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Gendered contours of contemporary South Asian religious practices in the context of migration: second generation Jain women and men in Britain and the US2019 Journal of contemporary religion 34 (2): 331-51
  • Bindi V. Shah
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]1353-7903in special issue 'Religion and gender'
The Buddhist salvation of Ajātaśatru and the Jaina non-salvation of Kūṇika2019 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) 82 (1): 85-110
  • Juan Wu
H6/KW [LONDON-]0041-977X
Jakh, Jacks, or Yakṣa? Multiple identities and histories of Jakh gods in Kachchh2018 Asian ethnology 77 (1-2): 99-120
  • Anisha Saxena
H6/KWS [FOLKLORE-]1882-6865
Austerity, luxury and uncertainty in the Indian emerald trade2017 Journal of material culture 22 (4): 437-52
  • Brian Brazel
H6/KF [JOURNAL-]1359-1835in special issue on the bodily and material cultures of religious subjectivation
Religion, ethnicity, and citizenship: the role of Jain institutions in the social incorporation of young Jains in Britain and the United States2017 Journal of contemporary religion 32 (2): 299-314
  • Bindi V. Shah
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]1353-7903
The Indian epics and the Jains2016 Bulletin des séances. Académie Royale des Sciences d’Outre-Mer (New Series) 62 (1): 19-29
  • Eva De Clercq
H6/KY [INSTITUT-]0001-4176English and French summaries
Intimate gifts and 'bad' deaths: reflections on organ transplants, state and society in Gujarat2014 Contributions to Indian sociology (New Series) 48 (2): 165-90
  • Farhana Ibrahim
Significant differences2014 Hau 4 (1): 497-506
  • James Laidlaw
2049-1115reply to D Fassin et al. see this issue, 429-95
Ethics, the householder’s dilemma, and the difficulty of reality2014 Hau 4 (1): 487-95
  • Veena Das
2049-1115comments on The subject of virtue: an anthropology of ethics and freedom by J Laidlaw (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ Pr, 2014)
When children become ascetics: preliminary considerations about disputes on Jain Bāl Munis in western India2014 Oriental anthropologist 14 (2): 217-40
  • Andrea Luithle Hardenberg
*H6/KF [ORIENTAL-]0972-558Xin special issue 'Children and youth in a changing world: anthropological perspectives'
Indian religions in the global emerald trade: a photo essay2012 Visual anthropology review 28 (2): 120-32
  • Brian Brazeal
H6 [PROGRAM-]1053-7147
From heart to heart: Symbolism and metaphysics of imagery in Jainist art2012 Kul'tura i vremia 2: 100-13
  • E.E. Malinina
In memoriam: Natal'ia Romanovna Guseva (21.3.1914-21.4.2010)2011 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 1: 187-9
  • N.L. Zhukovskaia
  • Sergeĭ Aleksandrovich Arutiunov
The Jaina cult of relic Stūpas2010 Numen 57 (3-4): 389-504
  • Peter Flügel
H6/KFO [NUMEN-]0029-5973in special issue 'Relics in comparative perspective'
Krṣṇa his rivals in the Hindu and Jaina traditions2009 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) 72 (1): 63-99
  • Jonathan Geen
H6/KW [LONDON-]0041-977X
Sexual maturation and physical status among the adolescent Jain girls of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India2009 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 67 (1): 65-76
  • Dipak Mukherji
  • Moumita Chatterjee
  • Nupur Dutta
  • Premananda Bharati
  • Suman Chakrabarty
The sacred and the profane: the dog in south India2009 Man in India 89 (4): 497-523
  • Deryck O. Lodrick
H6/KWL [MAN-]0025-1569
Tournaments of honor: Jain auctions, gender, and reputation2009 History of religions 48 (4): 284-308
  • M. Whitney Kelting
H6/KFO [HISTORY-]0018-2710
Intricacy of certain verses of Āryabaṭīya and Jain tradition identification of Aśmaka as Śravaṇabeḷagoḷa-Camravattam2008 Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute 89: 17-32
  • K. Chandra Hari
The classification of smells and the order of the senses in Indian religious traditions2007 Numen 54 (4): 374-419
  • James McHugh
H6/KFO [NUMEN-]0029-5973in thematic issue 'Religion through the senses'
Candanbala's tears: recovering the emotional life of Jainism2007 Numen 54 (2): 109-37
  • M. Whitney Kelting
H6/KFO [NUMEN-]0029-5973
