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A political dance in the rain: queer short film in Indonesia and the cinematic creation of social and material spaces for argument2020 Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 176 (1): 7-36
  • Rosalia Namsai Engchuan
H6/KX [BIJDRAGEN-]0006-2294in special section 'Pop culture as argument and aspiration'
Definitions of sex and intimacy among gender and sexual minoritised groups in urban India2020 Culture, health & sexuality 22 (5): 520-34
  • Brian Dodge
  • Brindaa Lakshmi
  • Debby Herbenick
  • Donna Blekfeld-Sztraky
  • Jessamyn Bowling
  • Megan Simmons
  • Siva D. Dharuman
  • Vikram Sundarraman
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1464-5351
In defense of dignity: morals and emotions in transgender people's demand for rights2020 Mana 26 (2): 1-30
  • Lucas Freire
H6/KUL [MANA-]1678-4944English and Spanish summaries
Waiting, patience and resistance: anthropological reflections on transexualities life course, and itineraries of access to health services2020 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 63 (2): 1-17
  • Anderson Santos Almeida
  • Camilo Braz
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701English summary
Gender and COVID-19 in the context of the refugee and migrant population in the city of Manaus - Amazona2020 Mundo Amazonico 11 (2): 62-74
  • John Elton Costa dos Santos
  • Thiago Ribeiro Costa
in special section 'Reflexiones y perspectivas entorno a la pandemia del COVID-19', English and Spanish summaries
Surviving in the shadow of the un/seen: on the paradoxical in/visibility of El Kazovsky2020 Journal of visual culture 19 (2): 277-82
  • Susan Stryker
H6/KF [JOURNAL-]1470-4129in special issue 'New work in transgender art and visual culture studies'
"Women and 2spirits": on the marginalization of transgender indigenous people in activist rhetoric2019 American Indian culture and research journal 43 (3): 85-94
  • Kai Pyle
H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]0161-6463
For data's sake: dilemmas in the measurement of gender minorities2018 Culture, health & sexuality 20 (12): 1362-77
  • Carl Kendall
  • Jennifer L. Glick
  • Katherine Andrinopoulos
  • Katherine Theall
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058
Production of identity as a transgender woman in Bolivia, from the beauty pageant catwalk2017 Journal de la Société des Américanistes 103 (1): 119-47
  • Pascale Absi
H6/KUB [SOCIETE-]0037-9174in special section 'Les concours de beauté en Amérique latine'; English and Spanish summaries
Testosterone and sexual risk among transmen: a mixed methods exploratory study2017 Culture, health & sexuality 19 (2): 256-66
  • Alexandra M. Minnis
  • Coco Auerswald
  • H. Fisher Raymond
  • Rand Dadasovich
  • Willi McFarland
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058
Make space: the rise of the FAFSWAG art movement2016 Art New Zealand (158): 68-73
  • Ioana Gordon-Smith
H6/KX [ART-]0110-1102
Queer de-participation: reframing the co-production of scholarly knowledge2016 Qualitative research 16 (3): 330-40
  • Alison B. Bain
  • William J. Payne
H6 [QUALITATIVE-]1468-7941in special issue 'Feminist participatory methodologies'
Talking about sex2016 Bulletin de l’Institut Français d’Etudes andines 45 (3): 363-72
  • Pascale Absi
H6/KUL [INSTITUT-]0303-7495in thematic issue 'Intimidades políticas. Interpelaciones al sexo y la sexualidad desde Bolivia'; English and French summaries
Virtual access: the Ugandan 'anti-gay' movement, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender blogging and the public sphere2015 Journal of Eastern African studies 9 (1): 145-62
  • Caroline Valois
H6/KY [EASTERN-]1753-1055
(De)naturalization and election: emergencies in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual kinship and parenting2015 Revista de dialectología y tradiciones populares 70 (1): 187-203
  • Jos'e Ignacio Pichardo Galán
  • M. Laura Martín-Chiappe
  • Matías de Stéfano Barbero
H6/KVE [REVISTA-]0034-7981in thematic issue 'RDTP: New times, new ethnographies'; English summary
Toward a carnal anthropology: reflections of an 'imperfect' anthropologist2015 Qualitative research 15 (5): 568-82
  • Julieta Vartabedian
