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The path and the walk: historical sources of the Rarámuri from the Sierra Tarahumara, Mexico2021 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 64 (1): 1-21
  • María Isabel Martínez Ramírez
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701in special issue 'Heterogeneidades narrativas na antropologia contemporânea: perspectivas latino-americanas'; English summary
Walking as fieldwork method in ethnomusicology2021 Ethnomusicology 65 (2): 221-58
  • Ama Oforiwaa Aduonum
H6/KFYV [ETHNOMUSICOLOGY-]0014-1836Akan summary
Tourist’s mobilities: walking, cycling, driving and waiting2021 Tourist studies 21 (1): 57-69
  • Alexandra White
  • Gareth Butler
  • Kevin Hannam
H6/KD [TOURIST-]1468-7976in '20th anniversary special issue'
Mountaneering religion - a critical introduction2020 Culture and religion 21 (1): 1-17
  • Christopher M. Driscoll
  • David Atwood
H6/KFO [SCOTTISH-]1475-5610introduction to special issue 'Mountaineering Religion'
Taking a walk: the female tourist experience2020 Tourist studies 20 (3): 354-70
  • Delysia de Coteau
  • Lorraine Brown
  • Natalia Lavrushkina
H6/KD [TOURIST-]1468-7976
Walking as transgenerational methodology2020 Qualitative research 20 (2): 229-38
  • Helmi Järviluoma
  • Leslie Murray
H6 [QUALITATIVE-]1468-7941
Walk this way: Fitbit and other kinds of walking in Palestine2019 Cultural anthropology 34 (1): 130-54
  • Anne Meneley
H6 [CULTURAL-]0886-7356Arabic summary
Powerful deity or national geopark?: The pilgrimage to A-myes-rma-chen in 2014/2015, trasnformations of modernisation and state secularism, and environmental change2019 Inner Asia 21 (2): 216-82
  • Anna Sehnalova
H6/KW [INNER-]1464-8172
Sensobiographic walks: between anthropology of the senses and anthropology of digital technologies2019 Glasnik slovenskega etnološkega Društva 59 (1): 27-38
  • Blaž Bajič
  • Sandi Abram
H6/KVP [SLOVENSKO ETNOLOSKO DRUSTVO. Glasnik]0351-2908in special section 'Ethnography 2.0'; English summary
Making pathways while walking and singing in Shimshal Valley, Pakistan2019 The World of Music 8 (1): 87-104
  • Thibault Fontanari
H6/KFY [WORLD-]0043-8774in thematic issue 'Dwelling in musical movement: making a home in and through music'
These boardwalks were made for bushwalking: disentangling grounds, surfaces, and walking experiences2018 Space and culture 21 (1): 33-45
  • April Vannini
  • Phillio Vannini
H6 [SPACE-]1206-3312
Walking borders: explorations of aesthetics in ephemeral arts activism for asylum seeker rights2018 Space and culture 21 (2): 92-107
  • Catherine Montes
  • Louise Gwenneth Phillips
H6 [SPACE-]1206-3312
The Moses effect: the spatial hierarchy and joint accomplishment of a blind person navigating2018 Space and culture 21 (2): 129-44
  • Brian Due
  • Simon Bierring Lange
H6 [SPACE-]1206-3312
Paths of incantation: shamanic discourse and forest travel among the Hupd'äh2018 Mana 24 (1): 161-98
  • Danilo Paiva Ramos
  • Patience Epps
H6/KUL [MANA-]0104-9313English and Spanish summaries
Biomechanical implications of the onset of walking2018 Journal of human evolution 122: 133-45
  • Libby W. Cowgill
  • Rob'yn A. Johnston
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
Discovering a Cape south coast hominin tracksite excitement, doubts and joy2018 Digging stick 35 (1): 13-17
  • Charles Helm
H6/KE [SOUTH-]1013-7521
