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Front business-back business: the social anatomy of small-time drug dealing in a Mexico city neighborhood2019 Journal of contemporary ethnography 48 (6): 750-72
  • Piotr A. Chomczyński
  • Rodrigo Cortina-Cortés
  • Roger Guy
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0891-2416
Weak passports and bad behavior: Chinese migrants and the moral politics of petty corruption in Tanzania2019 American ethnologist 46 (2): 137-49
  • Derek Sheridan
H6 [AMERICAN-]0094-0496Chinese and Swahili summaries
Exploring guanxi in a cross-cultural context. The case of Cantonese-speaking Chinese in Johannesburg2017 Journal of Chinese overseas 13 (2): 262-85
  • Ying-Ying Tiffany Liu
H6/KW [JOURNAL-]1793-0391in special issue 'Chinese migrants in Latin America/Caribbean and Africa, then and now'; Chinese summary
Gift-giving at state schools in Lithuania: between community building and economic exchange2017 Lietuvos etnologija (NS) 17 (26): 99-123
  • Kristina Šliavaitė
H6/KVT [LIETUVOS-]1392-4028in special issue 'The extraordinary everyday: society, history and power'; English summary
What the political corruption scandal of 2015 reveals about checks and balances in Vanuatu governance2016 Journal of Pacific history 51 (3): 255-77
  • James Batley
  • Miranda Forsyth
H6/KX [JOURNAL-]0022-3344
"Money is your government": refugees, mobility, and unstable documents in Kenya's Operation Usalama Watch2016 African studies review 59 (2): 87-111
  • Sophia Balakian
*H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0002-0206in special section 'Surveillance in Africa: politics, histories, techniques'; French summary
States of camouflage2015 Cultural anthropology 30 (1): 113-38
  • Ieva Jusionyte
H6 [CULTURAL-]0886-7356
Bribery in preindustrial societies: understanding the universalism-particularism puzzle2014 Journal of anthropological research 70 (2): 263-84
  • Bo Rothstein
  • Davide Torsello
H6 [SOUTHWESTERN-]0091-7710
Exploring the reconstruction and development programme (RDP) residents' perceptions of housing allocation malpractices in golf course, Alice Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa2014 Journal of human ecology 48 (3): 407-15
  • S.M. Kang'ethe
  • Tatenda Manomano
H6 [JOURNAL-]0970-9274
Informal payments in Ukrainian hospitals: on the boundary between informal payments, gifts, and bribes2014 Anthropological forum 24 (4): 381-95
  • Abel Polese
H6/KX [ANTHROPOLOGICAL-]0066-4677in special issue 'The 21st century gift'
Unequal egalitarianism: reflections on Forge's paradox2014 The Asia Pacific journal of anthropology 15 (3): 197-217
  • Chris Gregory
H6 [CANBERRA-]1444-2213
From one-stop graft to costly corruption webs: democratisation and shifting patterns of corruption in Korea2012 Asian journal of social science 4 (5/6): 635-63
  • James C. Schopf
Favors and "normal heroes": the case of postsocialist higher education2012 Hau 2 (2): 22-41
  • Caroline Humphrey
Impediments embedding decentralisation of teacher recruitment practices to communities in Zimbabwe2012 The Anthropologist 14 (6): 527-37
  • A. Ndofirepi
  • C. Maphosa
  • E. Mutekwe
  • N. Wadesango
  • S. Machingambi
Coping with Payola: field ventures from Mindanao2008 Human organization 67 (2): 173-80
  • Timothy Austin
H6/KF [APPLIED-]0018-7259
'If I receive it, it is a gift; if I demand it, then it is a bribe': on the local meaning of economic transactions in post-soviet Ukraine2008 Anthropology in action 15 (3): 47-60
  • Abel Polese
H6/KF [BASAPP-]0967-201Xin special issue 'What is a gift? Questioning the distinction between gift and commodity in contemporary societies'
Norms of medieval canonical law in epigraphic reflections2006 Istoriko-filologicheskiy zhurnal 2: 109-33
  • Gagik Sarksian
Misunderstanding corruption2006 Anthropology today 22 (2): 8-11
  • A.F. Robertson
Symapthetic magic/contagious corruption: sociality, democracy, and the press in Ghana2005 Public culture 17 (3): 319-38
  • Jennifer Hasty
H6/KF [PUBLIC-]0899-2363
Economic anthropology: old and new subjects2005 Acta Universitatis Carolinae - philosophica et historica. Studia ethnlogica 13: 53-64
  • Jan Pargač
H6/KVL [STUDIA-]0567-8293English summary
Voter attitudes to the 2001 Zambian elections: before, during and after2000-2001 African social research 45-46: 124-50
  • Chileshe L. Mulenga
  • Edgar Bwalya
H6/KY 'AFRICAN-'in special issue 'Political processes in the context of multiparty elections in Zambia. Part One'
Bribery in Tang law and legislation (XII-XIII centuries)1997 Kunstkamera 11: 53-7
  • E. I. Kychanov
Gifts, bribes, and "guanxi": a reconsideration of Bourdieu's social capital1993 Cultural anthropology 8 (3): 388-408
  • A Smart