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The terminology of whakapapa2019 Journal of the Polynesian Society 128 (1): 19-41
  • Apirana Ngata
  • Wayne Ngata
H6/KX [POLYNESIAN-]0032-4000in special issue 'Te Ao Hou: whakapapa as practical ontology'
Spiralling histories: reflections on the 1923 Dominion Museum East Coast ethnological expedition and other multimedia experiments2019 Journal of the Polynesian Society 128 (1): 43-63
  • Anne Salmond
  • Billie Lythberg
H6/KX [POLYNESIAN-]0032-4000in special issue 'Te Ao Hou: whakapapa as practical ontology'
'Images still live and are very much alive': whakapapa and the 1923 Dominion Museum ethnological expedition2019 Journal of the Polynesian Society 128 (1): 65-86
  • Natalie Robertson
H6/KX [POLYNESIAN-]0032-4000in special issue 'Te Ao Hou: whakapapa as practical ontology'
Blood feud in the eastern Himalaya. An account of a forgotten massacre of police personnel in NEFA, India2019 Anthropos (St Augustin) 114 (1): 97-105
  • Rebecca Tamut
H6 [ANTHROPOS-]0257-9774
Envy, jealousy and evil eye: a comparative study of Pashtun tribal and Mexican peasant cultures2019 Taiwan journal of anthropology 17 (1): 45-64
  • Irfan Ullah
  • Mokhtar Saidin
  • Nasha Rodziadi Khaw
H6/KWS [TAIWAN-]1727-1878Chinese summary
Economic transformations in a Savara village of Andhra Pradesh: tamarind to cashew2019 South Asia research 39 (3): 304-22
  • Bhallamudi V. Sharma
H6/KWL [SOUTH-]0262-7280
'We don't need a swab in our mouth to prove who we are': identity, resistance, and adaptation of genetic ancestry testing among Native American communities2019 Current anthropology 60 (5): 637-55
  • Charmaine D. M. Royal
  • Gloria Tallbull
  • Jessica W. Blanchard
  • Simon Outram
H6 [CURRENT-]1537-5382with comments and reply
Unpicking woven heritage. Cultural narratives of handwoven eri silk textiles from Meghalaya, Northeast India2018 Asian textiles (70): 3-14
  • Anna-Louise Meynell
Eschatology in Boir Ahmad, Iran2018 Anthropology of the Middle East 13 (1): 55-68
  • Erika Friedle
  • Reinhold Loeffler
*H6/KW [ANTHRO-]1746-0719in special issue 'Popular religious practices and perceptions in the Middle East and Central Asia'
Women, mobile phones, and M16s: contemporary New Guinea highlands warfare2017 The Australian journal of anthropology 28 (1): 104-19
  • Fraser Macdonald
  • Jonathan Kirami
H6/KF [AUSTRALIAN-]1035-8811
The making of tribes: the Chang and Chakhesang Nagas in India's northeast2017 Contributions to Indian sociology (New Series) 51 (1): 79-104
  • Jelle J.P. Wouter
Māori kinship and power: Ngāi Tūhoe 1894-19122017 Journal of the Polynesian Society 126 (2): 145-80
  • Steven Webster
H6/KX [POLYNESIAN-]0032-4000
Moving beyond ethnic framing: political differentiation in the chiefdoms of the KwaZulu-Natal region before 18302017 Journal of southern African studies 43 (4): 663-79
  • Carolyn Hamilton
  • John Wright
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0305-7070in thematic section 'Reinventing the past: new categories of identity and power in South African history'
The continuity of settlement of social feuds among Kurds in the Kurdistan region2017 Anthropology of the Middle East 12 (2): 92-107
  • Krzysztof Lalik
*H6/KW [ANTHRO-]1746-0719in special issue 'Emerging kinship in a changing Middle East'
Are we what we eat? Tribal nutrition management and food traditions in the highlands of Papua New Guinea2017 Mitteilungen der anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien 147: 335-44
  • Heinrich Dosedla
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGISCHE GESELLSCHAFT IN WIEN. Mitteilungen-]0066-4693in thematic issue 'Ernährung und Esskultur'; German summary
The Hemeila riddle: genealogical reconfigurations of pre-colonial encounters in southwestern Mauritania2017 History and anthropology 28 (2): 149-65
  • Francisco Freire
H6 [HISTORY-]0275-7206
Nomination and social reproduction2016 Pacific studies 39 (1-2): 11-29
