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Semi-arranged marriages and dowry ambivalence: tensions in the changing landscape of marriage formation in South Asia2020 Culture, health & sexuality 22 (9): 971-86
  • Mahesh Puri
  • Minakshi Dahal
  • Nadia G. Diamond-Smith
  • Sheri D. Wiser
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1464-5351
Semi-arranged marriages and dowry ambivalence: tensions in the changing landscape of marriage formation in South Asia2020 Culture, health & sexuality 22 (9): 971-86
  • Mahesh Puri
  • Minakshi Dahal
  • Nadia G. Diamond-Smith
  • Sheri D. Weiser
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1464-5351
The price of transgression: mutual debts in extramarital relations in France and Gabon2019 Journal des anthropologues (156-157): 61-81
  • Marie-Carmen Garcia
  • Philippe Nkoma Ntchemandji
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]1156-0428in special issue 'Dettes de sexe'; English summary
What should happen, but has not yet happened: painterly tales of justice2019 Contributions to Indian sociology (New Series) 53 (1): 184-216
  • Mani Shekhar Singh
H6/KWL [CONTRIBUTIONS-]0069-9667in special issue 'Social life of law in India'
Le statut matrimonial de la femme dans l'Islam médieval à l'épreuve des documents juridiques2019 Hawwa: journal of women of the Middle East and the Islamic world 17 (2-3): 231-56
  • Moez Dridi
  • Muriel Roiland
H6/KW [HAWWA-]1569-2078in thematic issue 'Gender between law, religion and myth: the surroundings of the Fiqh'; English summary
Simply the tip of the iceberg2019 Hali (202): 66-73
  • Peter Poullada
*H6/KGG [HALI-]0142-0798
‘Full price, full body’: norms, brideprice and intimate partner violence in highlands Papua New Guinea2019 Culture, health & sexuality 21 (12): 1367-80
  • Richard Eves
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1464-5351
Re-examining the bride-wealth marriage in North India: a case study of affinal relationships among the Jogis in western Rajasthan2018 Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka) 42 (3): 271-320
  • Ayumi Nakano
H6 [OSAKA-]0385-180XEnglish summary
Deprivation of Akus widowhood rituals and indignation: resurgence of the issue of matrimonial dowry, marriage and sexuality of Beti Cameroonian widows2018 L'Autre: cliniques, cultures et sociétés 19 (1): 38-52
  • André Wamba
  • Vandelin Mgbwa
H6 [AUTRE-]1626-5378in thematic issue 'Cliniques transculturelles 4'; English and Spanish summaries
Explaining marriage payments: Mahr among Omanis2018 Hawwa: journal of women of the Middle East and the Islamic world 16 (1-2-3): 90-143
  • Jihan Safar
H6/KW [HAWWA-]1569-2078in special issue 'Family in the Arabian peninsula'
Bride kidnapping in post-soviet Eurasia: a roundtable discussion2018 Central Asian survey 37 (4): 582-601
  • Charles Becker
  • Christopher Edling
  • Cynthia Werner
  • Elena Kim
  • Fatima Esengeldievna Sartbay
  • Russell Kleinbach
  • Woden Teachout
*H6/KW [CENTRAL-]0263-4937
Y el sujecto se hizo verbo (anque siempre fue objecto). La mujer fang en Guinea Ecuatoial y el impacto colonial2018 Anales del Museo Nacional de Antropología 20: 30-59
  • Luis Pérez Armiño
H6/KVE [ANALES-]1135-1853in special section 'Sexualidades, géneros y cultura: miradas desde la antropología'; English summary
Scenes of commitment2017 Cultural anthropology 32 (1): 93-116
  • Bhara Jayram Venkat
H6 [CULTURAL-]0886-7356
The stalk that supports the flower: Orang Rimba kinship, marriage and gender in Jambi Sumatra2017 Oceania 87 (1): 78-95
  • Steven Sager
H6/KX [OCEANIA-]0029-8077
To Excel at bridewealth, or ceremonies of Office2017 Anthropology today 33 (1): 19-22
  • Anthony J. Pickles
Generations and access to land in postconflict northern Uganda: "youth have no voice in land matters"2017 African studies review 60 (3): 17-36
  • Esther Acio
  • Susan Reynolds Whyte
