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Communities of mortuary practice: a renewed study of the Tianma-Qucun Western Zhou cemetery2018 Cambridge archaeological journal 28 (1): 23-44
  • Bin Cao
  • Yitzchak Jaffe
H6/KE [CAMBRIDGE-]0959-7743
The inscription of the Ba Bo Yu-basin and the audience and mission ceremonies of the Western Zhou Dynasty - also on King Mu's formulation of ritual systems2018 Kaogu Xuebao (1): 25-48
  • Yifei Huang
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
The excavation of the tomb M1017 at the Dahekou cemetery of the Western Zhou Dynasty in Yicheng, Shanxi2018 Kaogu Xuebao (1): 89-140, i-xx
  • Joint Archaeological Team of Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology
  • Linfen Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics
  • Research Center for Northern Chinese Archaeology of Shanxi University
  • Yicheng County Bureau of Cultural Relics and Tourism
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
The excavation of the tomb M2002 at the Dahekou cemetery of the Western Zhou dynasty in Yicheng, Shanxi2018 Kaogu Xuebao (2): 223-62, i-xiv
  • Hsiu-hui Chen
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
Revisiting lead isotope data in Shang and Western Zhou bronzes2017 Antiquity 91 (360): 1574-87
  • A. Mark Pollard
  • Jessica Rwason
  • Ruiliang Liu
  • Zhengyao Jin
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
On the origins and formation of early Qin culture2017 Kaogu Xuebao (2): 149-74
  • Yun Liang
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
Foodways and the archaeology of colonial contact: rethinking the Western Zhou expansion in Shandong2017 American anthropologist 120 (1): 55-71
  • Qiaowei Wei
  • Yichao Zhao
  • Yitzchak Jaffe
*H6 [AMERICAN-]0002-7294Spanish and Chinese summaries
Experimental dissolution of lead from bronze vessels and the lead content of human bones from the Western Zhou dynasty tombs in Hengshui, Shanxi, China2015 Journal of archaeological science 64: 22-9
  • Huang Huang
  • Xiaoyong Li
  • Ya Qin
  • Yaoting Xie
  • Ying Qin
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Shifting materials: variability, homogeneity and change in the beaded ornaments of the Western Zhou2014 Antiquity 88 (342): 1213-28
  • Margaret Sax
  • Peter Hommel
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
The technology of jades excavated at the Western Zhou, Jin Marquis cemetery, Tianma-Qucun, Beizhao, Shanxi province: recognition of tools and techniques2013 Journal of archaeological science 40 (2): 1067-79
  • Kunzhang Ji
  • Margaret Sax
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
The inscription of Wo fangding and the funeral and sacrificial ceremonies of the Western Zhou dynasty2013 Kaogu Xuebao (2): 185-212
  • Shi Feng
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
Early Chinese faience and glass beads pendants2013 Beads 25: 3-39
  • Jeffrey A. Kwan
*H6 [BEADS-]with plates IA -VID in appendix
The periodization study of the Western Zhou tombs in the Feng-Hao area2012 Kaogu Xuebao (1): 23-62
  • Liyan Zhang
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
Materializing identity - a statistical analysis of the Western Zhou Liulihe cemetery2012 Asian perspectives 51 (1): 47-67
  • Yitzchak Jaffe
H6/KE [ASIAN-]0066-8435
The excavation of the bronze casting remains in locus west of Zhuangli village at Zhouyuan site in the springs of 2003 and 20042011 Kaogu Xuebao (2): 245-300, plates i-xvi
  • Zhouyuan Archaeological Team
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
Paleography as a criterion of dating of Western Zhou bronze vessels inscriptions2010 Kaogu Xuebao (1): 43-72
  • V. M. Kryukov
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
The evolution of the bronze cultures of the northern frontier style in the northern Hebei province and Beijing and Tianjin municipalities during the Xia, Shang and Western Zhou dynasties2010 Kaogu Xuebao (4): 455-80
  • Gang Jiang
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
Excavation on the Tianmu-mountain city-state of the Western Zhou period in Jiangyan city, Jiangsu province2009 Kaogu Xuebao (1): 129-54, plates i-vi
  • Jiangyan Municipal Commission for the Preservation of Ancient Monuments
  • Nanjing Museum
  • Taizhou Municipal Museum
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