  • Lamont Lindstrom
*H6/KX [PACIFIC-]0275-3596in thematic issue 'Austronesian personal naming systems'
'Tribalism' gets a bum rap2016 Anthropology today 32 (5): 3-4
  • Lawrence Rosen
Introduction to Michel Maffesoli's 'From society to tribal communities'2016 Sociological review 64 (4): 734-8
  • Simon Dawes
H6/KF [SOCIOLOGICAL-]0038-0261in special section 'Being in community: re-visioning sociology'
From society to tribal communities2016 Sociological review 64 (4): 739-47
  • Michel Maffesoli
H6/KF [SOCIOLOGICAL-]0038-0261in special section 'Being in community: re-visioning sociology'
Policy through practice: how tribal education department leaders view educational policy problems2016 American Indian culture and research journal 40 (4): 83-99
  • Christine M. Poitra
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0161-6463
Golden hair: a tribal myth of kinship detailing a Hindu narrative in the Nepal Himalayas2016 Irish journal of anthropology 19 (2): 84-97
  • Marie Lecomte-Tilouine
H6/KVC [IRISH-]1393-8592in special issue 'Emerging Adivasi and indigenous studies II. Identity assertions and symbolic re-appropriations in India'
The anthropologist, the state, the empire and the 'tribe'2015 Anthropology today 31 (4): 19-21
  • Laura Nader
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGY-]0268-540Xreview article on The thistle and the drone: how America's war on terror bacame a global war on tribal Islam by A Ahmed (Brookings Press, 2013)
Tribal hands and minority votes: ethnicity, regionalism and elections in Iran2015 Ethnic and racial studies 38 (14): 2534-50
  • Rasmus Christian Elling
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]0141-9870in special issue 'Minority politics in the Middle East and North Africa: the prospects for transformative change'
History, explanation, and war among the Yanomami: a response to Chagnon's Noble Savages2015 Anthropological theory 15 (4): 377-406
  • R. Brian Ferguson
An assessment of the applicability of luminescence dating to developing an absolute chronology for the production and use of sand-tempered plain ceramics in south Florida2014 Journal of archaeological science 45: 150-8
  • James K. Feathers
  • Kate Macuen
  • Maureen Mahoney
  • Paul N. Backhouse
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Eghindi among Sahrawi refugees of Western Sahara2014 Medical anthropology 33 (2): 160-77
  • Anna Waldstein
  • Gabriele Volpato
H6/KGT [MEDICAL-]0145-9740
Timber, tools and tillage - traditional tribal teamwork tasks in Papua-New Guinea2014 Mitteilungen der anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien 144: 315-23
  • Heinrich Dosedla
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGISCHE GESELLSCHAFT IN WIEN. Mitteilungen-]0066-4693in thematic issue 'Der arbeitende Mensch'; German summary
The Bedouins of southern Sinai: ethnographic and anthropological data2014 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 6: 125-41
  • Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Zubov
  • Evgeniĭ Davidovich Kobylianskiĭ
  • Natal'ia Vladimirovna KHarlamova
  • Nataliia Ivanovna KHaldeeva
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFICHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
Bachelor-halls, sharing and collective living of the Muduvan tribe in the Anamalai Hills of South India2013 Anthropos (St Augustin) 108 (2): 599-604
  • C. R. Sathyanarayanan
H6 [ANTHROPOS-]0257-9774
Administrative reform and its consequences in the tribal states of 2000 in India2013 Lietuvos etnologija (NS) 13 (22): 103-21
  • Robert Parkin
H6/KVT [LIETUVOS-]1392-4028Lithuanian summary
The return of Napoleon Chagnon: on American 'cowboys' and Amazonian Indians, again2013 Ethno-anthropological problems journal 8 (2): 539-62
  • Gordana Gorunović
H6/KVP [ETNOANTROPOLOSKI PROBLEMI Casopis -]0353-1589English and French summaries
