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A tale of one home, one fence, and one bridge: Roma and non-Roma perspectives2021 Romani studies 31 (1): 57-76
  • Ewa Nowicka
  • Maciej Witkowski
H6 [GYPSY-]1528-0748
The Upper Palaeolithic at Trenčianske Bohuslavice, western Carpathians, Slovakia2020 Journal of field archaeology 45 (4): 270-92
  • Adrián Nemergut
  • Barna Páll-Gergely
  • Bernadeta Kufel-Diakowska
  • György Lengyel
  • Jarosław Wilczyński
  • Magdalena Moskal-del Hoyo
  • Ondrej Žaár
  • Przemysław Mroczek
  • Tomasz Oberc
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0093-4690
On the chronology of the late pre-Roman iron age in eastern Germania in the light of selected types of brooches2020 Archeologické rozhledy 72 (2): 238-59
  • Piotr Łuczkiewicz
Reflection of actions: the Late Bronze Age hoard from Moravička Sela, north-western Croatia2020 Archeologické rozhledy 72 (3): 410-26
  • Boris Kavur
  • Martina Blečić Kavur
  • Ranko Starac
Coexistence through the ages: the role of native livestock guardian dogs and traditional ecological knowledge as key resources in conflict mitigation between pastoralists and large carnivores in the Romanian Carpathians2020 Journal of ethnobiology 40 (4): 465-82
  • Alina Biro
  • Cosmin Marius Ivaşcu
*H6 [JOURNAL-]0278-0771in special section 'Dogs'
The sustainable development of the pastoral landscape and its implications in the economic policy of traditional family farms2020 Anuarul Institutului de Etnografie şi Folclor ‘Constantin Brăiloiu’ (Serie Nouă) 31: 9-28
  • Lucian David
H6/KVQ [ANUARUL-]1220-5230English summary
On the shape of things: a geometric morphometrics approach to investigate Aurignacian group membership2019 Journal of archaeological science 101: 99-114
  • Luc Doyon
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
The logistics behind ancient art: stone production in Noricum and Pannoniae2019 Arheološki vestnik 70: 127-54
  • Bojan Djurić
H6/KE [ARHEOLOSKI-]0570-8966in thematic section 'Roman period'; English summary
A hoard of the early Urnfield culture from Trbovlje and the river route along the Sava2019 Arheološki vestnik 70: 9-30
  • Janez Bizjak
  • Primož Pavlin
  • Sneža Tecco Hvala
  • Žiga Šmit
H6/KE [ARHEOLOSKI-]0570-8966in thematic section 'Prehistory'; English summary
On the archaic features of the Ruthenian folk culture in eastern Slovakia2019 Studia mythologica slavica 22: 83-106
  • Marina M. Valentsova
H6/KVP [STUDIA-]1408-6271English summary
Urnfield period bronze protective armour in Moravia and a contribution to the understanding of bronze cuirasses technology2019 Archeologické rozhledy 71 (1): 27-44
  • Milan Salaš
  • Šárka Msallamová
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267English summary
Contribution to the issues of the distribution of copper from central Slovakia in Moravia in Late Bronze Age: on the example of the metal hoards Blučina 1 and Blučina 132019 Archeologické rozhledy 71 (4): 615-40
  • Milan Salaš
  • Tomáš Zachar
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267English summary
Ethno-geographic contributions to the study of shepherding in Bilbor Commune2019 Revista de etnografie şi folclor (NS) (1-2): 123-54
  • Adrian Niţă
  • George Bogdan Tofan
H6/KVQ [REVISTA-]0034-8198
Copper isotopes as a means of determining regional metallurgical practices in European prehistory: a reply to Jansen2018 Journal of archaeological science 93: 216-21
  • A.H. Bankoff
  • J. John
  • O. Chvojka
  • R. Mathur
  • W. Powell
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403reply to M Jansen, see this issue 211-5
Etymology of the Carpathian Ukrainian mythonym CHugaĭster2018 Studia mythologica slavica 21: 51-6
  • Maksim I. IUiukin
H6/KVP [STUDIA-]1408-6271English summary
On the archaic features of folk demonology of the Ruthenians of eastern Slovakia2018 Studia mythologica slavica 21: 109-27
  • Marina M. Valentsova
H6/KVP [STUDIA-]1408-6271English summary
A grain against a vampire? Some remarks on so-called anti-vampire practices in the light of archaeological and folkloristic-ethnographic data2018 Sprawozdania archeologiczne 70: 173-202 [plates i-ii]