Take a walk on the wild side: Punk music walking tours in New York City2018 Tourist studies 18 (3): 315-31
  • Rebecca Johinke
H6/KD [TOURIST-]1468-7976in special issue 'Engaging with popular media through tourism'
Where the sidewalk ends: automobility and shame in Tbilisi, Georgia2018 Cultural anthropology 33 (3): 444-72
  • Perry Maxfield Waldman Sherouse
H6 [CULTURAL-]0886-7356
On an excursion through EC1: multimodality, ethnography and urban walking2018 Qualitative research 19 (1): 55-70
  • James Lamb
  • Jeremy Knox
  • Michael Sean Gallagher
H6 [QUALITATIVE-]1468-7941in special issue 'Multimodality: methodological explorations'
Great ape thorax and shoulder configuration - an adaptation for arboreality or knuckle-walking?2018 Journal of human evolution 125: 15-26
  • Danielle Rubinstein
  • Nathan E. Thompson
  • Susan G. Larson
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
Pilgrims on the Rosary route2018 Material religion 14 (1): 148-52
  • Judit Kis-Halas
H6/KFO [MATERIAL-]1743-2200
City of cats: on walking and fieldwork in Jakarta2018 Practicing anthropology 40 (3): 12-13
  • Kevin Browne
qH6 [PRACTICING-]0888-4552
Stepping hard and invoking saints. Bodily ways of knowing to walk the Andean landscape2018 Runa 39 (1): 59-74
  • Cristina Fontes
English and Portuguese summaries
A watchful presence: aesthetics of well-being in a Japanese pilgrimage2017 Ethnos 82 (1): 165-92
  • Jason Danely
H6 [ETHNOS-]0014-1844
Key figures of mobility: an introduction2017 Social anthropology 25 (1): 5-12
  • Noel B. Salazar
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0964-0282in special issue; French summary
Key figure of mobility: the pedestrian2017 Social anthropology 25 (1): 13-27
  • Jo Vergunst
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0964-0282in special issue 'Key figures of mobility'; French summary
Key figure of mobility: the flâneur2017 Social anthropology 25 (1): 28-41
  • Jamie Coates
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0964-0282in special issue 'Key figures of mobility'; French summary
Relational fields of the experiences of ritual knowledge among the Huichol of Mexico2017 Chungará 49 (2): 265-78
  • Ángel Aedo
  • Paulina Faba
H6/KUL [CHUNGARA-]0716-1182English summary
Open minds, open spaces: mindset changes during urban walking2017 Space and culture 20 (4): 385-98
  • Kaija Pesso
  • Ossi Salin
H6 [SPACE-]1206-3312
Urban hitchhiking: wandering with others as a research method2017 Suomen antropologi 42 (3): 41-51
  • Anna Kholina
  • Lauri Jäntti
  • Tuuli Malla
H6 [SUOMEN -]0355-3930introduction to thematic section 'Half hero, half idiot: the hitchhiker as ethnographer'
A fledging invitation to discovery2017 Suomen antropologi 42 (3): 52-4
  • Eeva Berglund
H6 [SUOMEN -]0355-3930in thematic section 'Half hero, half idiot: the hitchhiker as ethnographer'
Playing with the encounter2017 Suomen antropologi 42 (3): 55-7
  • David Jeevendrampillai
H6 [SUOMEN -]0355-3930in thematic section 'Half hero, half idiot: the hitchhiker as ethnographer'
The hitchhiker as bricoleur anthropologist2017 Suomen antropologi 42 (3): 58-60
  • Michael O'Regan
H6 [SUOMEN -]0355-3930in thematic section 'Half hero, half idiot: the hitchhiker as ethnographer'
Walking bodies of hitchhikers2017 Suomen antropologi 42 (3): 61-2
  • Tauri Tuvikene
H6 [SUOMEN -]0355-3930in thematic section 'Half hero, half idiot: the hitchhiker as ethnographer'
