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The simiots of Catalan folklore: neither are reminiscences so old, nor are they so strange beings2022 Folklore (Tartu) 85: 35-54
  • Jordi Ardanuy
H6/KVT [FOLKLORE-]1406-0949
Cities and migrant transnational mobilization: a cross-movement and cross-context comparison2022 Ethnic and racial studies 45 (11): 2179-201
  • Eva K. Ostergaard-Nielsen
  • Evren Yalaz
  • Seda Aydin
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]1466-4356
Transnational care plots: “wrestling with the angels,” theory and metaphors on care and migration2021 Antipoda: revista de antropología y arqueología (43): 121-42
  • Camilla Esguerre Muelle
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0124-485Xin special issue 'Migraciones transnacionales y recursos creativos en tiempos de crisis: construyendo futuros posibles'; English and Portuguese summaries
Artistic methods as triggers for migrant children’s subjectivities in transit: a study in Barcelona’s public schools2021 Antipoda: revista de antropología y arqueología (43): 167-92
  • Estalayo-Bielsa Paula
  • Fernando Hernández-Hernández
  • Marina Riera-Retamero
  • Paula Lozano-Mulet
  • Silvia de Riba-Mayoral
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0124-485Xin special issue 'Migraciones transnacionales y recursos creativos en tiempos de crisis: construyendo futuros posibles'; English and Portuguese summaries
Chagas, risk and health seeking among Bolivian women in Catalonia2021 Medical anthropology 40 (6): 541-56
  • Angel Martínez-Hernáez
  • Joan Muela-Ribera
  • Laia Ventura-Garcia
H6/KGT [MEDICAL-]1545-5882in special issue 'Chagas in a global perspective: NTDs, health and migration'; Spanish summary
Urban regimes and the interaction order of religious minority rituals2021 Ethnic and racial studies 44 (10): 1712-33
  • Mar Griera
  • Marian Burchardt
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]1466-4356in special issue 'Rethinking Islam and space in Europe: governance, institutions and performance'
Rumours in a situation of political conflict: Catalonia and its referendum of self-determination2021 Folklore (Tartu) 84: 25-48
  • Carme Oriol
  • Emili Samper
H6/KVT [FOLKLORE-]1406-0949
From 'the people' to the crowd: the push for independence in Catalonia2021 Social science information 60 (3): 395-412
  • Esperança Bielsa
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0539-0184French summary
Host-guest interaction: a retrospective analysis of the conflict between sons of second homeowners and local youth - the case of Vall de Lord (Catalonia)2021 Tourist studies 21 (3): 464-85
  • Jordi Datzira-Masip
H6/KD [TOURIST-]1468-7976
The literary diary in the Iberian context: the diaries of Rosa Chacel, Miguel Torga and Josep Pla2021 Iberoamericana 21 (76): 123-36
  • Álvaro Luque Amo
H6/KUL [IBEROAMERICANA-]1577-3388English summary
Hydraulic technology as means of Christian colonisation. Watermills and channels in the lower Ebro (Catalonia)2021 World archaeology 53 (5): 862-80
  • Helena Kirchner
H6/KE [WORLD-]1470-1375in thematic issue 'Technology and power'
Does international recognition matter? Support for unilateral secession in Catalonia and Scotland2020 Nations and nationalism 26 (1): 176-96
  • Diego Muro
  • Guillem Vidal
  • Martijn C. Vlaskamp
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078
Nested or exclusive? The role of identities on blame attribution during the Great Recession2020 Nations and nationalism 26 (1): 197-220
  • Marc Guinjoan
  • Sandra Bermúdez
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078
Anti-social behaviour in the square. Differentiation mechanisms among non-native groups in a peripheral neighbourhood of Barcelona2020 Ethnic and racial studies 43 (4): 768-86
  • Diana Mata-Codesal
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]1466-4356
Spirits against the law: visual evidence and forms of legal contestation in the practice of the Cult of María Lionza in Barcelona2020 Ethnos 85 (3): 507-31
  • Roger Canals
H6 [ETHNOS-]1469-588Xin special issue 'Urban flows'
“Good life”, “hard life”: deservingness and memory of migration in Catalonia2020 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 24 (1): 201-23
  • Mikel Aramburu Otazu
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]2182-2891in special section 'Merecimiento y lenguajes de la injusticia'; English summary
