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The cult of writing and the magic of literacy in the north-west Caucasus: forms, origins and the Sufi factor2013 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 6: 139-49
  • Rashid Tokhtarovich KHatuev
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
The fishing industry of the population of Sarepta and CHernoiarskiĭ district, Astrakhan province2013 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 5: 14-21
  • Viktor Nikolaevich Medvedev
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415in special section 'Traditional fishing in the south of Russia (history, ethnography, ethnoecology)'; English summary
Life and activity of Vaan Totomiants (1875-1952)2012 Istoriko-filologicheskiy zhurnal 2: 75-95
  • Armen Ovsepian
H6/KVY [ISTORIKO-FILOLOGICHESKIY ZHURNAL-]0135-0536Armenian and English summaries
Khorezmians on the move2011 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2: 3-15
  • Natal'ia Aleksandrovna Zotova
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
Anthropomorphic bronze figurines from the Selitronnoe site2011 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 2: 161-2
  • E.M. Pigarev
Ceramic 'rhyton' from the Samosdelka site2011 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 2: 149-55
  • Ė.D. Zilivinskaia
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA ARKHEOLOGIYA]0869-6063English summary
Islamicized shamanism among the Kazakh and Karagash Nogai of the Lower Volga region in the 19th and early 20th centuries2010 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 1: 47-55
  • Andrei Syzranov
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
New data on the anthropological type of the Sarmatians2010 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 2: 67-77
  • M.A. Balabanova
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
'Whose are you?' (The specifics of fieldwork amongst the Kalmyks on the problem of self-identification)2010 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 3: 54-65
  • El'za Petrovna Bakaeva
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415in special section '"Our" ethnographer in the Russian sacred "field"'
Folk expedition to Sabbatarians (fieldwork on Sabbath-observing sect)2009 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 1: 52-4
  • L.G. ZHukova
  • N.M. Kireeva
H6/KVY [ZHIVAIA-]0204-3432
Sabbatians from the region of Voronezh2009 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 4: 39-41
  • A.B. Moroz
  • M.M. Kaspina
H6/KVY [ZHIVAIA-]0204-3432
'Twenty kopecks is seventy in money'2009 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2: 13-16, 27
  • E.P. Bakaeva
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
Russia and Central Asia in the 16th-17th centuries2008 Izvestiia Ministerstva Nauki Akademii Nauk Respubliki Kazakhstan, seria obschchestvennykh nauk 2: 40-2
  • T. E. Tulibaev
H6/KVY [AKADEMIA-]0202-1382English summary
'Astrakhan Gazprom' in the lives of Nogai-Karagash of the Astrakhan region2008 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 3: 89-92, 92-102
  • ZH. KH. Skryl'nikova
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415in special section 'Oil, ecology, culture'; English summary
Oil and the migration of the Nogai people to the north2008 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 3: 78-81, 92-102
  • A. A. Iarlykapov
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415in special section 'Oil, ecology, culture'; English summary
On the coins of Bik-Bazarand Timur Bik-Bazar (Dzhuchi dynasty of the 15th century)2007 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 2: 33-8
  • A. V. Pachkalov
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
Late Sarmatian culture of the Volga-Don interfluve: the problem of formation and development2006 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 1: 124-36
  • A. S. Skripkin
  • V. M. Krivosheev
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
Cult of Muslim saints in the Astrakhan region2006 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2: 127-43
  • A. V. Syzranov
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
The sound world of the Kalmyk traditional culture2006 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 4: 140-53
  • G. IU. Badmaeva
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
Folklore narratives from Astrakhan (stories about death, funeral ceremonies, mortuary rites and mourning customs)2006 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 2: 40-1
  • I. L. IAkovleva
H6/KVY [ZHIVAIA-]0204-3432
Magic words: folklore materials from Karelia (Pudozhskii region)2006 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 2: 42-4
  • T. S. Il'ina
H6/KVY [ZHIVAIA-]0204-3432
Excavations at the Samosdelka site in the region of Astrakhan (2000-2004)2006 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 4: 24-35
  • D. V. Vasil'ev
  • Ė. D. Zilivinskaia
  • T. IU. Grechkina
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
Chronology of the Golden Horde cities situated in the lower Volga river region2006 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 3: 75-84
  • L. F. Nedashkovskiĭ
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
Political and economic conditions in the emergence of the Ukrainian settlements in the region of Volga steppes in the 16th-19th centuries2005 Narodna tvorchist’ ta etnohrafiya 5: 100-4
  • Valentyna Synel'nykova
H6/KVY [NARODNA-]0130-6936English summary
Islamic projects in the context of the social and political development of southern Russia2005 Rasy i narody 31: 106-11
  • S. E. Berezhnoi
Marriage customs among the Tartars from the region of Astrakhan2004 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 4: 13-16
  • A. R. Usmanova
H6/KVY [ZHIVAIA-]0204-3432
New approaches to the analysis of inter-group variability of grouth and development characteristics in children and adolescents2000 Voprosy antropologii 90: 87-103
  • A. L. Purundzhan
  • E. Z. Godina
  • I. A. KHomiakova
H6/KVY [VOPROSY-]0507-2921English summary