  • Kalina Skóra
  • Tomasz Kurasiński
  • Viktor Gaĭduchik
H6/KE [SPRAWOZDANIA-]0081-3834
A classification of objects made of bone, antler, tooth and horn from the early Bronze Age fortified settlement in Maszkowice2018 Sprawozdania archeologiczne 70: 269-96
  • Joanna Jędrysik
  • Marcin S. Przybyła
H6/KE [SPRAWOZDANIA-]0081-3834
The bronze hoard from Belá-Dulice in the Martin district and two-arm-pickaxes of Carpathian provenance2018 Památky archeologické 109: 75-96
  • Mária Novotná
  • Martin Furman
H6/KE [PAMATKY-]0031-0506English and German summaries
Local and foreign raw matter in the stone assemblages of Mitoc-Malu Galben2018 Arheologia Moldovei 41: 7-34
  • Cordoş Cristina
  • Vasile Chirica
H6/KE [ARHEOLOGIA-]0066-7358English summary
Incineration, inhumation and biritualism2018 Arheologia Moldovei 41: 95-110
  • Virgil Mihailescu-Bîrliba
H6/KE [ARHEOLOGIA-]0066-7358English summary
The presence in Cucutenian sites east of the Carpathian of certain clay vessels linked to the exploitation of salt2018 Arheologia Moldovei 41: 179-92
  • Vasile Diaconu
H6/KE [ARHEOLOGIA-]0066-7358English summary
The provenance of copper ore in Moravia in the late bronze age based on metal hoards from Blučina and Borotín2018 Archeologické rozhledy 70 (1): 39-66
  • Milan Salaš
  • Tomáš Zachar
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267English summary
Variability of the lithic raw material in the upper and late palaeolithc sites in southeastern Poland2018 Archaeologia polona 56: 11-21
  • Dariusz Bobak
  • Marta Połtowicz-Bobak
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGIA-]0066-5924in special issue 'Characteristics and distribution of siliceous rocks in prehistory'
Artefacts made from siliceous rocks of Polish origin on prehistoric sites in the Czech Republic2018 Archaeologia polona 56: 35-48
  • Antonín Přichystal
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGIA-]0066-5924in special issue 'Characteristics and distribution of siliceous rocks in prehistory'
The status and role of 'chocolate' silicite in the Bohemian neolithic2018 Archaeologia polona 56: 49-64
  • Pavel Burgert
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGIA-]0066-5924in special issue 'Characteristics and distribution of siliceous rocks in prehistory'
Late palaeolithic and mesolithic treatment and use of non-flint stone raw materials: material collection from site 17 at Nowogród, Golub-Dobrzyń district, Poland2018 Archaeologia polona 56: 103-25
  • Grzegorz Osipowicz
  • Justyna Orłowska
  • Piotr Chachlikowski
  • Rafał Siuda
  • Zsolt Kasztovszky
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGIA-]0066-5924in special issue 'Characteristics and distribution of siliceous rocks in prehistory'
Examining raw material of stone tools. Siliceous marl from the eastern part of the Polish Carpathians re-interpreted2018 Archaeologia polona 56: 191-201
  • Andrzej Pelisiak
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGIA-]0066-5924in special issue 'Characteristics and distribution of siliceous rocks in prehistory'
Settlement of Przeworsk culture in the flood plains of the western Sandomierz Basin2018 Archeologia polski 63: 119-43 [insert i-xii]
  • Halina Dobrzańska
  • Tomasz Kalicki
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGIA-]0003-8180English summary
Returning to pastoralist themes. Customs and beliefs connected with the start of the pastoral season on the Polish-Slovak borderland in the 21st century2018 Etnografia polska 62 (1/2): 85-105
  • Ewa Kocój
H6/KVM [ETNOGRAFIA-]0071-1861English summary
The ritual calendar of Boykos in the works of Polish ethnographers from the beginning of the 19th century until the 1930’s (a historiography of the problem)2018 Etnografia polska 62 (1/2): 255-72
  • Oleksandr Kolomiychuk
H6/KVM [ETNOGRAFIA-]0071-1861English summary
Are borders more important than geographical distance? The wild food ethnobotany of the Boykos and its overlap with that of the Bukovinian Hutsuls in western Ukraine2017 Journal of ethnobiology 37 (2): 326-45
  • Andrea Pieroni
  • Renata Sõukand
*H6 [JOURNAL-]0278-0771