hitchBOT: the risks and rewards of a hitchhiking robot2017 Suomen antropologi 42 (3): 63-5
  • David Harris Smith
  • Frauke Zeller
H6 [SUOMEN -]0355-3930in thematic section 'Half hero, half idiot: the hitchhiker as ethnographer'
I know where you hitchhiked last summer2017 Suomen antropologi 42 (3): 66-8
  • Patrick Laviolette
H6 [SUOMEN -]0355-3930in thematic section 'Half hero, half idiot: the hitchhiker as ethnographer'
Path, place, and pace in mid-Ming Suzhou landscape painiting2016/2017 Res 67/68: 207-24
  • Lihong Liu
*H6 [RES-]0277-1322
Walking the Falls: dark tourism and the significance of movement on the political tour of West Belfast2016 Tourist studies 16 (1): 23-39
  • Jonathan Skinner
H6/KD [TOURIST-]1468-7976in special issue 'Guiding the pilgrim'
Negotiation and experience: space and place in religious pilgrimage2016 Tourist studies 16 (1): 88-104
  • Leslie Ellen Straub
H6/KD [TOURIST-]1468-7976in special issue 'Guiding the pilgrim'
When everyday life becomes a storm on the horizon: families' experiences of good mental health while hiking in nature2016 Anthropology and medicine 23 (1): 42-53
  • Borgunn Ytterhus
  • Børge Baklien
  • Rob Bongaardt
H6/KGT [BRITISH-]1364-8470
"When the sidewalk ends": sustainable mobility in Atlanta's Cascade community2016 City and society 28 (2): 174-97
  • Cassandra Johnson Gaither
  • David Himmelfarb
  • J. Marshal Shepherd
  • John Schelhas
  • Sarah Hitchner
H6/KD [CITY-]0893-0465
Spiritual rambling: long distance wilderness sojourning as meaning-making2016 Journal of ritual studies 30 (2): 41-51
  • Kip Redick
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]0990-1112
Walkers and their staffs: O'odham walking sticks by way of calendar sticks and scraping sticks2016 Material religion 12 (4): 476-500
  • Seth Schermerhorn
H6/KFO [MATERIAL-]1743-2200
Phenomenology of perception and anthropology of man in motion. The incorporation of meaning, from Cassirer to Ingold2016 Anthropologie et sociétés 40 (3): 37-57
  • Muriel van Vliet
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGIE-]0702-8997in special issue 'Phenomenologies in anthropology'; English and Spanish summaries
Urban walks and sociability. Outlines from Mexico City2016 Alteridades 26 (52): 23-33
  • Miguel Ángel Aguilár Díaz
H6/KF [ALTERIDADES-]0188-7017in thematic section 'Movilidades y experiencia urbana'; English summary
The experience of urban walks at night2016 Alteridades 26 (52): 35-50
  • Edna Hernández González
  • Florian Guérin
H6/KF [ALTERIDADES-]0188-7017in thematic section 'Movilidades y experiencia urbana'; English summary
Between culture and biology: trabecular bone microarchitecture variations during children bipedalism development2016 Annales de la Fondation Fyssen (31): 144-59
  • Antony Colombo
*H6 [ANNALES-]0980-157Xalso in French
Fragments of 'culture of mobility': everyday movement of parents with children in Cagliari, southern Italy2015 City and society 27 (1): 51-69
  • Giuliana Mandich
  • Valentina Cuzzocrea
H6/KD [CITY-]0893-0465in special issue 'Cities and mobilities'
Walking histories, un/making places: walking tours as ethnography of place2015 Space and culture 18 (3): 273-84
  • Ayaka Yoshimizu
  • Julia Aoki
H6 [SPACE-]1206-3312
The bushwalker's diet: the relationship between food, walking, practice and identity2015 Food Culture and Society 18 (3): 419-40
  • Melissa Harper
H6/KF [FOOD-]1528-9796