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Switching of codes and speech accommodation (on the basis of field experiments in Minsk and Dziarzhinsk)2013 Vestsi Akademii Navuk Belarusi 1: 88-95
  • U.V. Liankevich
H6/KVY [AKADEMIYA NAVUK BYELARUSKAY SSR. Vestsi seryya hramadskikh navuk]0321-1649English summary
Dell Hathaway Hymes2010 Language 86 (4): 933-9
  • Michael Silverstein
H6/KK [LANGUAGE-]0097-8507
Language, asylum, and the national order2009 Current anthropology 50 (4): 415-41
  • Jan Blommaert
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204with comments and reply
Making don't knows make sense: Bourdieu, phenomenology and opinion polls2008 Sociological review 56 (1): 102-16
  • John Myles
H6/KF [SOCIOLOGICAL-]0038-0261
"Language keepers": the role of the facilitator in documenting Passamaquoddy-Maliseet group discourse2008 Papers from the Institute of Archaeology (London) 40: 1-12
  • Julia Schulz
  • Margaret Apt
H6/KE [PAPERS-]0965-9315
Language keepers: a documentary film process for stimulating Passamaquoddy-Maliseet language documentation and revival2008 Papers from the Institute of Archaeology (London) 40: 210-22
  • Ben Levine
  • Robert M. Leavitt
H6/KE [PAPERS-]0965-9315
The Chisasibi Child Language Aquisition Study (CCLAS): a progress report2007 Papers of the Algonquian conference 38: 29-45
  • Carrie Dyck
  • Julie Brittain
  • Marguerite McKenzie
  • Yvan Rose
H6/KUB [ALGONQUIAN-]0031-5671
How linguists can help native communities2004 Practicing anthropology 26 (3): 40-4
  • Ana Vilacy Galucio
  • Denny Moore
qH6 [PRACTICING-]0888-4552in thematic issue 'Applying anthropology in Brazil: professionalism and the commitment to social action'
El campo de la lingüística forense2001 Reunión anual de etnología 15 (1): 279-309
  • Ignacio Apaza Apaza
Una nueva aplicación de la lingüística: la logogenia2001 Dimensión antropológica 8 (23): 51-72
  • Bruna Radelli
Gradients in auxiliary selection with intransitive verbs2000 Language 76 (4): 859-90
  • Antonella Sorace
H6/KK [LANGUAGe-]0097-8507
Acting responsibly: linguists in American Indian communities1999 Practicing anthropology 21 (2): 34-8
  • Gregory Bigler
  • Mary S. Linn
Reflections on liguistic fieldwork in two Native American communities1999 Practicing anthropology 21 (2): 28-33
  • Jill Davidson
Language shift and local choice: on practicing linguistics in the 21st century1999 Practicing anthropology 21 (2): 23-7
  • Patricia Kwatchka
Un esempio minimale di etnolinguistica ispirato al pensiero di Jan Baudouin de Courtenay1999 Traditiones: acta Instituti Ethnographiae Slovenorum 28 (1): 225-38
  • Liliana Spinozzi Monai
0352-0447in issue in honour of Milko Matičetov, with bibliography by S Zemlijič-Golob, 13-28; English summary
Beyond language in indigenous language immersion schooling1999 Practicing anthropology 21 (2): 44-7
  • Arlene Stairs
  • Elizabeth Perkins
  • Margaret Peters
Developing awareness and strategies for Tohono O'Odham language maintenance1999 Practicing anthropology 21 (2): 20-2
  • Ofelia Zepeda
Lingüística1997 Pueblos indígenas y educación 39/40 (12): 137-69
  • Catalina Alvarez Palomeque