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Fifty years with baskets2021 North American archaeologist 42 (2): 119-39
  • James M. Adovasio
*H6/KE [NORTH-]0197-6931
The interaction of distant technologies: bridging Central Europe using a techno-typological comparison of spindle whorls2021 Antiquity 95 (381): 627-47
  • Ana Grabundžija
  • Helmut Schlichtherle
  • Sabine Karg
  • Urs Leuzinger
  • Wolfran Schier
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
An approach to potting work and identity in Laguna Blanca, Catamarca, Argentina2021 Anales de arqueología y etnología 76 (1): 39-58
  • Valeria Elizabeth Espiro
H6/KUL [MENDOZA. Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Instituto de Etnografia Americana. Anales]2591-3039English summary
From adaptation to niche construction: weather as a winter site selection factor in northern Mongolia, the Quebec lower north shore, and the southern Urals2021 Journal of anthropological archaeology 61: 1-15
  • Igor V. Chechushkov
  • Iliya A. Valiakhmetov
  • William W. Fitzhugh
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Revisiting settlement contemporaneity and exploring stability and instability: case studies from the Indus civilization2020 Journal of field archaeology 45 (1): 1-15
  • Cameron A. Petrie
  • Frank Lynam
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0093-4690
Early Holocene cultural diversity in Central America: comment on Prufer et al. (2019) ‘Linking Late Paleoindian stone tool technologies and populations in North, Central and South America’2020 Lithic technology 45 (2): 59-67
  • Jon C. Lohse
*H6/KE [LITHIC-]0197-7261
Rock art images and archaeological models. Towards a contextualization of the petroglyphs in the Curi-Leuvú basin. North of Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina2020 Chungará 52 (1): 23-40
  • Fernando Emmanuel Vargas
H6/KUL [CHUNGARA-]0716-1182English summary
Revisiting settlement contemporaneity and exploring stability and instability: case studies from the Indus civilization2020 Journal of field archaeology 45 (1): 1-15
  • Cameron A. Petrie
  • Frank Lynam
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0093-4690
Hunting ideology and ritual treatment of animal remains in hunter-gatherer societies: an enactive anthropological approach2020 Journal of anthropological research 76 (3): 296-325
  • Evy Van Cauteren
H6 [SOUTHWESTERN-]0091-7710
Common cultural markers in the bone and lithic production of the Upper Capsian: a comparative approach2020 African archaeological review 37 (3): 415-36
  • Amandine Delaplace
  • Giacoma Petrullo
*H6/KE [AFRICAN-]0263-0338in special issue 'Variability of Late Pleistocene and Holocene microlithic industries in northern and eastern Africa: recent interpretations and perspectives'; French summary
Study on the developmenent of rock shelters and caves located in different regions and geologic contexts in Argentina: towards a characterization of patterns and processes2020 Boletin de arqueologia PUCP (28): 53-81
  • Agustina Massigoge
  • Bruno Mosquera
  • Cristian M. Favier Dubois
  • Dalila Herrera Villegas
  • Débora M. Kligmann
  • Diego Rivero
  • Guillermo Heider
  • Gustavo A. Martínez
  • Juan P. Carbonelli
  • Julián P. Gómez Augier
  • Manuel Carrera Aizpitarte
  • Marcelo A. Zárate
  • Pablo Ambrústolo
  • Pilar Babot
  • Salomon Hocsman
  • Víctor A. Durán
H6/KE [BOLETIN DE ARQUEOLOGIA PUCP-]2304-4292in special issue 'Geoarqueología latinoamericana'; with English summary and introduction by AC Mauricio Llonto, 5-7
Landscape, typologies, and the social meaning of castles2020 Journal of anthropological archaeology 60: 1-16
  • Evan S. Sternberg
  • Paulina F. Przystupa
  • Scott D. Kirk
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Debt and inequality: comparing "means of specification" in the early cities of Mesopotamia and the Indus civilization2020 Journal of anthropological archaeology 60: 1-16
  • Adam S. Green
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Millennia of continuity in the votive behaviour of Europeans. The testimony of tools for determining the value of metal2020 Archeologické rozhledy 72 (3): 311-48
  • Martin Ježek
The archaeology of the upper Madeira within the archaeological context of Amazonia2020 Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi ciências humanas 15 (2): 1-20
  • Eduardo Góes Neves
  • Fernando Ozorio de Almeida
  • Jennifer Watling
H6/KUL [BOLETIM-]1981-8122in special issue 'Arqueologia dos ‘pioneiros’ e da diversidade do alto rio Madeira'; English summary
