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From illustration to evidence: historical photographs and Aboriginal native claims in South-East Queensland, Australia2020 Anthropology and photography (13): 1-23
  • David Trigger
  • Joanna Sassoon
  • Micheal Aird
H6/KF [AMERICAN-]2397-1754
Mutatuism: styling a rebel2019 Anthropology and photography 11: 1-44
  • Odira Morewabone
2397-1754monographic issue
Alfred Maudsley's causality dilemma: archaeology, photography and the influence of nineteenth-century travel literature2019 Anthropology and photography 12: 1-17
  • Duncan Shields
Analogue photo booths in Berlin: a stage, a trap, a condenser and four shots for kissing the person you love2018 Anthropology and photography 9: 1-17
  • Francisco Martínez
Open access2397-1754
The graphicalization of description. Drawing and photography in the fieldwork journals and museum work of Henry Balfour2018 Anthropology and photography 10: 1-25
  • Christopher Morton
Open access2397-1754
Pierre Verger, Roger Bastide and A Cigarra: candomblé, photography, and anthropology in the popular press2017 Anthropology and photography 8: 1-17
  • Heather Shirey
Open access2397-1754monographic issue
'The transparent photograph: reflections on the ontology of photographs in a changing digital landscape2017 Anthropology and photography 7: 1-16
  • Paolo Favero
A shaykh's portrait: images and tribal history amongst Bedouin in the Negev2016 Anthropology and photography 2: 1-22
  • Emilie Le Febvre
From resistance towards invisibility2016 Anthropology and photography 3: 1-19
  • Catherine de Lorenzo
  • Juno Gemes
Photographic truth in motion: the case of Iranian photoblogs2016 Anthropology and photography 4: 1-19
  • Shireen Walton
Culture, memory and community through photographs: developing an Inuit-based research methodology2016 Anthropology and photography 5: 1-17
  • Carol Payne
Visual economies and digital materialities of Koorie kinship and community: photographs as currency and substance2016 Anthropology and photography 6: 1-13
  • Sabra Thorner
Photography in the age of Snapchat2015 Anthropology and photography 1: 1-17
  • Daniel Miller