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Metal procurement, artefact manufacture and the use of imported tin bronze in middle Bronze Age Cyprus2020 Journal of archaeological science 113: 1-13
  • Andreas Charalambous
  • Jennifer M. Webb
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
A medieval settlement near Suchomasty in the Beroun district, Central Bohemia: on the transformation of settlement structures and non-ferrous metallurgy in the rural environment2020 Archeologické rozhledy 72 (1): 102-45
  • Ivo Štefan
  • Jan Zavřel
  • Pavel Taibl
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267English summary
Experimental design of the Cu-As-Sn ternary colour diagram2018 Journal of archaeological science 90: 106-19
  • A. Srejić
  • C. Davey
  • J. Pendić
  • M. Korać
  • M. Radivojević
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Tin isotope fractionation during experimental cassiterite smelting and its implication for tracing the tin sources of prehistoric metal artefacts2018 Journal of archaeological science 92: 73-86
  • Daniel Berger
  • Elin Figueiredo
  • Ernst Pernicka
  • Gerhard Brgmann
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
The transition from lead transparent to tin-opacified glaze productions in the western Islamic lands: al-Andalus, c. 875-929 CE2018 Journal of archaeological science 94: 1-11
  • Elena Salinas
  • Trinitat Pradell
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
On the origins of tin-opacified ceramic glazes: new evidence from early Islamic Egypt, the Levant, Mesopotamia, Iran, and Central Asia2018 Journal of archaeological science 97: 42-66
  • Michael Tite
  • Moujan Matin
  • Oliver Watson
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
A ring from a Pomeranian culture pectoral, Wola Pasikońska, Warsaw-West County: a case of some prehistoric recycling2017 Wiadomości archeologiczne 68: 247-57
  • Anna Drzewicz
H6/KE [WIADOMOSCI-]0043-5082English summary
The craft of the goldsmith in Wielbark culture in the light of the finds from the cemetery at Weklice, Elbląg commune and other necropolis of Roman period from Elbląg heights. Technological studies of selected aspects2017 Sprawozdania archeologiczne 69: 185-233 [insert i-xii, CD ROM]
  • Magdalena Natuniewicz-Sekuła
H6/KE [SPRAWOZDANIA-]0081-3834
Evidence of Eurasian metal alloys on the Alaskan coast in prehistory2016 Journal of archaeological science 74: 176-83
  • H. Kory Cooper
  • John F. Hoffecker
  • Owen K. Mason
  • Robert J. Speakman
  • Victor Mair
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Some political and ecological perspectives on Andean loza2016 Boletin de arqueologia PUCP 20: 49-62
  • Prudence M. Rice
H6/KE [BOLETIN DE ARQUEOLOGIA PUCP-]2304-4292in special issue 'Arqueología histórica en el Perú: posibilidades y perspectivas (primera parte)'; English summary
The technological and chemical examination of artefacts from the 'Radymno hoard' from the collection of the Archaeological Museum in Kraków2016 Materiały archeologiczne (Cracow) 41: 205-10
  • Marcin Biborski
H6/KE [MATERIALY-]0075-7039English summary
Crucible technologies in the late bronze-early iron age south Caucasus: copper processing, tin bronze production, and the possibility of local tin ores2015 Journal of archaeological science 61: 260-76
  • Brian J.J. Gilmour
  • Nana KHakhutaishvili
  • Nathaniel L. Erb-Satullo
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Eiland crucibles and the earliest relative dating for tin and bronze working in Southern Africa2015 Journal of archaeological science 62: 82-91
  • Foreman Bandama
  • Shandreck Chirikure
  • Simon Hall
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Metal cases of glass mirrors: production technique and chemical composition of alloys2015 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 4: 78-88
  • Elena A. Rybina
  • Natal'ia V. Eniosova
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063in special section 'Novgorod Velikiĭ in ancient Rus' context (Towards the 60th anniversary of P.G. Gaĭdukov)'; English summary
