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Title Abbreviation Status Current title
African studies review Afr stud Rev Selectively indexed
African study monographs Afr Stud Monogr Selectively indexed
African study monographs supplementary issue. Afr Stud Monogr suppl Selectively indexed
African urban quarterly Afr urban Q Ceased publication
African urban studies Afr urban Stud Ceased publication
Africana bulletin Afric Bull No longer indexed
Africana linguistica Afric Ling No longer indexed
Africana Marburgensia Afric Marburg Ceased publication
Afrika und Übersee Afr Ubersee No longer indexed
After culture: emerging anthropologies After Cult Ceased publication
Agecop Liaison Agecop Liaison No longer indexed
Agria Agria No longer indexed
Akwe:kon journal Native Amer art Ceased publication
Akwesasne Notes Akwesasne Notes No longer indexed
Al-Qantara: revista de estudios árabes Al-Qantara No longer indexed
Alba Regia Alba Regia No longer indexed
Alberta anthropologist Canad J Anthrop Ceased publication
Alberta archaeological review Alberta archaeol Rev No longer indexed
Alcheringa: ethnopoetics Alcheringa Ceased publication
Allpanchis Allpanchis No longer indexed
Almogaren Almogaren Currently Indexed
Alt-Thüringen Alt-Thuringen No longer indexed
Alteridades Alteridades Selectively indexed
Amazonía peruana Amaz per No longer indexed
América indígena Amer indig Ceased publication
América latina Amer latina No longer indexed
América negra: a la zaga de la América oculta Amer negra Ceased publication
American anthropologist Amer Anthrop Currently Indexed
American antiquity Amer Antiq Currently Indexed
American ethnologist Amer Ethnol Currently Indexed
American Indian art magazine Amer Indian Art Mag Ceased publication
American Indian basketry and other native crafts Amer Indian Bask Mag Ceased publication
American Indian basketry magazine Amer Indian Bask Mag Ceased publication
American Indian culture and research journal Amer Indian Cult Res J Currently Indexed
American Indian NMAI Amer Indian NMAI Selectively indexed
American Indian quarterly Amer Indian Q Selectively indexed
American Indian rock art Amer Indian rock Art Currently Indexed
American Journal of Archaeology Amer J Archaeol No longer indexed
American journal of human biology Amer J hum Biol No longer indexed
American journal of human genetics Amer J hum Genet No longer indexed
American journal of physical anthropology Amer J phys Anthrop No longer indexed
American journal of sociology Amer J Sociol Selectively indexed
Amerind studies in archaeology Amerind Stud archaeol No longer indexed
Amérindia Amerindia No longer indexed
Ampurias Ampurias No longer indexed
Analele Banatului. Etnografie. An Banatului Etnogr Ceased publication
Anales de antropología An Antrop Currently Indexed
Anales de antropología e historia An Antrop Hist Ceased publication
Anales de arqueología y etnología An Arqueol Etnol Currently Indexed
Anales de la Academia de Geografía e Historia de Guatemala An Acad Geogr Hist Guat Selectively indexed