-54
  • Emily Brayshaw
H6/KGG [TEXTILE-]1475-9756
Buffoons and sorcerers: witchcraft, entertainment, and evil professions in colonial sources on pre-Hispanic Nahuas2020 Colonial Latin American review 29 (2): 342-60
  • Agnieszka Brylak
*H6/KUL [COLONIAL-]1466-1802
Continuity and changes in Cambodian lkhaon bassac (lakhon baasaq) opera2020 Asian music 51 (2): 72-104
  • Francesca Billeri
*H6/KFYV [ASIAN-]0044-9202
The need has the face of a heretic. Clericalism and anticlericalism in the organization of the republic. Chile, 1818-18302020 Allpanchis 47 (85): 129-60
  • Mónica Esteva Rodas
H6/KUL [ALLPANCHIS-]0252-8835in special issue 'Iglesia e independencia. Relaciones con la temprana República en Chile y el Perú'; English summary
Topiltzin actor2020 Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas 42 (117): 179-255
  • Arnold Lebeuf
H6/KFY [MEXICO-]0185-1276English and Spanish summaries
Bucolic dramas and the Greek village: a transcultural comparison2020 Journal of Mediterranean studies 29 (1): 1-18
  • Anastasia Karakasidou
H6 [JOURNAL-]1016-3476
Asad and Benjamin: chronopolitics of tragedy in the anthropology of secularism2020 Anthropological theory 20 (1): 77-96
  • Basit Kareem Iqbal
'Merry funeral': the Armenian version of the carnival2020 Istoriko-filologicheskiy zhurnal 3: 140-61
  • Emma Petrosian
H6/KVY [ISTORIKO-FILOLOGICHESKIY ZHURNAL-]0135-0536Armenian and English summaries
Performing Pimâtisiwin: the expression of indigenous wellness identities through community-based theater2020 Medical anthropology quarterly (New Series) 34 (2): 243-67
  • Andrew R. Hatala
  • Kelley Bird-Naytowow
H6/KGT [MEDICAL-]0745-5194
Iphigenia's sacrifice: generational historicity as a structure of feeling in times of austerity2020 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 26 (4): 842-63
  • Dimitrios Theodossopoulos
H6 [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
The off-theaters of the Abasto district in Buenos Aires: between urban gentrification and cultural resistance2020 Journal des anthropologues (162-163): 135-49
  • Florencia Dansillo
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]1156-0428in thematic issue 'Villes, cultures et engagements'; English summary
The antitheatralism of theologian Catholics in the age of the enlightenment. The forerunners and the significance of the Italian controversy on the performances in the mid-eighteenth century2019 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 64 (185): 169-87
  • Sylvio De Franceschi
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985English and Spanish summaries
Forming and performing: conditioning the concept of Chinese space in the case of National Theatre of China2019 Space and culture 22 (2): 153-71
  • Tang Keyang
H6 [SPACE-]1206-3312in special issue on Nanjing
Youth's individual pathways towards contextual well-being: utilizing electrodermal activity as ethnographic tool at a theatre after-school program2019 Ethos 47 (2): 168-89
  • Scarlett Eisenhauer
H6/KH [ETHOS-]0091-2131
Three-fold experience: 'Kupiškėnai weddings'2019 Liaudies kultūra 1: 58-68
  • Alma Pustovaitienė
  • Gintautas Vaitonis
  • Ina Mudurienė
  • Juozas Šorys interv
H6/KVT [LIAUDIES-]0236-0551interview with Alma Pustovaitienė, Ina Mudurienė and Gintautas Vaitonis; English summary
Easter 'soldiers' and puppet theatre heritage in Samogitia2019 Būdas 2: 34-40
  • Salomėja Burnekaitė
H6/KVT [LIAUDIES-]2669-0403English summary
The demimondaines of the stage. The livelihood of actresses in Stockholm around the turn of the century 18002019 Rig (1): 1-22
  • Marie Steinrud
H6/KVT [RIG-]0035-5267English summary
On only dogs. A conversation by Christiane Brosius with the authors of Only dogs walk as if they know where they're going (2016)2019 Paragrana: internationale Zeitschrift für historische Anthropologie 28 (1): 101-8
  • Christiane Brosius interv
  • Florian Fischer
  • Ludwig Berger
H6/KF [PARAGRANA-]0938-0116in special issue 'Out of space. Sensory practices and placemaking'
Cultural life of the population of Belarus in the First World War periodicals2019 Vestsi Akademii Navuk Belarusi 1: 50-5
  • O.P. Dmitrieva
H6/KVY [AKADEMIYA NAVUK BYELARUSKAY SSR. Vestsi seryya hramadskikh navuk]2524-2369in thematic section 'History'; English summary
The New Spain popular music theater: the case of the one-player Tonadilla a Los retratos yronicos2019 Estudios de historia novohispana 61: 141-9
  • Rey Fernando Vera García
H6/KUL [ESTUDIOS-]0185-2523English summary
Educated within a lineage: the case of theater students in the realist circuit in Buenos Aires2019 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 23 (3): 739-52
  • Santiago Battezzati
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]0873-6561English summary
I skyggen av den gule røyken. Erfaringer med teater og industri2019 Tidsskrift for kulturforskning (2): 103-10
  • Tor Arne Ursin
H6/KVT [TIDSSKRIFT-]1502-7473in thematic issue ‘Fra industri til industriarv’; with introduction by I Birkeland, S F Johannessen and E Schrumpf, 5-12; English summary
Women in the street: representation of a scandal in the Somali theater in the 1970s and 1990s2019 Cahiers de litterature orale (85): 141-62
  • Fatouma Mahamoud Hadji Ali
H6/KF [CAHIERS-]2266-1816English summary
Myth in 300 strokes2019 Studia mythologica slavica 22: 107-19
  • Gregor Pobežin
  • Igor Grdina
H6/KVP [STUDIA-]1408-6271Slovenian summary