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Grand 'Gandhakuṭī' at Ajanta: cave no. XX?2017 Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute 94: 152-61, [plates iii-vi]
  • Shrikant Preadhan
Ajanta murals and their chronology: a critical analysis2016 Journal of the Sri Lanka branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (New Series) 61 (1): 1-31
  • Mahinda Somathilake
H6/KWL [ROYAL-]1391-720X
Samuel Bourne und die ihm zugeschriebenen Fotografien zweier Heiligtümer in Ellora und Ajanta2009 Tribus (58): 125-35
  • Joachim K. Bautze
H6 [TRIBUS-]0082-6413
Buddhist inspiration in Ajanta painting2005 Journal of the Asiatic Society 47 (4): 1-6
  • Asok K. Bhattacharya
H6/KWL [ASIATIC-]0368-3308
Nāga, Yakṣiṇī, Buddha: local deities and local Buddhism at Ajanta1998 History of religions 37 (4): 360-400
  • Richard S. Cohen
The caves at Ajanta1992 Archaeology 45 (6): 52-60, 90
  • W M Spink