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Orientation in the forest and forms of knowing (entender) in the commercial extractivism of Brazil nuts among Quilombolas in Alto Trombetas, Oriximiná, state of Pará, Brazil2020 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 63 (1): 143-63
  • Igor Alexander Badolato Scaramuzzi
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701English summary
Quilombola concepts and knowledge and the scientific hypothesis regarding the creation and reproduction of Brazil nut forests-Alto Trombetas, Oriximiná, state of Pará, Brazil2020 Anuário antropológico (Rio) 45 (3): 147-68
  • Igor Scaramuzzi
H6 [ANUARIO-]2357-738Xin special section 'Conexões transversais entre a antropologia da ciência e a etnologia'; English summary
Walnuts, salmon and sika deer: exploring the evolution and diversification of Jōmon "culinary" traditions in prehistoric Hokkaidō2020 Journal of anthropological archaeology 60: 1-21
  • Alexandre Lucquin
  • Harry K. Robson
  • Hayley Saul
  • Hirofumi Kato
  • Kevin Gibbs
  • Oliver E. Craig
  • Peter D. Jordan
  • Sven Isaksson
  • Tetsushiro Tomoda
  • Toshiro Yamahara
  • Yu Hirasawa
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Acorns in pre-contact California: a reevaluation of their energetic value, antiquity of use, and linkage to mortar-pestle technology2019 Journal of California and Great Basin anthropology 39 (1): 1-23
  • Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
  • William R. Hildebrandt
H6/KUB [JOURNAL-]0191-3557
Chestnut fever in the Terra Fria: images and brief ethnographic notes2019 Cadernos de arte e antropologia 8 (2): 44-9
  • Octávio Sacramento
  • Pilão Rui
in special issue 'Visual essays: ethno-arts, drawing, photography'; English summary
Indigenous persistence and foodways at the Toms Point trading post (CA-MRN-202), Tomales Bay, California2018 Journal of California and Great Basin anthropology 38 (1): 51-73
  • Alec J. Apodaca
  • Amanda M. Hill
  • Anneke Janzen
  • Georgeann M. Deantoni
  • Rob C. Cuthrell
  • Tsim D. Schneider
H6/KUB [JOURNAL-]0191-3557in thematic section 'Indigenous persistence in colonial California'; with introduction by T.S. Schneider and L.M. Panich, 9-10
Evidence for significant subterranean storage at two hunter-gatherer sites: the presence of a mast-based economy in the late archaic coastal American Southeast2017 American antiquity 82 (1): 50-70
  • Matthew C. Sanger
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Acorn energy bar: baking Native culture into the future2017 News from native California 31 (2): 10-11
  • Nicole Myers-Lim
*H6/KUB [NEWS-]1040-5437
Uzọ mma: pathway to intangible cultural heritage in Otobo Ugwu Dunoka Lejja, south-eastern Nigeria2016 International journal of intangible heritage 11: 128-39
  • Apex Anselm Apeh
  • Christian Chukwuma Opata
The areca nut as a gift and object of sacifice2016 Bulgarska etnologiia 42 (3): 443-57
  • Thi Phuong Tram Nguyen
H6/KVR [BULGARSKA-]1310-5213in special issue 'Gift, offering, donation'; English summary
When are two tools better than one? Mortars, millingslabs, and the California acorn economy2015 Journal of anthropological archaeology 37: 100-11
  • Nathan E. Stevens
  • Richard McElreath
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Prehistoric occupations at the Pethick site, Schoharie county, New York2014 Archaeology of eastern North America 42: 177-98
  • Christina B. Rieth
  • Sean Rafferty
  • Steven Moragne
*H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGY-]0360-1021
Transforming the inedible to the edible: an analysis of the nutritional returns from Aboriginal nut processing in Queensland's wet tropics2014 Australian archaeology (79): 26-33
  • Anna Tuechler
  • Åsa Ferrier
  • Richard Cosgrove
*H6/KE [AUSTRALIAN-]0312-2417
Jiahu 1: earliest farmers beyond the Yangtze river2013 Antiquity 87 (335): 46-63
  • Hsiao-chun Hung
  • Zhang Chi
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Baias, bisnis, and betel nut: the place of traders in the making of a Melanesian market2013 Research in economic anthropology 33: 227-56
  • Timothy L.M. Sharp