H6 [QUALITATIVE-]1468-7941
Anatomical authorities: on the epistemological exclusion of trans- surgical patients2015 Medical anthropology 34 (5): 425-41
  • Eric Plemons
H6/KGT [MEDICAL-]0145-9740
Transsexuality and transgenderism. A theoretical and ethnographical approach to two conflicting paradigms2015 Revista de dialectología y tradiciones populares 70 (2): 485-501
  • Jordi Mas Grau
H6/KVE [REVISTA-]0034-7981English summary
Transgression and being: memories of Rituporno Ghosh2014 South Asian popular culture 12 (1): 41-7
  • Madhuja Mukherjee
H6/KW [SOUTH-]1474-6689
Sex for law, sex for psychiatry: pre-sex reassignment surgical psychothterapy in Turkey2014 Anthropologica (New Series) 56 (1): 55-68
  • Ash Zengin
H6/KUB [ANTHROPOLOGICA N.S.-]0003-5459in thematic section 'Queer anthropology'; French summary
Phu-ying-kham-phet vs. kathoey: l'évolution du (trans)genre et l'émergence de l'identité de transfemale en Thaïlande contemporaine2014 Anthropologica (New Series) 56 (1): 69-82
  • Cheera Thongkrajai
H6/KUB [ANTHROPOLOGICA N.S.-]0003-5459in thematic section 'Queer anthropology'; English summary
Queer domicile: LGBT displacement and home loss in natural disaster impact, response, and recovery2014 Home cultures 11 (2): 237-61
  • Andrew Gorman-Murray
  • Dale Dominey-Howes
  • Scott McKinnon
H6/KF [HOME-]1740-6315in thematic issue 'For home unmaking'
Religious homophobia: the experiences of a sample of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Ireland2014 Culture and religion 15 (3): 298-312
  • Finn Reygan
  • Geraldine Moane
H6/KFO [SCOTTISH-]1475-5610
"O mundo travesti não é tão diferente": reflexões sobre discursos, acesso e atendimento aos serviços públicos de saúde dos travestis em Balneário Camboriú2014 Cadernos de estudos sociais 29 (2): 121-38
  • Ana Claudia Delfini Capistrano de Oliveira
  • Andreia Justen da Silva
  • Flávio Ramos
  • Micheline Ramos de Oliveira
H6/KUL [CADERNOS-]0102-4248Spanish and English summaries
Queer Malay identity formation2013 Indonesia and the Malay world 41 (119): 97-115
  • Collin Jerome
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811
African same-sex sexualities and gender-diversity: an introduction2013 Culture, health & sexuality 15 (1): S1-S6
  • Theo G.M. Sandfort
  • Vasu Reddy
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058in special supplement issue
Sexual hazards, life expectancy and social circumstances among male sex workers in Nigeria2013 Culture, health & sexuality 15 (1): S22-S33
  • Ayo Stephen Adebowale
  • Ayotunde Titilayo
  • Kehinde Okanlawon
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058in special supplement issue 'African same-sex sexualities and gender-diversity'; French and Spanish summaries
Queering the politics of global sexual rights?2013 Studies in ethnicity and nationalism 13 (1): 80-90
  • Leticia Sabsay
H6/KF [STUDIES-]1473-8481in special section 'Queering nations and nationalisms'; in special issue 'Nationalism, ethnicity, and boundaries'
Transsexual parenthood and new role assumptions2013 Culture, health & sexuality 15 (9): 1055-70
  • Elena Bordin
  • Elena Faccio
  • Sabrina Cipolletta
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058French and Spanish summaries
Social environment and sexual risk-taking among gay and transgender African American youth2013 Culture, health & sexuality 15 (10): 1148-61
  • John B. Jemmoth
  • Robin Stevens
  • Stephen Bernardini
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058French and Spanish summaries
Nature, culture and hybrids. Legal constructions of transsexuality and the legal sex reassignment procedures in Poland2013 Lud 97: 221-44
  • Maria Dębińska
H6/KVM [LUD-]0076-1435English summary
HIV risk among drug-using men who have sex with men, men selling sex, and transgender individuals in Vietnam2012 Culture, health & sexuality 14 (1-2): 167-80
  • Bao Ngoc Vu
  • Kevin P. Mulvey
  • Simon Baldwin
  • Son Thanh Nguyen
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058French and Spanish summaries
Growth into manhood: identity development among femal-to-male transgender youth2012 Culture, health & sexuality 14 (1-2): 209-22
  • Lealah Pollock
  • Stephen L. Eyre
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058French and Spanish summaries