The immigrant construction worker as a subject both deserving and underserving his precarious condition2020 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 24 (1): 254-64
  • Xavier García Curado
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]2182-2891in special section 'Merecimiento y lenguajes de la injusticia'; English summary
What kind of samba is that? Batucada in Barcelona2020 GIS - Gesto, Imagem, e Som: Revista de Antropologia 5 (1): 110-31
  • Lisabete Coradini
2525-3123also in Portuguese
No somos delincuentes: mobilizations of residents in a Romani neighbourhood in Catalonia2020 Anuário antropológico (Rio) 45 (2): 230-38
  • Nathalia Ferreira Gonçales
H6 [ANUARIO-]2357-738Xvisual essay; English summary
An iron fist in a velvet glove: neoliberal government of the migrant poor and other in Salt, Catalonia2020 Dialectical anthropology 44 (1): 1-17
  • Martin Lundsteen
H6 [DIALECTICAL-]0304-4092
First navicular remains of a European adapiform (Anchomomys frontanyensis) from the Middle Eocene of the eastern Pyrenees (Catalonia, Spain): implications for early primate locomotor behavior and navicular evolution2020 Journal of human evolution 139: 1-17
  • Doug M. Boyer
  • Judit Marigó
  • Raef Minwer-Barakat
  • Salvador Moyà-Solà
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
Death in the town square: body performance and community healing in a Catalan traditional sport2020 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 26 (3): 533-53
  • Mariann Vaczi
H6 [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
Perspectives on the reception of immigrants in the Catalan cross-border area (Franco-Spanish border)2020 Anthropologica (New Series) 62 (1): 176-89
  • Eliseu Carbonell
  • Gautier Sabrià
  • Josep-Miquel Palaudàrias
  • Xavier Casademont
H6/KUB [ANTHROPOLOGICA N.S.-]0003-5459French summary
Publicly funded abortion and marginalised people’s experiences in Catalunya: a longitudinal, comparative study2020 Anthropology in action 27 (1): 24-34
  • Bayla Ostrach
H6/KF [BASAPP-]0967-201X
String games in Catalonia2020 Bulletin of the International String Figure Association 27: 137-99
  • Stephan Claassen
H6/KFY [BULLETIN-]1076-7886
On the shape of things: a geometric morphometrics approach to investigate Aurignacian group membership2019 Journal of archaeological science 101: 99-114
  • Luc Doyon
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
The influence of Menorca and Catalonia on the intellectual formation of Fernando Ortiz2019 American anthropologist 121 (3): 747-50
  • María del Rosario Díaz
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294in section 'World antropologies'
On technology between participation and competition: a case study of the human tower in Catalonia, Spain2019 Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka) 44 (1): 179-231
  • Yuko Iwase
H6 [OSAKA-]0385-180XEnglish summary
Crossing the Pyrenees during the late Glacial Maximum. The use of geochemistry to trace past human mobility2019 Journal of anthropological archaeology 56: 1-14
  • Bernard Gratuze
  • François Xavier Le Bourdennec
  • Josep Maria Fullola
  • Marta Sánchez de la Torre
  • Mathieu Langlais
  • Xavier Mangado
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Consuming the nation: food and national identity in Catalonia2019 Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (NS) 11 (1): 1-24
  • Venetia Johannes
H6/KF [OXFORD-]2040-1876
Between a principled and a consequentialist logic: theory and practice of secession in Catalonia and Scotland2019 Nations and nationalism 25 (2): 630-51
  • Emmanuel Dalle Mulle
  • Ivan Serrano
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078
Towards Hroch's Phase Z: ‘anti‚Äźnationalism’ in Valencia and Navarre (Spain)2019 Nations and nationalism 25 (3): 888-909
  • Xabier Zabaltza
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078
Digital materiality and political action: the letters to political prisoners and their circulation in social media in Brazil and Catalonia2019 Etnografías Contemporáneas 5 (9): 159-81
  • Elisenda Ardèvol
2451-8050in special section 'Etnografías de lo digital: reflexiones y experiencias de campo multisituadas y (des) situadas'; English summary
The first hygienic gyms: spaces to heal and correct the body2019 Disparidades: revista de antropologia 74 (1): e011
  • Miguel Vicente-Padraz
  • Xavier Torrebadelle Flix
H6/KVE [REVISTA-]2659-6881English summary
Livestock and ecotourism in the Pyrenees. Conservation of natural heritage in the wake of 2008 economic crisis2019 Anthropologie et sociétés 43 (3): 145-66
