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An historical examination of chiefly breastplates. Chest ornaments and status in Fiji (South Pacific)2018 Paideuma 64: 75-97
  • Stéphanie Leclerc-Caffarel
H6 [PAIDEUMA-]0078-7809
The knowledge and skills of amber processing artisans in the bronze age. A study in experimental archaeology illustrated with an example of manufacturing an amber pectoral2016 Fontes archaeologici posnanienses 52: 81-101
  • Eryk Popkiewicz
  • Janusz Czebreszuk
qH6/KE [FONTES-]0071-6863in special section 'From studies on amber use in the 3rd and 2nd mill. BC'; English summary
Grave 1/68 at the necropolis of the Avar Khaganate period in Radvaň nad Dunajom, part Žitava I. On the problem of phaleras of the Žitavská Tôň type2011 Slovenská archeológia 59 (2): 319-35
  • Jozef Zábojník
H6/KE [SLOVENSKA-]1335-0102English and German summaries
Moundville: forgotten textile fragments reveal the past2010 Textile: the journal of cloth and culture 8 (3): 348-67
  • Amanda Thompson
  • Virginia Wimberley
H6/KGG [TEXTILE-]1475-9756
Small discoveries from Barboşi-Galaţi (II)2007 Arheologia Moldovei 30: 297-305
  • Silviu Sanie
H6/KE [ARHEOLOGIA-]0066-7358English summary
Los zapotecos de la Sierra Juárez: ¿antiguos orfebres?2001 Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas 24 (81): 141-9
  • Edith Ortiz Díaz
H6/KFY 'MEXICO-'0185-1276