One way of another: erotic subjectivity in Cuba2012 American ethnologist 39 (2): 325-38
  • Jafari Allen
H6 [AMERICAN-]0094-0496
Associations between transition-specific stress experience, nocturnal decline in ambulatory blood pressure, and C-reactive protein levels among transgender men2012 American journal of human biology 24 (1): 52-61
  • L. Zachary Dubois
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Desarrollando una óptica queer; coloquio con David William Foster2012 Studies in Latin American popular culture 30: 194-214
  • David William Foster
  • W. Daniel Holcombe interv
*H6/KUL [STUDIES-]0730-9139English summary
Outdoor brothel culture: the un/making of a transsexual stroll in Vancouver's west end, 1975-19842012 Journal of historical sociology 25 (1): 126-50
  • Becki L. Ross
H6 [JOURNAL-]0952-1909
Stories from the margins: collaborative filmmaking and auto-ethnography as tools for LGBT activism in Indonesia2012 Journal des anthropologues (131-132): 131-60
  • Laura Coppens
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]1156-0428in thematic issue' Creation and transmission in visual anthropology'; French summary
"We are not aliens, we're people, and we have rights." Canadian human rights discourse and high school climate of LGBTQ students2011 Canadian review of sociology and anthropology 48 (3): 275-312
  • Catherine Peter
  • Catherine Taylor
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]1755-6171in special issue 'Sexuality, sexual health, and sexual rights'; French summary
'Because it was a bit like going to adventure park': the politics of hospitality in transnational lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer activist networks2011 Tourist studies 11 (2): 157-74
  • Christian Klesse
  • Jon Binnie
H6/KD [TOURIST-]1468-7976
Especially loved by Allah: Muslim and LGBTQ in Istanbul2011 Temenos 47 (1): 61-76
  • Ann af Burén
H6/KFO [TEMENOS-]0497-1817
Diversity of commercial sex among men and male-born trans people in three Peruvian cities2011 Culture, health & sexuality 13 (10): 1207-21
  • Carolina Mejía
  • César R. Nureña
  • Joseph Zunt
  • Mario Zúñiga
  • Silvia Montano
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058French and Spanish summaries
Gay, lesbi and waria audiences in Indonesia: watching homosexuality on screen2011 Indonesia and the Malay world 39 (115): 391-415
  • Ben Murtagh
H6/KX [INDONESIA-]1363-9811in special issue 'Gender and creativity in Southeast Asia'
Stigma and HIV risk among Metis in Nepal2011 Culture, health & sexuality 13 (3): 253-66
  • Erin Wilson
  • Maria Exstrand
  • Megan Comfort
  • Sunil Babu Pant
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058French and Spanish summaries
American Indian gay, bisexual and two-spirit men: a rapid assessment of HIV/AIDS risk factors, barriers to prevention and culturally-sensitive intervention2011 Culture, health & sexuality 13 (3): 283-98
  • Derek J. Burks
  • Jayson P. Durtschi
  • Rockey Robbins
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058French and Spanish summaries
Views from both sides of the bridge? Gender, sexual legitimacy and transgender people's experiences of relationships2011 Culture, health & sexuality 13 (3): 355-70
  • Alex Iantaffi
  • Walter O. Bockting
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058French and Spanish summaries
Making Miss Chief: Kent Monkman takes on the West2011 American Indian NMAI 12 (1): 8-14
  • Kate Morris
*H6/KUB [AMERICAN-]1528-0640
Não basta abrir a janela… Reflexões sobre alguns efeitos dos discursos médico e jurídico nas (in)definições da transexualidade2011 Anuário antropológico (Rio) 31 (1): 127-60
  • Flavia B. Teixeira
2357-738XEnglish summary
Borders, diaspora, and regional connections: trends in Asian 'Queer' studies2010 Journal of Asian studies 69 (1): 17-31
  • Megan Sinnott
*H6/KW [JOURNAL-]0021-9118
From policy to prisoners to people: a "soft mixed methods" approach to studying transgender prisoners2010 Journal of contemporary ethnography 39 (5): 517-53
  • Valerie Jenness
H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0891-2416in special issue 'Methodological complexity'
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