H6/KF [RESEARCH-]0190-1281in thematic issue 'Engaging with capitalism: cases from Oceania'
Why foragers choose acorns before salmon: storage, mobility, and risk in aboriginal California2013 Journal of anthropological archaeology 32 (4): 527-37
  • Robert L. Bettinger
  • Shannon Tushingham
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Prehistory in an nutshell: a Lapita-age nut-cracking stone from the Araw Islands, Papua New Guinea2013 Archaeology in Oceania 48 (3): 121-9
  • Carol Lentfer
  • Chris Gosden
  • Jim Specht
  • Peter J. Matthews
  • Sue Lindsay
H6/KX [ARCHEOOLOGY-]0003-8121
Hunter-getherer storage, settlement, and the opportunity costs of women's foraging2013 American antiquity 78 (4): 662-78
  • Adrian R. Whitaker
  • Carly S. Whelan
  • Eric Wohlgemuth
  • Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Evaluating cross-channel exchange in the Santa Barbara region: experimental data on acorn processing and transport2013 American antiquity 78 (4): 790-8
  • Mikael Fauvelle
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Acorn gatherers: fruit storage and processing in south-east Italy during the bronze age2013 Origini 35: 211-27
  • Girolamo Fiorentino
  • Milena Primavera
H6/KE [ORIGINI-]0034-6805Italian summary
Sex, drugs and Petrovaradin rock: was field gromwell (Lithospermum arvense L.) more than just an early bronze age make-up?2013 Rad vojvodanskih Muzeja 55: 47-52
  • Aleksandar Medović
H6/KVP [NOVI-]1450-6696in thematic section 'Archaeobotany'; Serbian summary
Diversity of cultivars and other plant resources used at habitation sites in the Llanos de Mojos, Beni, Bolivia: evidence from macrobotanical remains, starch grains, and phytoliths2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (2): 357-70
  • Carla Jaimes Betancourt
  • Heiko Prümers
  • José Iriarte
  • Maria C. Bruno
  • Ruth Dickau
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Mussels and mongongo nuts: logistical visits to the Cape west coast, South Africa2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (5): 1521-30
  • John Parkington
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Pitted stone cobbles in the mesolithic site of Font del Ros (southeastern pre-Pyrenees, Spain): some experimental remarks around a controversial tool type2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (5): 1597-98
  • Jorge Marínez-Moreno
  • Rafael Mora Torcal
  • Xavier Roda Gilabert
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
OIT e quebradeiras de Coco Babaçu: discussões acerca do envolvimento de crianças e jovens em atividades produtivas2012 Anuário antropológico (Rio) 37 (1): 183-209
  • Virgínia Ferreira da Silva Castro
2357-738XEnglish summary
Late bronze age plant economy at the early iron age hill fort settlement Hissar?2012 Rad vojvodanskih Muzeja 54: 105-18
  • Aleksandar Medović
H6/KVP [NOVI-]1450-6696Serbian summary
Stone tool use by adult wild bearded capuchin monkeys (Cebus libidinosus). Frequency, efficiency and tool selectivity2011 Journal of human evolution 61 (1): 97-107
  • Dorothy Fragaszy
  • Eduardo Ottoni
  • Elisabetta Visalberghi
  • Noemi Spagnoletti
  • Patricia Izar
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
Humans, climate or introduced rats - which is to blame for the woodland destruction on prehistoric Rapa Nui (Eastern Island)?2010 Journal of archaeological science 37 (2): 417-26
  • Andreas Mieth
  • Hans-Rudolf Bork
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Availability, preference, and consumption of indigenous forest foods in the eastern Arc Mountains, Tanzania2010 Ecology of food and nutrition 49 (3): 208-27
  • Jafari R. Kidegheso
  • Theobald C.E. Mosha
  • Tuli S. Msuya
H6 [ECOLOGY-]0367-0244
Hazelnut economy of early holocene hunter-gatherers: a case study from mesolithic Duvensee, northern Germany2010 Journal of archaeological science 37 (11): 2871-80
  • Daniela Holst
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Balanophagy in the Pacific Northwest: the acorn-leaching pits at the sunken village wetsite and comparative ethnographic acorn use2009 Journal of northwest anthropology 43 (2): 125-40
  • Bethnany Mathews
H6/KUB [NORTHWEST-]1538-2834
