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    KeywordTypeSee alsoNotes
    CsangoEthnic group
    Cuaiquer languageKeyword
    Cuanhama (see Kuanyama)Ethnic group
    CubansEthnic group
    CubeoEthnic group
    Cucuteni-Tripolye cultureKeyword
    Cuddie Springs sitePlace
    Cuello sitePlace
    Cueva de las Manos (see Manos Cave)Place
    Cuicuilco sitePlace
    CulinaEthnic group
    Culino (see Culina)Ethnic group
    Cultivated plantsKeyword
    CultsKeywordBear cult, Cargo cults, Fertility cults, Saints, Spirit possession, Sun worship
    Cultural anthropologistsKeyword
    Cultural anthropologyKeywordSocial anthropology
    Cultural boundariesKeyword
    Cultural changeKeywordSocial change
    Cultural declineKeyword
    Cultural developmentKeyword
    Cultural ethnographySubject
    Cultural EthnographyEthnic group
    Cultural policyKeyword
    Cultural propertyKeyword
    Cultural regenerationKeyword
    Cultural relativismKeyword
    Cultural resistanceKeyword
    Cultural resource managementKeyword
    Cultural studiesKeyword
    Cultural tourism (see Ecotourism)Keyword
    Culture (the concept)Keyword
    Culture conflictKeywordSocial conflict
    Culture contactKeyword
    Culture diffusionKeyword
    Culture shockKeyword
    Culture survivalKeyword
    Culture transmissionKeyword
    Culture-bound syndromesKeywordEmpacho, Epidemic hysteria, Pica
    Cumancaya cultureKeyword
    CumaniEthnic group
    CunaEthnic group
    Cuneiform inscriptionsKeyword
    Cuniba (see Conibo)Ethnic group
    Cunivo (see Conibo)Ethnic group
    Cunsa (see Atacameno)Ethnic group
    Cup and ring marksKeyword