  • Ismael Vaccaro
  • Oriol Beltran
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGIE-]0702-8997in thematic issue 'Repenser la conservation de la nature'; English and Spanish summaries
Empowering cities and citizens within emerging models of multilevel governance2019 Ciência & Trópico 43: 13-22
  • Ricard Gomà
H6/KUL [CIENCIA-]0304-2685in special issue 'C&T 46 anos'; Spanish and Portuguese summaries
Bound by blood: the ethnic and civic nature of collective identities in the Basque Country, Catalonia and Valencia2018 Nations and nationalism 24 (2): 412-31
  • Javier Álvarez-Gálvez
  • José M. Echavarren
  • Xavier Coller
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078
Presenting multivariate statistical protocols in R using Roman wine amphorae productions in Catalonia, Spain2018 Journal of archaeological science 93: 150-65
  • Alexis Torrano
  • Andreas Angourakis
  • Josep M. Gurt Esparraguera
  • Verònica Martínez Ferreras
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
The quandary of converts in Catalonia after 13912018 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 63 (182): 132-47
  • Claire Soussen
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in thematic issue 'Signes et scènes de la conversion dans l'espace public (antiquité - période moderne)'; English and Spanish summary
Kings and conversion in the thirteenth century: where politics and religion meet?2018 Archives de sciences sociales des religions 63 (182): 227-47
  • Harvey J. Hames
H6/KFO [ARCHIVES-]0335-5985in thematic issue 'Signes et scènes de la conversion dans l'espace public (antiquité - période moderne)'; French and Spanish summary
Unsubmissive ways of living: Barcelona in the footsteps of Michel de Certeau2018 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 61 (2): 55-77
  • Rogerio Proença Leite
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701in monographic section 'Michel de Certeau [em uso]'; English summary
The discourse on the intercultural management of the diversity in Barcelona2018 Revista de dialectología y tradiciones populares 73 (2): 387-406
  • Diana Mata Codesal
H6/KVE [REVISTA-]0034-7981English summary
Ambivalnce of populism: the case of Catalan independentism2018 Social science information 57 (4): 573-87
  • Daniel Gamper Sachse
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0539-0184French summary
Towards a conceptual history of the present: democracy, rights and freedom in the recent Catalan conflict2018 Social science information 57 (4): 588-615
  • Peter Wagner
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0539-0184French summary
The second generation in Spain: some reflections on the results of ILSEG study2018 Ethnic and racial studies 41 (3): 470-6
  • Sònia Parella
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in thematic section 'Alejandro Portes, Rosa Aparicio and William Haller's Spanish legacies: the coming of age of the second generation'; with rejoinder by authors, 517-21
Heldengeschichten aus der Konquista. Zwei Basken in Nueva Granada im Wettstreit um die Gunst des kastilischen Königs: Lope de Aguirre und Pedro de Ursúa2018 Curare 41 (3-4): 51-7
  • Katarina Greifeld
H6/KGT [CURARE-]0344-8622in thematic issue 'Grenzgänge zwischen Ethnologie, Medizin und Psychologie'
Mobile ethnography, between accompaniment and shadowing: notes from the study of daily mobility in the metropolitan area of Barcelona2018 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 22 (2): 361-86
  • Joan Josep Pujadas
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]0873-6561in thematic section 'Etnografías urbanas: explorando as cidades contemporâneas'; English summary
The haizeola and the origins of the 'Catalan method'. The medieval iron metallurgy culture in the Pyrenees2018 Archeologické rozhledy 70 (3): 421-34
  • Fernando Martín Suquía
  • Iosu Etxezarraga
  • Mercedes Urteaga
  • Mertxe Urkiola
  • Xabier Alberdi
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267Czech summary
Network cohesion and social support2017 Social networks 48: 192-201
  • Carlos Lozares
  • Joel Martí
  • Mireia Bolíbar
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0378-8733
Recalling modernity: how nationalist memories shape religious diversity in Quebec and Catalonia2017 Nations and nationalism 23 (3): 599-619
  • Marian Burchardt
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078