A study of the handle-shaped jades from the Three Dynasties period2008 Kaogu Xuebao (2): 141-74, [plates i-iv]
  • Nan Cao
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
An archaeological study of early Chinese gold-ware2008 Kaogu Xuebao (3): 291-310 [plates i-ii]
  • Jiayuan An
  • Zhimin An
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
On the date of deer stones and related problems2008 Kaogu Xuebao (3): 311-36
  • Ling Pan
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
On the unbalance of the evolution of Western Zhou bronzes2008 Kaogu Xuebao (3): 337-52
  • Maorong Zhang
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
A study of Diao Sheng vessels2008 Kaogu Xuebao (1): 39-64
  • Hui Wang
H6/KE [KAOGU XUEBAO-]0453-2902English summary
Face as artifact in early Chinese art2007 Res 51: 33-56
  • Ladislav Kesner
*H6 [RES-]0277-1322
Reconstructing manufacturing technology and technological organisation at the Qijia jue earring workshop in western Zhou (1046-771 BC) China2007 Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association 27: 28-36
  • Zhouyong Sun
A study of bronze zheng bells of the Western and Eastern Zhou period2006 Kaogu Xuebao (3): 313-32, i-vi
  • Zhixi Gao
H6/KE [KAOGU-]0453-2902English summary
Colonizing China's northern frontier: Yan and her neighbors during the early Western Zhou period2006 International journal of historical archaeology 10 (2): 159-77
  • Yan Sun
A study of the egg-shaped urn2006 Kaogu Xuebao (4): 419-46
  • Zhongwei Jing
H6/KE [KAOGU-]0453-2902English summary
Report on 2002 regional survey in the Qixing river valley at Zhouyuan, Shaanxi2005 Kaogu Xuebao (4): 449-84, [plates v-x]
  • Zhouyuan Archaeological Team
H6/KE [KAOGU-]0453-2902English summary
Excavation on the Dashaba site in Zigui county, Hubei2005 Kaogu Xuebao (3): 347-80, Plates 11-16
  • Hubei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology
H6/KE [KAOGU-]0453-2902English summary
A study of bronze Xu food containers of the Western and Eastern Zhou period2003 Kaogu Xuebao 1: 1-28
  • Zhang Maorong
0453-2902English summary
Bronzes, mortuary practice and political strategies of the Yan during the early Western Zhou2003 Antiquity 77 (298): 761-70
  • Yan Sun
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
A study of the improvished-curve pattern on Western Zhou bronzes2002 Kaogu Xuebao 4: 421-36
  • Peng Yushang
0453-2902English summary
A chronological study of bronze gui food containers of the Western Zhou period2001 Kaogu Xuebao 1: 1-42
  • Peng Yushang
0453-2902English summary
Wealth and the Western Zhou1997 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 60 (2): v, 253-94
  • Constance A. Cook
The Jin Marquis Su bells and the Westen Zhou calendar1997 Kaogu Xuebao 4: 407-42
  • Feng Shi
English summary
A Western Zhou bronze storage found at Xinwuwan, Dacheng, Qichun, Hubei1997 Wen Wu 12: 29-33
  • Huanggang Museum
English summary
Some remarks on Yu square ding-vessel1997 Wen Wu 12: 55-7
  • Li Xueqin
English summary
A new consideration of the Yan culture in the Western Zhou dynasty1997 Wen Wu 4: 34-41
  • Liu Xu
English summary
A symposium on the chime of Su the Marquis of Jin1997 Wen Wu 3: 54-66
  • Wang Shimin
English summary
Ancient Chinese ritual bronzes: the evidence from tombs and hoards of the Shang ("c." 1500-1050 BC) and Western Zhou ("c." 1050-771 BC) periods1993 Antiquity 67 (257): 805-23
  • J Rawson
A geoarchaeological study of ancient Chinese jade. 3, Western Zhou jades from Fengxi1993 Kaogu Xuebao Acta archaeologia sinica 2: 251-80
  • Guang Wen
  • Zhichun Jing
English summary
The funeral jades of the Western Zhou dynasty - data of excavation in Fengxi 1983-1986, 61993 Wen Wu 9: 55-9
  • Changshou Zhang
Excavation of the Zhaoyao site in Wu'an1992 Kaogu Xuebao Acta archaeologia sinica 3: 329-64
  • Hebei College of Culture
  • Hebei Provincial Institute of Archaeology
English summary
The "Bamboo annals" revisited: problems of method in using the chronicle as a source for the chronology of early Zhou. 2, The congruent mandate chronology in "Yi Zhou shu"1992 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 55 (3): 498-510
  • D W Pankenier
Bronze lacquered wooden articles of the Western Zhou period1992 Kaogu 6: 550-8
  • Changshou Zhang
  • Xiaoguang Zhang
Analysis of the structure and composition of the Western Zhou bronze arrowheads from Dachengdun, Hanshan1991 Kaogu 12: 1134-7
  • Yunlan Huang