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Songs of the banana man: the politics of justification and the politics of exchange1995 Dyn 11: 57-80
  • C. J. M. R. Gullick
Ethnology in China1995 Dyn 11: 22-31
  • Jian-Ling Su
Australian Aboriginal town camps: structure, serendipity or subordination?1995 Dyn 11: 32-56
  • Robert Layton
The significance of doba within Trobriand society1995 Dyn 11: 1-21
  • Luciana J. Lussu
Mapping diversity in organisational cultures1991 Dyn 10: 1-21
  • D D Caulkins
Expatriate missionaries and local politics in St. Vincent1991 Dyn 10: 22-38
  • C J M R Gullick
Land in the New Guinea highlands: an essay in ethnogeoscience1991 Dyn 10: 48-79
  • P Sillitoe
Transforming the Kalinga immosso: an ethnoarchaeological perspective on causes behind ceramic change1991 Dyn 10: 80-91
  • M T Stark
The impact of the Holocaust upon Polish Jewry1991 Dyn 10: 39-47
  • I Wollaston
Social and psychological issues in art and design1987 Dyn : 59-79
  • N Dykes
Development or suppression? The role of church and State in the production of basketry in St. Vincent and fireworks in Malta1987 Dyn : 18-30
  • C J M R Gullick
Introduction1987 Dyn : iii-v
  • Robert Layton
on material culture
Marquesan tiki-headed pounders1987 Dyn 9: 31-45
  • Gilbert H Manley
Why should anthropologists bother to study material culture?1987 Dyn : 1-17
  • Paul Sillitoe
Notes on two Malay daggers1987 Dyn 9: 46-58
  • W D Wilder
Extramarital reproduction and family size in a Spanish rural community1985 Dyn : 80-126
  • V Fuster
The genetic implications of marriage partner choice: a study in south Wales1985 Dyn : 49-79
  • Joan G Smith
Anglican parish registers and the measurement of migration in historical populations1985 Dyn : 127-45
  • M T Smith
An ordinary primate: a community ecology approach to human evolution1983 Dyn 7: 58-83
  • R Foley
ABO blood groups, ABH secretion, colour blindness and PTC taste thresholds in the Lowland Rajputs of the Punjab1983 Dyn 7: 15-25
  • E Sunderland
  • P S Gill
  • V Woolley
The design and initial analyses of an ethnohistorical project on West Indians and Maltese migration1983 Dyn 7: 84-94
  • CJMR Gullick
Psychological institutions: variations in psychotherapeutic techniques1983 Dyn 7: 26-57
  • P Heelas
Reflections in a gene-pool: the 'new' science of sociobiology1983 Dyn 7: 1-14
  • W D Wilder
Family size and birth order of students at a northern polytechnic1981 Dyn 6: 29-35
  • W Boothroyd
illus., tables, bibliogr.
'There is no god but God': God the creator and social change1981 Dyn 6: 55-82
  • P J Dixon
Pilgrimage, cults and holy places: Carib religious trips: some anthropological visions1981 Dyn 6: 1-13
  • C J M R Gullick
The importance of genetic variability in the aetiology of cancer1981 Dyn 6: 14-28
  • B L Hudson
illus., tables, bibliogr.
Seasonality of birth: a review and new data from rural Tasmania in the nineteenth century1981 Dyn 6: 36-54
  • J Woodgate
  • R J Mitchell
illus., map, tables, bibliogr.
Edge linkage clustering and derivatives: a regionalization technique for human biological spatial studies based on marriage ties1979 Dyn 5: 81-106
  • R L H Dennis
  • W R Williams
Feud in the Mediterranean [Sardinia and Albania]1979 Dyn 5: 107-15
  • A Lopasic
Labrador Eskimo society1979 Dyn 5: 1-38
  • P Sillitoe
illus., maps, bibliogr.
Some bio-anthropological studies in Spain1979 Dyn 5: 39-47
  • A Valls
maps, bibliogr.
Symbolic aspects of the language of cannabis1979 Dyn 5: 48-80
  • M Young
illus., bibliogr.
Dermatoglyphic studies1977 Dyn 4: 1-60
  • R L H Dennis
illus., bibliogr.
Changes in PTC tasting thresholds at puberty [British Isles material]1977 Dyn 4: 61-75
  • M Knight
  • P W Glover
  • R Jones
  • S Evans
illus., bibliogr.
Cargos and "obstacles": the nature of "community participation" in a Mexican village1977 Dyn 4: 77-91
  • S Jeffery
illus., bibliogr.
The organization of African kingdoms1977 Dyn 4: 94-8
  • L Mair
Frank Byron Jevons and the notion of primitive mentality1975 Dyn 3: 71-7
  • D Davies
The apes1975 Dyn 3: 29-36
  • C P Groves
Intermediaries and brokers in highland Peru1975 Dyn 3: 19-28
  • N Long
Brain and will: my fault or my glands?1975 Dyn 3: 13-18
  • D M MacKay
Primitive ecstatic drama: a lesson in religious interpretation1975 Dyn 3: 1-12
  • P Sillitoe
Kinship in southeast Asia: a comparison of four systems1975 Dyn 3: 37-69
  • W D Wilder
Has mankind a future?1972 Dyn 2: 43-53
  • F S Hulse
Historical demography in-relation to human biology [example from Oxfordshire]1972 Dyn 2: 1-22
  • C F Kuechemann
  • G A Harrison
illus., bibliogr.
Spirit possession on the Persian gulf: a precis and a comment on the book "Ahl-e-Hava" by Gholam Hosein Sa'di1972 Dyn 2: 23-42
  • D J Marsden
A review of the literature concerning postulated associations between phenylthiocarbamide (P.T.C.) tasting and clinical conditions with special reference to thyroid disease and glaucoma1972 Dyn 2: 70-81
  • J Mitchell
illus., bibliogr.
Levi-Strauss and the Surrealists1972 Dyn 2: 82-101
  • N Pearson
illus., bibliogr.
Stallo marriage and qagsse incest: a mythical demonstration1972 Dyn 2: 54-69
  • P Sillitoe
illus., bibliogr.
Deep and surface structures in Venda music1970 Dyn 1: 67-98
  • J Blacking
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