*H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0002-0206in special section 'Land disputes and displacement in postconflict Africa'; French summary
Approaching the dowry culture in terms of museography2017 Journal of folklore and literature 1: 131-45
  • Sema Demir
1300-7491English summary
The social value of elephant tusks and bronze drums among certain societies in eastern Indonesia2016 Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 172 (1): 66-89
  • Leonard Yuzon Andaya
H6/KX [BIJDRAGEN-]0006-2294
Wives at the market place: commercialisation of Lobola and commodification of women's bodies in Zimbabwe2016 Oriental anthropologist 16 (2): 229-43
  • Manase Kudzai Chiweshe
*H6/KF [ORIENTAL-]0972-558Xin special issue 'Women in southern Africa: interrogating specificities, challenges and complexities'
A study of the Naga women of the traditional Lotha society of Nagaland, north east India2016 South Asian anthropologist 16 (2): 195-200
  • Mahua Battacharjee
  • Rosanna Kikon
H6/KW [SOUTH-]0257-7348
The offering in the weddings in Bulgaria from the mid-20th century to the early 21st century2016 Bulgarska etnologiia 42 (3): 428-42
  • Milena Marinova
H6/KVR [BULGARSKA-]1310-5213in special issue 'Gift, offering, donation'; English summary
Textile culture in Háromszék in the 19th century - a museological approach based on data of female inventories2016 Néprajzi értesítő 98: 9-27
  • Enikó Szőcsné Gazda
H6/KVN [BUDAPEST. Magyar Nemezeti Muzeum. Neprajzi Tar. A Neprajzi Muzeum Ertesitoje-]0007-9699English summary
Braed praes in Vanuatu: both gifts and commodities?2015 Oceania 85 (1): 63-78
  • Margaret Jolly
H6/KX [OCEANIA-]0029-8077in special issue 'Gender and person in Oceania'
'What is consumed is wasted': from foraging to herding in the Southern African later stone age2015 Azania: archaeological research In Africa 50 (3): 267-317
  • Faye Lander
  • Thembi Russell
H6/KY [AZANIA-]0067-270XFrench summary
Wealth, law, and moral authority: marriage and Chrisitan mobilization in interwar Cameroon2015 International journal of African historical studies 48 (3): 393-424
  • Charlotte Walker-Said
*H6/KY [INTERNATIONAL-]0361-7882in special issue 'Wealth in pluralities: intersections of money, gender, and multiple values across African societies'
The Serbian family in the late middle ages2015 Ethno-anthropological problems journal 10 (2): 357-81
  • Siniša Mišić
H6/KVP [ETNOANTROPOLOSKI PROBLEMI Casopis -]0353-1589English and French summaries
Kinship and the 'great divide'2014 L'Homme (210): 7-15
  • Jack Goody
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216in thematic section 'La parenté de nouveau en question'; French summary
Marriage and bridewealth (Ilobolo) in contemporary Zulu society2014 African studies review 57 (2): 51-72
  • Dorrit Posel
  • Stephanie Rudwick
*H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0002-0206in thematic section 'The politics of marriage in South Africa'; French summary
African marriage regulation and the remaking of gendered authority in colonial Natal, 1843-18752014 African studies review 57 (2): 73-92
  • Nafisa Essop Sheik
*H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0002-0206in thematic section 'The politics of marriage in South Africa'; French summary
The multiple meanings of moongo: on the conceptual character of doorways and backbones in Kilimanjaro2014 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 20 (3): 505-25
  • Knut Christian Myhre
H6 [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
Job search processes for tribal people from Jharkhand and West Bengal2014 South Asia research 34 (3): 191-208
  • Rajib Lochan Dar
H6/KWL [SOUTH-]0262-7280
Paying lobola when my wife dies: an African pastoral study about the practice of forcing people to pay lobola after their wifve passed away2014 Journal of human ecology 48 (1): 135-43
  • M.E. Baloyi
