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    Unification ChurchKeyword
    United Arab EmiratesCountry
    United KingdomCountry
    United NationsKeyword
    United StatesCountry
    Universals (linguistics)Keyword
    Universities and collegesKeyword
    Unmarried men (see Single men)Keyword
    Unmarried mothersKeyword
    Unmarried partnersKeyword
    Unmarried people (see Single people)Keyword
    Untouchables (see Scheduled castes)Keyword
    Upper palaeolithic periodKeyword
    Upper Semliki sitePlace
    Upper VoltaPlaceBurkina Faso, West Africasee also West Africa historical 1919-1960
    Ur sitePlace
    Ural mountains regionPlace
    Uralic languagesKeyword
    Uralic peoplesEthnic group
    Uranium-series datingKeyword
    UrapminEthnic group
    Urarina IndiansEthnic group
    Urartian kingdomKeyword
    Urartian languageKeyword
    UratEthnic group
    Urban anthropologyKeyword
    Urban archaeologyKeyword
    Urban climatologyKeyword
    Urban communitiesKeywordSquatter settlements, Suburbs
    Urban ecologyKeyword
    Urban environment (see Urban ecology)Keyword
    Urban healthKeyword
    Urban myths (see Contemporary legends)Keyword
    Urban planning (see City planning)Keyword
    Urban poorKeyword
    Urban renewalKeyword
    Urdu languageKeyword
    Urdu literatureKeyword
    UrhoboEthnic group
    UriankhaiEthnic group
    Urnfield cultureKeyword
    UruEthnic group
    UrubuEthnic group
    Uruguay river regionPlace