The possible use of acorns in past economies of the southern Levant: a staple food or a negligible food source?2008 Levant 40 (2): 167-75
  • Danny Rosenberg
H6/KE [LEVANT-]0075-8914
Chaînes opératoires and resource-exploitation strategies in chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) nut cracking2008 Journal of human evolution 55 (1): 148-63
  • Cláudia Sousa
  • Eugénia Cunha
  • Susana Carvalho
  • Tetsuro Matsuzawa
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
Taking variation seriously: testing the steatite mast-processing hypothesis with micorbotanical data from the Hunter's Home site, New York2008 American antiquity 73 (4): 699-728
  • A. Reber
  • John P. Hart
  • Robert G. Thompson
  • Robert Lusteck
*H6/KE [AMERICAN-]0002-7316Spanish summary
Characteristics of hammer stones and anvils used by wild bearded capuchin monkeys (Cebus libidinosus) to crack open palm nuts2007 American journal of physical anthropology 132 (3): 426-44
  • D. Fragaszy
  • E. Ottoni
  • E. Visalberghi
  • M. G. de Oliveira
  • P. Izar
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
African shea butter: a feminized subsidy from nature2007 Africa 77 (1): 37-62
  • Judith Carney
  • Marlène Elias
H6/KY [AFRICA-]0001-9720in special issue 'Nature as local heritage in Africa'; French summary
Prehistoric Pinyon exploitation in the southwestern Great Basin: a view from the Coso Range2006 Journal of California and Great Basin anthropology 26 (1): 11-31
  • Allika Ruby
  • William R. Hildbrandt
H6/KUB [JOURNAL-]0191-3557
Seeing Sibudu seeds: an illustrated text of the more frequent Middle Stone Age stones, nuts and seeds2006 Southern African humanities 18 (1): 223-33
  • Christine Sievers
  • Justine Wintjes
H6/K6 [NATAL-]1681-5564in thematic issue 'Middle Stone Age research at Sibudu Cave'
Seeing Sibudu seeds: an illustrated text of the more frequent Middle Stone Age stones, nuts and seeds2006 Southern African humanities 18 (1): 223-33
  • Christine Sievers
  • Justine Wintjes
H6/K6 [NATAL-]1681-5564in thematic issue 'Middle Stone Age research at Sibudu Cave'
Nutrient composition of some nuts and oilseeds based recipes of Assam, India2005 Journal of human ecology 18 (2): 161-5
  • M. Gogoi
  • P. D. Laishram
  • P. Das
H6 [JOURNAL-]0970-9274
Nutritive values of wild edible fruits, berries, nuts, roots and spices consumed by the Khasi tribes of India2005 Ecology of food and nutrition 44 (3): 207-23
  • D. Agrahar-Murugkar
  • G. Subbulakshmi
H6 [ECOLOGY-]0367-0244
Evaluation of the nutritional quality and acceptability of germinated bambara nut (Vigna-subterranea (L) Verle) based products2004 Ecology of food and nutrition 43 (3): 181-91
  • M. E. Lyimo
  • P. Sibuga
  • S. Berling
H6 'ECOLOGY-'0367-0244
The Clauson site: late archaic settlement and subsistence in the uplands of central New York2004 Archaeology of eastern North America 32: 161-81
  • Mary Ann Levine
*H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGY-]0360-1021
Mesolithic hazel nut roasting in practice2003 Ethnographisch-archäologische Zeitschrift 44 (3): 411-19
  • Jost Auler
H6 'ETHNOGRAPHISCH-'0012-7477English summary
Local feudal seat at Partizánske-Šimonovany: environmental interpretation2003 Slovenská archeologia 51 (1): 159-82
  • Eva Hajnalová
  • Maria Hajnalová
H6/ KE 'SLOVENSKA ARCHEOLOGIA'1335-0102English and German summaries
Birds, beasts, and botanicals: organic beads and pendants from the Amazon basin2003 Beads 15: 53-64, [plates IVb-VId]
  • Deborah G. Harding
*H6 [BEADS-]
Tagua nut ornaments2002 Ornament 25 (4): 18-19
  • Robert K. Liu
*H6 [BEAD-]0148-3897
The Nampaweap site petroglyphs - stars, sex and piñon nuts?2002 American Indian rock art 28: 193-206
  • J. T. O'Connor
Cut but not smashed: a new type of evidence for nut exploitation from Sulawesi2001 Antiquity 75 (289): 497-8
  • Victor Paz
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Ethnobotany of ku-nu-che: Cherokee hickory nut soup2001 Journal of ethnobiology 21 (2): 1-27
  • Gayle J. Fritz
  • James W. McIntosh
  • Virginia Drywater Whitekiller
0278-0771French and Spanish summaries
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