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]0970-9274in special issue 'Advancing indigenous knowledge (IK) in sustainable teaching and learning practices to promoting economic development'
The making and changing of migrant workers' worlds (1800-2014)2014 African studies 73 (3): 313-22
  • Peter Delius
H6/KY [BANTU-]0002-0184introduction to thematic issue 'The making and changing of migrant workers' worlds (1800-2014)'
Situating marriage payments: bride-price and dowry among the Bedias of north India2014 Contributions to Indian sociology (New Series) 48 (2): 223-47
  • Anuja Agrawal
Intermarriage and reciprocal household exchange practices in a mixed community in Roti, Indonesia2013 The Australian journal of anthropology 24 (1): 81-98
  • Michelle Carnegie
H6/KF [AUSTRALIAN-]1035-8811
David Graeber's Wunderkammer, Debt: the first 5 000 years2013 Anthropological forum 23 (1): 79-93
  • Bill Maurer
H6/KX [ANTHROPOLOGICAL-]0066-4677review article on Debt: the first 5 000 years by D Graeber (Brooklyn, New York: Melville House, 2011)
'If you find out who her father is I would be interested to know'. The Kwermin in an eastern Min context2013 Oceania 83 (2): 102-17
  • Sveinn Eggertsson
H6/KX [OCEANIA-]0029-8077
Bride-service and the absent gift2013 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 19 (2): 356-77
  • Stephen Hugh-Jones
H6 [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
Dowry and its impact on women's marital life: a study in Syleth City, Bangladesh2013 South Asian anthropologist 13 (1): 17-25
  • Abdul Hossen
  • Al Amin Rabby
  • Marriya Sultana
  • Unama Rahman
H6/KW [SOUTH-]0257-7348
Eating (and feeding)2012 Cambridge anthropology 30 (2): 1-14
  • Marilyn Strathern
H6 [CAMBRIDGE-]0305-7674
Marriage and divorce in People's Courts of Turkestan: the interaction of Adat and Sharia under Russian governance2012 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 1: 151-66
  • Ol'ga Il'inichna Brusina
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
On the question of family form among ancient Turkic peoples in regard to its economic functions2012 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 4: 92-107
  • Vladimir Vladimirovich Tishin
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
The dynamics of relationships within ethnically mixed families after the conflict in the city of Osh, Fergana valley2012 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 6: 84-98
  • Aksana Ismailbekova
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415in special section 'Ethnography of the family'; English summary
Domestic slavery in Beembe (Congo-Brazzaville), XVIII-XXth centuries2011 Cahiers d'études africaines (204): 945-78
  • Benjamin Kala-Ngoma
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055English summary
New cross-cultural perspectives on marriage transactions2011 Cross-cultural research 45 (4): 339-75
  • Brad R. Huber
  • William F. Danaher
  • William L. Breedlove
H6/KF [BEHAVIOR-]1069-3971
Silver and gold in women's jewelry in the Caucasus in the second half of the 20th century: a problem of sociocultural replacement2011 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 4: 100-14
  • Zoia Uvaĭsovna Makhmudova
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFISCHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
The inscrutable mystery of why the qalin has survived2011 Anthropology of the Middle East 6 (1): 63-78
  • Ziyodakhon Rasulova
*H6/KW [ANTHRO-]1746-0719
Mother scorpion: women's politics and affinal relations among the Miskitu and other "brideservice societies"2010 History and anthropology 21 (2): 173-89
  • Mark Jamieson
H6 [HISTORY-]0275-7206
Globalisation and bridewealth rhetoric2010 Dialectical anthropology 34 (3): 347-73
  • Neil Maclean
H6 [DIALECTICAL-]0304-4092with comments in this issue, 375-7, 379-82
Comment on Maclean's 'Globalisation and bridewealth rhetoric'2010 Dialectical anthropology 34 (3): 375-7
  • Martha Mcintyre
H6 [DIALECTICAL-]0304-4092see this issue, 347-73