Context is everything: comments on Radivojević et al. (2013)2014 Antiquity 88 (342): 1310-19
  • Dušan Borić
  • Šljivar Duško
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598Xcomments on 'Tainted ores and the rise of tin bronzes in Eurasia' by M Radivojević et al. in Antiquity 2013 (87):338, 1030-45; with reply
Rock art and metal trade2014 Adoranten : 23-43
  • Claes Uhnér
  • Johan Ling
Results of analysis of chemical composition of iron artefacts2014 Fontes archaeologici posnanienses 50 (2): 320-1
  • Elżbieta Pawlicka
qH6/KE [FONTES-]0071-6863annex to Dzieduszycki, see this issue 285-317; in special issue 'Non-invasive archaeological explorations'
Items of jewellery from the excavations at 'Rublenyĭ Gorod' in IAroslavl'2014 Kratkie soobshcheniia 232: 170-88 [plate XX]
  • I.A. Saprykina
H6/KVY [AKADEMIYA NAUK SSSR. Institut Istorii Material'noy Kultury. Kratkiye Soobs'hcheniya-]0130-2620in thematic section 'Investigations of the Department of Rescue Archaeology of the Institute of Archaeology, RAS'; English summary
Bronze production in the southwestern Iberian peninsula: the late bronze age metallurgical workshop from Entre Águas 5 (Portugal)2013 Journal of archaeological science 40 (1): 439-51
  • António M. Monge Soares
  • Maria Fátima Araújo
  • Paulo Rebelo
  • Pedro Valério
  • Rui J.C. Silva
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Ores sources, smelters and archaeometallurgy: exploring iron age metal production in the southern Waternberg, South Africa2013 Journal of African archaeology 11 (2): 243-67
  • Foreman Bandama
  • Shadreck Chirijure
  • Simon Hall
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]1612-1651French summary
Medieval maces from 17 Sławkowska Street in Kraków2013 Materiały archeologiczne (Cracow) 39: 33-53
  • Anna Tyniec
  • Jakub Puziuk
H6/KE [MATERIALY-]0075-7039English summary
The chime craft as a product of rural tourism. Traditional production of tin bells2013 Etnologické rozpravy 20 (1/2): 212-21
  • Elena Beňušová
H6/KVL [ETNOLOGICKE-]1335-5074English summary
First comprehensive peat depositional records for tin, lead and copper associated with the antiquity of Europe's largest casserite deposits2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (3): 717-27
  • Andrea Raab
  • Andrew A. Meharg
  • J. Edward Schofield
  • Joerg Feldmann
  • Kevin J. Edwards
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Crucibles from Palaikastro, east Crete: insights into metallurgical technology in the Aegean late bronze age2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (6): 1821-36
  • Anno Hein
  • Doniert Evely
  • Eleni Nodarou
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Late medieval copper alloying practices: a view from a Parisian workshop of the 14th century AD2012 Journal of archaeological science 39 (10): 3052-70
  • David Bourgarit
  • Nicolas Thomas
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Burial 7 from the late medieval Plotnikovskiĭ cemetery2012 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 2: 127-33
  • A.M. Belavin
  • N.B. Krylasova
  • N.G. Briukhova
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA ARKHEOLOGIYA]0869-6063English summary
Manufacturing processes of s-shaped temple rings from Vrbno, central Bohemia2012 Archeologické rozhledy 64 (3): 525-33
  • Estelle Ottenwelter
  • Ivo Štefan
  • Jiří Děd
  • Jiří Hošek
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267Czech summary
Miners and mining in the late bronze age: a multidisciplinary study from Austria2011 Antiquity 85 (330): 1259-78
  • Elisabeth Breitenlechner
  • Gert Goldenberg
  • Jörg Schibler
  • Klaus Hanke
  • Sabine Deschler-Erb
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Ancient bronze technology and nomadic communities of the Middle Gobi Desert, Mongolia2011 Journal of archaeological science 38 (4): 805-17
  • Amartuvshin Chunag
  • Jang-Sik Park
  • William Honeychurch
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Conservation-restoration research of selected finds from Kopčany, Western Slovakia2010 Archeologické rozhledy 62 (3): 492-513
  • Estelle Ottenwelter
  • Jiří Děd
  • Jiří Hošek
  • Peter Baxa
