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The New Zealand archaeological workforce: an update2005 Archaeology in New Zealand 48 (2): 151-6
  • Tony Walton
H6/KE [NEW-]0113-7832
'Tiny, little, harmless': special family characteristics of being in business in a rural location2005 Národopisná revue 2: 93-104, 136
  • Andrea Šalingová
H6/KVL [NARODOPISNE-]8062-8351English and German summaries
Issues of work intensity, pace, and sustainability in relation to work context and nutritional status2003 American journal of human biology 15 (4): 498-513
  • Catherine Panter-Brick
1042-0533in thematic section 'Understanding the linkages between nutritional status, physical activity and productivity'
Commercial porters of eastern Nepal: health status, physical work capacity, and energy expenditure2001 American journal of human biology 13 (1): 44-56
  • H. Allen Lim
  • Nancy J. Malville
  • Ramesh Basnyat
  • William C. Byrnes
Prediction of physical activity and physical work capacity (PWC150) in young adulthood from childhood and adolescence with consideration of parental measures2001 American journal of human biology 13 (2): 190-6
  • D. C. Rao
  • Louis Pérusse
  • Peter T. Campbell
  • Peter T. Katzmarzyk
  • Robert M. Malina
Desire and the prosthetics of supervision: a case of maquiladora felixibility2001 Cultural anthropology 16 (3): 354-73
  • Melissa W. Wright
Monuments, time and power: labor force and the structure of rulership at Pachacamac, central coast of Peru2001 Civilisations 50 (1/2): 195-213, 226, 231
  • Peter Eeckhout
1063-5769in monographic issue 'Itineraires belges aux ameriques: actes du premier colloque des americanistes de Belgique (Bruxelles, Mars 2000)'; English and Spanish summaries
Modern Japan's fourth challenge: the political economy of a stagnant population2000 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 144 (4): 384-96
  • W. W. Rostow
Field test of self-paced work capacity: Ifugao rice farmers2000 American journal of human biology 12 (2): 192-200
  • A. Theodore Steegman jr
Effect of developmental and ancestral high-altitude exposure on VO2 peak of Andean and EuropeantNorth American Natives1999 American journal of physical anthropology 110 (4): 435-55
  • Esperanza Caceres
  • Giliane Buzenet
  • Hilde Spielvogel
  • Rudy Soria
  • Tom D. Brutsaert
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Superior exercise performance in lifelong Tibetan residents of 4,400_m compared with Tibetan residents of 3,658_m1998 American journal of physical anthropology 105 (1): 21-31
  • Linda S. Curran
The China productivity project: results and conclusions1997 American journal of physical anthropology 103 (3): 295-313
  • A. Theodore Steegmann jr