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The Irish empire2005 Visual anthropology 18 (1): 81-4
  • Reginald Byron
**H6 [VISUAL-]0894-9468film review article on The Irish empire by A Gilsenan (Café Productions, 2000)
Keywords: Cultural ethnography; General; Social integration; National identity; Diaspora; Emigrants; Irish
Ethnicity at the limit: ancestry and the politics of multiculturalism in the United States1999 Anthropological journal on European cultures 8 (1): 9-30
  • Reginald Byron
Keywords: Cultural ethnography; Americas; North America; Ideology; Pluralism; Culture (the concept); Politics; Ethnic groups; United States
Ethnicity and generation: on [feeling Irish] in contemporary America1998 Ethnologia europaea 28 (1): 27-36
  • Reginald Byron
Keywords: Cultural ethnography; Americas; North America; Identity; Ethnicity; Immigrants; Generations; Irish; Minorities; United States
Fishermen's organisations and the assertion of local interest in western Sweden1993 North Atlantic studies 3 (2): 32-7
  • Reginald Byron
Keywords: Cultural ethnography; Europe; Scandinavia; Sweden