Friedens-šayḫ und Kriegs-šayḫ. Der Übergang von Kriefsführerschaft bei den Banū Munebbih im Ḥūṯī-Konflikt in Nordwest-Jemen2012 Anthropos (St Augustin) 107 (1): 49-69
  • Marieke Brandt
H6 [ANTHROPOS-]0257-9774English summary
Whenua Tuku Iho - managing an ancestral archaeological landscape Ōtakanini Tōpū, South Kaipara peninsula2012 Archaeology in New Zealand 55 (4): 244-58
  • Leah McCurdy
  • Malcolm Paterson
  • Vanessa Tanner
H6/KE [NEW-]0113-7832
Non-timber forest products for livelihood security of tribal communities: a case study in Paschim Medinipur District, West Bengal2012 Journal of human ecology 40 (2): 149-56
  • Chandan Kumar Pati
  • Pravat Kumar Shit
H6 [JOURNAL-]0970-9274
Antecedents of the revolution: intersectoral networks and post-partisanship in Yemen2011 Studies in ethnicity and nationalism 11 (3): 550-63
  • Stacey Philbrick Yadav
H6/KF [STUDIES-]1473-8481in special section 'On the 2011 Arab revolutions'
Herrschaft und Hörigkeit im Hochland von Neuguinea Grundmuster zur Entwicklung des Lehenswesens2011 Mitteilungen der anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien 141: 195-204
  • Heinrich Dosedla
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGISCHE GESELLSCHAFT IN WIEN. Mitteilungen-]0066-4693in special issue 'Festschrift Karl Rudolf Wernhart'; English summary
Terrorism: a reign of terror in contemporary world. Terrorism and Woman: a study of terrorism and tribal women of Jharkhand2011 Vanyajati 54 (4): 10-17
  • V. N. Dinesh
H6/KWL [VANYAJATI-]0042-2622
Kazaklyk as a social phenomenon2011 Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 5: 126-40
  • Vladimir Vladimirovich Tishin
H6/KVY [ETNOGRAFISCHESKOE-]0869-5415English summary
Tribal law and reconciliation in the new Iraq2011 Middle East journal 65 (1): 11-29
  • Katherine Blue Carroll
*H6/KW [MIDDLE-]0026-3141
Feeding gods, feeding guests. Sacrifice and hospitality among the Gadaba of highland Orissa (India)2011 Anthropos (St Augustin) 106 (1): 31-47
  • Peter Berger
H6 [ANTHROPOS-]0257-9774
'One hamburger at a time'. Revisiting the state-society divide with the Seminole tribe of Florida and Hard Rock International2011 Current anthropology (Supplement) 52 (Supplement 3): S137-49
  • Jessica R. Cattelino
H6 [CURRENT-]0011-3204in special issue 'Corporate lives: new perspectives on the social life of the corporate form'; with comments
'You're considered a warrior then'. Respect and individualism in Crow military service2011 Suomen antropologi 36 (1): 65-75
  • Marjo Väyrynen
H6 [SUOMEN-]0355-3930
Gender, power, and mobility among the Awá-Guajá (Maranhão, Brazil)2011 Journal of anthropological research 67 (2): 189-211
  • Alfredo González Ruibal
  • Almudena Hernando
  • Elizabeth Beserra Coelho
  • Gustavo Politis
H6 [SOUTHWESTERN-]0091-7710
'Early classical settlements' and the iron age of the central Balkans: issues of ethnic identity2011 Ethno-anthropological problems journal 6 (3): 659-78 [insert i]
  • Ivan Vranić
H6/KVP [ETNOANTROPOLOSKI PROBLEMI. Casopis]0353-1589in thematic section 'Archaeology'; Serbian and French summaries
From tribal society to nationalized ethnic group: imagination and performance of identity in qataban (headhuntinig ritual/harvest festival) among the Kavalan2010 Taiwan journal of anthropology 8 (2): 37-83
  • Pi-chen Liu
H6/KWS [TAIWAN-]1727-1878English summary
An iron pot and a clay pot or the tribal society clashed with the national and global society: the case of Cameroon2010 Lud 94: 143-58
  • Ryszard Vorbrich
H6/KVM [LUD-]0076-1435English summary
Relying on one's tribe: a snippet of life in Basra since the 2003 invasion2010 Anthropology today 26 (6): 23-6
  • Hayder Al-Mohammad
Going 'tribal'. Notes on pacification in the 21st century2009 Anthropology today 25 (2): 15-19
  • Roberto J. González
What to do with the tribe? On the tribal phenomenon in Algeria and in the Muslim world2009 Journal des anthropologues (116-117): 493-515
  • Yazid Ben Hounet
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]1156-0428English summary