Community relationships and integration at a small-island scale2020 Journal of Pacific archaeology 11 (1): 61-70
  • Seth Quintus
H6/KE [NEW-]1179-4704in special issue 'Rethinking hinterlands in Polynesia'
The Iron Age period at the Sarand necropolis in northwestern Iran2020 Materiale şi cercetări arheologice (Serie Nouă) (16): 119-27
  • Hossein Esmaili Atiq
  • Saeid Sattarnezhad
  • Samad Parvini
  • Shima Azizi
H6/KE [MATERIALE ARHEOLOGICE-]0076-5147Romanian summary
Comparing ancient inequalities: the challenges of comparability, bias and precision2019 Antiquity 93 (370): 853-69
  • Amy Bogaard
  • Mattia Fochesato
  • Samuel Bowles
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
An archaeology of struggle: material remnants of a double consciousness in the American south and Danish Caribbean communities2019 Transforming anthropology 27 (2): 114-32
  • Alicia Odewale
H6 [TRANSFORMING-]1051-0559in thematic issue 'The marathon continues: new directions in African diaspora archaeology'
Settlements from the early iron age in Prekmurje2019 Arheološki vestnik 70: 381-98
  • Branko Kerman
H6/KE [ARHEOLOSKI-]0570-8966in special section 'The Hallstatt cultural groups in Slovenia'; English summary
Some thoughts on stellar constellations in petroglyphs2019 American Indian rock art 45: 83-8
  • Christiaan Sterken
Kitala ware: a new Early Iron Age pottery group from the Lower Congo region in Central Africa2019 African archaeological review 36 (4): 455-77
  • Bernard Clist
  • Igor Matonda
  • Koen Bostoen
  • Mandela Kaumba
*H6/KE [AFRICAN-]0263-0338French summary
Horses and humans in the new world: archaeological investigations in North America and prospects for Argentina2019 Anales de arqueología y etnología 74 (2): 247-68
  • Adolfo Gil
  • Cassidee Thornhill
  • Emily Lena Jones
  • Gregory W. L. Hodgins
  • Gustavo Neme
  • Juan Bautista Belardi
  • Ludovic Orlando
  • Patrick Roberts
  • William Timothy Treal Taylor
H6/KUL [MENDOZA. Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Instituto de Etnografia Americana. Anales]2591-3093in thematic issue 'Arqueometría: contribuciones teórico-metodológicas y casos aplicados'; English summary
Considerations about the meaning and the origin of the pectoral-brooch from Želenice in Bohemia2019 Archeologické rozhledy 71 (1): 67-81
  • Venceslas Kruta
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267English and Czech summaries
A pair of gold-plated spurs from Zítkov Castle near Choceň in east Bohemia2019 Archeologické rozhledy 71 (1): 82-104
  • David Vích
  • Petr Žákovský
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267English summary
Urbanism and the middle class: co-emergent phenomena in the world's first cities2018 Journal of anthropological research 74 (3): 299-326
  • Monica L. Smith
H6 [SOUTHWESTERN-]0091-7710
Comparing Near Eastern Nolithic megasites and southwestern Pueblos: population size, exceptionalism and historical trajectories2018 Cambridge archaeological journal 28 (4): 647-63
  • Gregson Schachner
  • Wesley Bernardini
H6/KE [CAMBRIDGE-]0959-7743
A tale of two sites: comparing two Columbia Plateau pictographic sites2018 American Indian rock art 44: 45-58
  • David A. Kaiser
  • James D. Keyser
East Polynesian islands as models of cultural divergence: the case of Rapa Nui and Rapa Iti2018 Journal of island and coastal archaeology 13 (2): 206-23
  • Alex E. Morrison
  • Brian G. Lane
  • Carl P. Lipo
  • Robert J. DiNapoli
  • Terry L. Hunt
H6/KE [ISLAND-]1556-4894
The origins of civic life - a global perspective2018 Origini 42 (2): 25-44
  • David Wengrow
H6/KE [ORIGINI-]0034-6805in special issue 'Rethinking urbanization and its living landscapes from the inspiring perspective of a great "maestro"'
Ornaments containing Monetaria (Cypraea) shells from the fund of the Regional Museum of History in the city of Kŭrdzhali (Bulgaria)2018 Bulgarski folklor 44 (2): 223-34 [plates i-ii]
  • Lidiia Kirilova
  • Sonia Kostadinova
H6/KVR [BULGARSKI-]0323-9861English summary
Introduction: rethinking protohistories: texts, material culture and new methodologies2018 World archaeology 50 (5): 677-89
  • Lin Foxhall
H6/KE [WORLD-]0043-8243in thematic issue 'Protohistories'
The technology of the early Oakhurst lithic techno-complex from Klipdrift Cave, Southern Cape, South Africa2017 African archaeological review 34 (1): 93-119
  • Christopher S. Henshilwood
  • Karen L. van Niekerk
  • Kokeli P. Ryano
  • Sarah Wurz
*H6/KE [AFRICAN-]0263-0338French summary