Transcarpathian cultural connections and raw material circulation in the Middle/Upper Palaeolithic transition2017 Anthropologie (Brno) 55 (1/2): 27-41
  • Janusz K. Kozłowski
H6/HB [ANTHROPOLOGIE-]0323-1119in special issue 'Focus on the lithics: raw materials and their utilisation during the stone age in Central Europe'
Rusyns - a hidden people in Central Europe. Persecuted identity, denied existence and a state that did not take place2017 Bulgarska etnologiia 43 (3): 357-64
  • Kostadin Kostadinov
H6/KVR [BULGARSKA-]1310-5213in special issue 'Transitions and dialogues'; English summary
The symbolism of the stag in Romanian funerary lyricism2017 Anuarul Institutului de Etnografie şi Folclor ‘Constantin Brăiloiu’ (Serie Nouă) 28: 165-78
  • Loredana-Maria Ilin-Grozoiu
H6/KVQ [ANUARUL-]1220-5230English summary
Beginnings of the early Slavic settlement in the Prekmurje region, Slovenia2017 Arheološki vestnik 68: 372-86
  • Daša Pavlovič
H6/KE [ARHEOLOSKI-]0570-8966in thematic section 'Middle ages'; also in Slovenian, 349-72
Funeral rites on the southern boundary of the Komarov culture2017 Sprawozdania archeologiczne 69: 83-112 [insert i-x, CD ROM]
  • Bogdan Petru Niculică
  • Ioan Ignat
  • Jan Romaniszyn
H6/KE [SPRAWOZDANIA-]0081-3834
The first cremation traces in the Eneolithic period north of the Carpathian mountains2017 Sprawozdania archeologiczne 69: 353-71 [insert i-iv, CD ROM]
  • Anita Szczepanek
  • Stanisław Wilk
H6/KE [SPRAWOZDANIA-]0081-3834
Beyond the technological chain: neolithic potters in social networks2017 Archeologické rozhledy 69 (2): 163-71
  • Klára Neumannová
  • Louise Gomart
  • Petr Květina
  • Richard Thér
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267Czech summary
The selection of ceramic raw material: convenience or a technological idea? A case study of the Danubian culture north of the Carpathians2017 Archeologické rozhledy 69 (2): 261-80
  • Anna Rauba-Bukowska
  • Sławomir Kadrow
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267Czech summary
Contribution to the cognizance of raw materials and raw material regions of the Transcarpathian palaeolithic2016 Acta archaeologica (Budapest) 67 (2): 209-30
  • Béla Rácz
  • György Szakmány
  • Katalin T. Biró
H6/KE [ACTA-]0001-5210
Texts belonging to the folk culture and having interpretative function (motivation of ritual behaviour, construction on fortunetelling and dreams, mythological explanation of meaningful events)2016 Bulgarski folklor 42 (4): 446-61
  • Liudmila Nikolaevna Vinogradova
H6/KVR [BULGARSKI-]0323-9861English summary
Personification of Death in the folkloric tradition of Eastern Slavs and in ancient Russian iconography2016 Zhivaia Starina (NS) 2: 2-6
  • Liudmila Nikolaevna Vinogradova
H6/KVY [ZHIVAIA-]0204-3432in special section 'Word - text - image'
From lowlands to wild fields. La Mancha vs. Lower Silesia2016 Konteksty 70 (3/4): 197-205
  • Magdalena Barbaruk
H6/KVM [POLSKA-]1230-6142
The Świlcza hoard. An extraneous 5th century AD complex from the northern Carpathian foreland2016 Wiadomości archeologiczne 67: 227-63
  • Jan Schuster
H6/KE [WIADOMOSCI-]Polish summary
The dating of daggers of the Posmuş type and their Caucasian analogies2016 Rossiiskaia arkheologiia 3: 84-101
  • Aleksander IU. Skakov
  • Anita Kozubova
H6/KVY [SOVETSKAYA-]0869-6063English summary
Bavarian Jurassic chert of the Franconian Jura in the Bohemian neolithic and eneolithic2016 Archeologické rozhledy 68 (1): 91-108
  • Pavel Burgert
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267English summary
Siliceous raw material from Bieszczady Mountains: sources and use2016 Archaeologia polona 54: 21-31
  • Andrzej Pelisiak
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGIA-]0066-5924in special issue 'Investigating geochemical and petrographic methods for identifying siliceous rocks in archaeology'
'Ethnology is the philosophy of the future': Raimund Friedrich Kaindl and the forgotten beginnings of the European ethnology2016 Český Lid 103 (3): 437-50
  • Petr Lozoviuk
H6/KVL [CESKY-]0009-0794English summary
To the problem of ethnic identity of the Ruthenians in the Czech Republic2016 Český Lid 103 (3): 451-71
  • Andrej Sulitka
H6/KVL [CESKY-]0009-0794English summary