Food fights: Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain dietary polemics in south India2007 History of religions 46 (3): 228-61
  • Katherine E. Ulrich
H6/KFO [HISTORY-]0018-2710
Jainism and society2006 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) 69 (1): 91-112
  • Peter Flügel
H6/KW [LONDON-]0041-977X
Cooking and desire of ascetism in digambar Jains (India)2006 L'Autre: cliniques, cultures et sociétés 7 (3): 457-65
  • Marie-Claude Mahias
H6 [AUTRE-]1626-5378English and Spanish summaries
Bengal's habit of the heart: faith and society2006 Journal of the Asiatic Society 48 (3): 18-49
  • Asoke Basu
H6/KWL [ASIATIC-]0368-3308
Confessions of a 17th-century Jain merchant: the Ardhakathānak of Banārasīdās2005 South Asia research 25 (1): 79-104
  • Rupert Snell
H6/KWL [SOUTH-]0262-7280in special issue 'Pre-modern Hindi literature'
Jaina mathematics - Mahavira and Sripati2005 Journal of the Asiatic Society 47 (1): 71-7
  • N.K. Chakravarty
H6/KWL [ASIATIC-]0368-3308in thematic issue 'Indian astronomy and mathematics (5th century A.D. to 12th century A.D.) and their relevance in the 21st century'
Urbanisation and religious innovations in ancient India2005 Bulletin de l’Ecole Française d’Extrême-Orient 92: 159-79, 748, 754
  • André Couture
H6/KWY [ECOLE-]0336-1519English summary
Jainism and non-violence2004 Journal of the Asiatic Society 46 (1): 17-38
  • Satya Ranjan Banerjee
H6/KWL [ASIATIC-]0368-3308
Fundamentalism: tolerance and India's heritage2004 Journal of the Asiatic Society 46 (4): 3-20
  • Biswanath Banerjee
H6/KWL [ASIATIC-]0368-3308
Jains, caste and hierarchy in north Gujarat2004 Contributions to Indian sociology (New Series) 38: 73-112
  • John E. Cort
H6/KWL 'CONTRIBUTIONS-'0069-9667in special issue 'The certitudes of caste: when identity trumps hierarchy'
Il luogo del rituale. Limiti geografici e identità settaria nelle religioni indiane medievali2003 Etnosistemi 10 (10): 43-55
  • Phyllis Granoff
1122-6234in thematic issue 'Terra, territorio e società nel mondo indiano'; English and French summaries
The codes of conduct of the Terāpanth Saman order2003 South Asia research 23 (1): 7-53
  • Peter Flügel
Bhakti in the early Jain tradition: understanding devotional religion in south India2002 History of religions 42 (1): 59-86
  • John E. Cort
Giving up and taking on: the body in ritual2002 Res 41: 92-103
  • Michael W. Meister
*H6 [RES]0277-1322
Aspects of Jaina temple architecture in Rajasthan and Gujarat2002 South Asia research 22 (2): 107-22
  • Julia A. B. Hegewald
For an anthropology of ethics an freedom2002 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 8 (2): 311-32
  • James Laidlaw
HI [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
Heroism, spiritual development, and triadic bonds in Jain and Christian mendicancy and2001 Numen 48 (1): 47-80
  • Stephen R. Munzar
H6/KFO [NUMEN-]0029-5973
Oceans, islands and sacred mountains: representations of cosmic geography in Jaina art and architecture2000 Cosmos 16 (1): 3-42
  • Julia A. B. Hegewald
Unique example of embryo-transfer in ancient Jain-scriptures2000 Journal of the Asiatic Society 42 (3/4): 205-11
  • Mangilal Bhutoria
Origin and growth of Jainism and some doctrines of Jainism2000 Journal of the Asiatic Society 42 (1/2): 7-28
  • Satya Ranjan Banerjee
The Jain community in mid-India2000 Samskriti 8 (1/2): 14-8
  • Rajnish Singh
H6/KWL [INDIA-]0971-0612
The gift of food to a wandering cow: lay-mendicant interaction among the Jains1999 Journal of Asian and African studies (Leiden) 34 (1): 89-110
  • John E. Cort
The ritual of Abhideka and Bahubali's Mahāmastakābhiśeka1998 Journal of ritual studies 12 (2): 31-41
  • Sushil Jain
Contradiction and the merit of giving in Indian religions1998 Numen 45 (3): 287-320
  • Torkel Brekke
On the Indian ritual of Abhiṣeka of Bāhubali1997 Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute 78 (1/4): 61-86
  • Sushil Jain
Parsva, een jainistische heiland1997 Driemaandelijks bulletin (Antwerp) 24 (1): 1-3
  • Chris de Lauwer
The Ramayana culture in Karnataka Jainism1992 Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society 83 (4): 359-72
  • V Kumari
Mural paintings in the Jain temples of Bundi1990 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal 32: 1-3
  • A K Saxena