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267English summary
Indigenous metal melting and casting in southern Africa2010 South African archaeological bulletin 65 (191): 45-57
  • Duncan Miller
H6/KE [SOUTH-]0038-1969
The technology of tin smelting in the Rooiberg Valley, Limpopo province, South Africa, ca. 1650-1850 CE2010 Journal of archaeological science 37 (7): 1656-69
  • David Killick
  • Robert B. Heimann
  • Shadreck Chirikure
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Khao Sam Kaeo - an archaeometallurgical crossroads for trans-asiatic technological traditions2010 Journal of archaeological science 37 (7): 1761-72
  • Bérénice Bellina
  • Marcos Martinón-Torres
  • Mercedes Murillo-Barroso
  • Thomas Oliver Pryce
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
The economy of Perak in the mid-1870s2010 Journal of the Malaysian branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 83 (2): 27-46
  • John Gullick
H6/KWY [ROYAL-]0128-5483
Tin pots in reformed parishes2010 Ethnographia 121 (4): 342-55
  • P. Szalay Emőke
H6/KVN [ETHNOGRAPHIA-]0014-1798English summary
The assortment of chocolate moulds from the ethnological collection of the Museum of Vojvodina2009 Rad vojvodanskih Muzeja 51: 175-90
  • Marija Banski
H6/KVP [NOVI-]1450-6696English summary
Metallurgy and early bronze age fortified settlements in Slovakia2009 Slovenská archeológia 57 (2): 195-219
  • Jozef Bátora
H6/KE [SLOVENSKA-]1335-0102
The 2007-early Iranian metallurgy workshops at the University of Nottingham2008 Iran 46: 225-45
  • Lloyd Weeks
H6/KWJ [IRAN-]0578-6967
Metallurgy in the Slovak region during the Urnfield period2008 Památky archeologické 99: 93-160
  • Zuzana Pančíková
H6/KE [PAMATKY-]0031-0506English and German summaries
Ornamenta medievalia Silesiae2007 Archaeologia polona 45: 149-54
  • Krzysztof Wachowski
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGIA-]0066-5924in thematic issue 'Glass and silver. Studies dedicated to Maria Dekówna'
Late horizon silver, copper, and tin from Macchu Picchu, Peru2007 Journal of archaeological science 34 (1): 38-47
  • Robert Gordon
  • Robert Knopf
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Copper and bronze during the eneolithic and early bronze age: a metallographic examination of axes from the north Alpine region2006 Archaeometry 48 (3): 453-68
  • E. Bischoff
  • H. Opielka
  • T.L. Kienlin
Some types of hot-forged mirrors of Sarmatian times with high tin content (technical specifications)2006 Kratkie soobshcheniia 220: 42-51, 227
  • I. G. Ravich
H6/KVY [AKADEMYA-]0130-2620English summary
Chemical composition of bronze age and iron age metals from southern Turkmenistan2004 Arkheologischeskie vesti 11: 95-101
  • A. IA. SHCHetenko
  • A. N. Egor'kov
Non-ferrous metal finds from the early medieval hillfort at Dawidgródek (Davyd-Garadok) on the Haryn' (Belorussia)2002/3 Wiadomości archeologiczne 56: 451-63
  • Sylwia Małachowska
H6/KE [WIADOMOSCI-]0043-5082English and Belorussian summaries
On the structure and composition of copper and tin ingots excavated from the shipwreck of Uluburun2002 Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 328: 1-30
  • Andreas Hauptmann
  • Michael Prange
  • Robert Maddin
On pins and needles: tracing the evolution of copper-base alloying at Tepe Yahya, Iran, via ICP-MS analysis of common-place terms2002 Journal of archaeological science 29 (12): 1451-60
  • C. C. Lamberg-Karlovsky
  • Christopher P. Thornton
  • Martin Liezers
  • Suzanne M. M. Young
Smelter and smith: iron age metal fabrication technology in southern Africa2002 Journal of archaeological science 29 (10): 1083-1131
  • Duncan Miller
Chemical and textual characterization of tin glazes in Islamic ceramics from eastern Spain2001 Journal of archaeological science 28 (3): 331-40
  • Jozefina Pérez-Arantegui
  • Judit Molera
  • Mario Vendrell-Saz
Forged bronzes with high tin content in the territory of KHazaria2000 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 3: 134-46
  • I. G. Ravich
  • V. S. Flërov
0869-6063English summary
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