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TitleDateReferenceAuthorsCall #ISSN
Image of shamanic cosmos in Cyprus Turkish folktales2016 Journal of folklore and literature 4: 193-203
  • Kadriye Türkan
1300-7491English summary
The motif of katabasis in a film. Two visions of the underworld in What dreams may come and in Corpse bride2016 Literatura ludowa 60 (4/5): 41-9
  • Marta Sterna
H6/KVM [LITERATURA-]0024-4708English summary
Origins of plague and cholera according to the Lithuanian folklore2016 Tautosakos Darbai (NS) 52: 145-66
  • Asta Skujytė-Razmienė
H6/KVT [TAUTOSAKOS-]1392-2831in special section 'Concept of disease in the traditional culture'; English summary
From the invisible side of the sky: secrets of an old faith revealed2015 Studia mythologica slavica supplementa 12: 15-576
  • Pavel Medvešček-Klančar
H6/KVP [STUDIA MYTHOLOGICA SLAVICA. Suppl.-]1581-9744in monographic issue 'From the invisible side of the sky: secrets of an old faith revealed'
The three-headed one at the crossroad: a comparative study of the Slavic god 'Triglav'2014 Studia mythologica slavica 17: 57-82
  • Jiří Dynda
H6/KVP [STUDIA-]1408-6271in thematic section 'Slavic mythology - sources and reconstructions'; Czech summary
Folk concepts of the afterlife in the Tambov region2013 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 1: 16-20
  • Dar'ia Sergeevna Ippolitova
  • Tat'iana Vladimirovna Makhrachëva
H6/KVY [ZHIVAIA-]0204-3432in special section 'Regional folklore: Tambov region'
Chthonic aspects of the Pomeranian deity Triglav and other tricelaphic characters in Slavic mythology2013 Studia mythologica slavica 13: 9-25
  • Luka Trkanjec
H6/KVP [STUDIA-]1408-6271Slovenian summary
The image of Persephone on the Upper Moesian limes: a contribution to the study of ancient cults2012 Balcanica 43: 51-65
  • Sanja Pilipović
H6/KVO [BALCANICA-]0350-7653in thematic section 'Roman and medieval studies'
The Zoque view of the underworld2008 Revista española de antropología americana 38 (2): 97-106
  • Laureano Reyes Gómez
H6/KUL [MADRID-]0556-6533English summary
Post-marital gifts made by the bride2006 Bulgarska etnologiia 32 (2): 135-60
  • Galin Georgiev
H6/KVR [BULGARSKA-]1310-5213in issue dedicated to Ganka Mikhaĭlova's 70th anniversary; English summary
Legends about the return from 'the world of the dead' (a study of East Slavonic materials)2005 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 6: 114-29
  • N. A. Krinichnaia
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
Flower mountain. Concepts of life, beauty, and paradise among the classic Maya2004 Res 45: 69-98
  • Karl A. Taube
*H6 [RES]0277-1322
Prayer and quietude: introduction to the anthropology of silence2004 Literatura ludowa 48 (4/5): 3-17
  • Piotr Kowalski
H6/ KVM [LITERATURA-]0024-4708English summary
Dedicating magic: Neo-Assyrian apotropaic figurines and the protection of Assur2004 World archaeology 36 (1): 11-25
  • Carolyn Nakamura
H6/KE [WORLD-]0043-8243in thematic issue on 'The object of dedication', ed by R Osborne
Legends of the invisible town of Kitezh: contacts between worlds2003 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 5: 87-99
  • Neonila Artemovna Krinichnaia
H6/KVY 'ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-'0869-5415English summary
Warrior powers from underwater spirit: cultural and linguistic aspects of an illustrated Meskwaki text2003 Anthropological linguistics 45 (1): 1-56
  • Amy Dahlstrom
Women and sin in Irish folklore: [Petticoat Loose] as an icon of popular religious expression2003 Arv: Nordic yearbook of folklore 59: 117-53
  • Anne O'Connor
Shamanistic philosophy: soul - a changing concept of Tuva2003 Shaman 11 (1/2): 29-49
  • Ulla Johansen
Die Höhlen in Debeljaci bei Banja Luka2002 Arheološki vestnik 53: 91-100
  • Darko Periša
0570-8966English and German summaries
The image of woman in Lithuanian historical legends2002 Tautosakos Darbai (NS) 16: 50-6
  • Grazina Skabeikytè-Kazlauskienè
1392-2831in special issue 'Woman in folklore'; English summary
The sirens, or wondering in the land of the dead2001 Studia mythologica slavica 4: 189-206
  • Mikhail Evzlin
1408-6271English summary
Glifos y representaciones mayas del mundo subterráneo2001 Arqueología mexicana 8 (48): 42-7
  • Guillermo Bernal Romero
The cosmic journey of Odysseus2001 Numen 48 (4): 381-416
  • Nanno Marinatos
On the cosmological basis of the myth about 'the Dragon and the maid' in connection with the motif of the journey into the underworld empire (based on Russian fairy tales)1999 Studia mythologica slavica 2: 219-32
  • Mikhail Evzlin
1408-6271in special section 'Semiotic interpretation of folklore tradition'; English summary
Cosmologies, cities, and cultural constructions of space: Oceanic enlargements of the world1999 Pacific studies 22 (2): 97-114
  • Wolfgang Kempf
*H6/KX [PACIFIC-]0275-3596
The image of 'the real world' and 'the world beyond' in the Slovene folk tradition1999 Studia mythologica slavica 2: 161-95
  • Zmago Šmitek
1408-6271in special section 'Slavonic mythology - origins and reconstruction'; Slovenian summary
Journey into the underworld: an experiment to interpret the psychological background of shamanism1999 Műveltség és hagyomány 11: 69-79
  • Andras Takács
  • Csaba Szabó
Vorstellung vom Wasser als Grenze zum Jenseits in der slowenischen Volksliteratur1998 Studia mythologica slavica 1: 205-24
  • Mirjam Mencej
1408-6271in special section 'Slavonic mythology - origins and reconstruction'; Slovenian summary
Mythical presentations of the world of the dead in the traditional culture in Macedonia1998 Studia mythologica slavica 1: 243-57
  • Ljupco S. Risteski
1408-6271in special section 'Slavonic mythology - origins and reconstruction'; English summary
'Isis belongs to your image...': the idea and the purport of the image in the 5th hour of the Amduat1998 Temenos 34: 167-75
  • Jürgen Podeman Sørensen
Kisin and the underworld gods of the Maya1998 Latin American Indian literatures journal 14 (2): 167-87
  • Gabrielle Vail
Valiant young men, wrestlers, bodyguards, thugs... or the hero in the daily press1997 Bulgarska etnologiia 23 (1/2): 32-45
  • Radost Ivanova
1310-5213English summary
Smells in traditional Russian culture1997 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 2: 36-8
  • Galina Il'inichna Kabakova
0204-3432in issue dedicated to the memory of Nikita Il'ich Tolstoi (15.4.1923-27.6.1996)