Obsidian sub-sources at the Zaragoza-Oyameles quarry in Puebla, Mexico: similarities with Altotonga and their distribution throughout Mesoamerica2017 Latin American antiquity 28 (1): 46-65
  • Charles L.F. Knight
  • Heng Hu
  • Michael D. Glascock
  • Stephen A. Nelson
*H6/KE [LATIN-]1045-6635Spanish summary
Archaeological discontinuities in the southern hemisphere: a working agenda2017 Journal of anthropological archaeology 46: 1-11
  • Jo McDonald
  • Peter J. Mitchell
  • Peter Veth
  • Ramiro Barberena
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165introduction to special issue 'Archaeological discontinuities: comparative perspectives for the southern hemisphere'
Aboriginal use of fire in a landscape context. Investigating presence and absence of heat-retainer hearths in Western New South Wales, Australia2017 Current anthropology (Supplement) 58 (16): S230-S242
  • Benjamin Davies
  • Patricia C. Fanning
  • Simon J. Holdaway
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204in thematic issue 'Fire and the genus Homo'
Savanna chimpanzees at Fongoli, Senegal, navigate a fire landscape2017 Current anthropology (Supplement) 58 (16): S337-S350
  • Jill D. Pruetz
  • Nicole M. Herzog
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204in thematic issue 'Fire and the genus Homo'
Centered on the wetlands: integrating new phytolith evidence of plant-use from the 23,000-year-old site of Ohalo II, Israel2017 American antiquity 82 (4): 702-22
  • Arlene M. Rosen
  • Dani Nadel
  • Monica M. Ramsey
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Considering gender analogies in southeastern prehistoric archaeology2017 Southeastern archaeology 36 (3): 183-94
  • Ramie A. Gougeon
Persising technological boundaries: social interactions, cognitive correlations and polarization2017 Journal of anthropological archaeology 48: 320-35
  • Anne-Lise Goujion
  • Blandine Bril
  • Catherine Lara
  • Claire Manen
  • Etienne Zangato
  • Geoffroy de Salieu
  • Jessie Cauliez
  • Valentine Roux
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
The analysis of faunal remains and their spatial distribution in Litzuwei site, southwestern Taiwan2017 Journal of archaeology and anthropology (87): 89-122
  • Peiyu Chen
  • Wei-chun Chen
H6/KWS [TAIWAN-]0077-5483English summary
Domestic units and communities: Muisca, Alto Magdalena and Marajorara sequences in a comparative perspective2017 Boletín de antropología (Antioquia) 32 (54): 152-91
  • Francisco Romano Gómez
H6/KUL [BOLETIN-]0120-2510in thematic section 'La arqueología de la organización de comunidades'; English, French and Portuguese summaries
Dossier "La arqueología de la organización de comunidades"2017 Boletín de antropología (Antioquia) 32 (54): 11-20
  • Hugo C. Ikehara Tsukayama
  • Juan Vargas Ruiz
H6/KUL [BOLETIN-]0120-2510introduction to thematic section
The Ahrensburgian and the Swiderian in the area around the middle Oder River: reflections on similarities and differences2017 Quartar 64: 217-40
  • Iwona Sobkowiak-Tabaka
  • Katja Winkler
H6/KE [QUARTAR-]0375-7471German summary
Tanged point technocomplex - Swiderian, but what else? New findings from Kraków region, southern Poland2017 Quartar 64: 241-64
  • Damian Stefański
H6/KE [QUARTAR-]0375-7471German summary
Quantitative analysis in lithic study: comparison of assemblages2017 Acta anthropologica sinica 36 (3): 331-43
  • Hong Chen
  • Jiying Liu
  • Yongliang Huang
H6/HB [ACTA-]1000-3139English summary
Heaps of shells: situating artificial mounds of shells in Brazilian and Japanese prehistoric studies2017 Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia (São Paulo) 28: 124-32
  • Claudia Rodrigues Carvalho
  • Silvia Reis
H6/KUL [SAO PAULO-]0103-9709English summary
The chronological relationship between the Lasinja culture and the Furchenstich pottery culture in north-eastern Slovenia2017 Arheološki vestnik 68: 59-84
  • Anton Velušček
H6/KE [ARHEOLOSKI-]0570-8966in thematic section 'Prehistory'; also in Slovenian, 9-59
Social stratification of the population of the forest-steppe area of the Dnieperland in the early Scythian period (VII - first half of VI cent. BC)2017 Sprawozdania archeologiczne 69: 133-83 [insert i-vi, CD ROM]
  • Marcin Burghardt
H6/KE [SPRAWOZDANIA-]0081-3834
Flint inventories of Lublin-Volhynian culture burials from sites 1A and 2A in Strzyżów, Hrubieszów district, in light of the archaeological and traseological analysis2017 Sprawozdania archeologiczne 69: 327-52 [CD ROM]
  • Anna Zakościelna
  • Piotr Mączyński
H6/KE [SPRAWOZDANIA-]0081-3834