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Colonial metaphors: symbolic approaches to the Chaco tierra adentro2021 Antipoda: revista de antropología y arqueología (42): 85-106
  • Carina P. Lucaioli
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0124-485XEnglish and Portuguese summaries
Sensitive connections: following the ethnobiographic trail of a Chacoan musician2021 GIS - Gesto, Imagem, e Som: Revista de Antropologia 6 (1): 1-20
  • María Eugenia Domínguez
2525-3123in thematic section 'Musicar local'; also in Portuguese
Resistance and revolt in San Jerónimo del Sauce between 1836 and 1838. A closer look at the Abipón communities of the time2021 Revista Tefros 19 (1): 88-111
  • Aldo Gastón Green
1669-726XEnglish and Portuguese summaries
Indigenous inversions, Covi-cho and some anti-anthropocene tips2021 Mundo Amazonico 12 (2): e88365
  • Auden Charole
  • Celeste Medrano
English and Portuguese summaries
The defensive system in Western Chaco during the late-colonial period2021 Revista Tefros 19 (2): 175-97
  • Leandro Hamud Fernández
1669-726XEnglish and Portuguese summaries
Ontological reflections about an environmental conflict: the case of the installation of a uranium dioxide processing plant2021 Runa: archivo para la ciencias del hombre 42 (2): 141-56
  • Maximiliano Varela
0325-1217English and Portuguese summaries
Socio-educational trajectories of indigenous teachers of the Chaco center2021 Runa: archivo para la ciencias del hombre 42 (2): 211-28
  • Soledad Aliata
0325-1217English and Portuguese summaries
Occupy, recover, resist: the struggle for territory in Argentina’s Chaco Province2021 Antipoda: revista de antropología y arqueología (45): 179-202
  • Julia Colla
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0124-485Xin special issue 'Crisis y desastres: im-posibilidades de reparación y cuidado en las sociedades contemporáneas'; English and Portuguese summaries
Indigenous women and the public sphere: motherhood, violence and the collective female consciousness2021 Etnografías Contemporáneas 7 (12): 8-31
  • Anabella Denuncio
2451-8050English summary
The equivocation of a territory in conflict: Qom experiences and narratives in south of Gran Chaco2020 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 24 (2): 503-25
  • Pedro Emilio Robledo
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]2182-2891in special section 'Heterogeneidad ontológica y ontologías en conflicto en Sudamérica'; English summary
‘We could be rich’: unemployment, roadblocks and the rhythms of hydrocarbon work among the Guaraní of the Argentine Chaco2020 Bulletin of Latin American research 39 (3): 319-33
  • Augustin Diz
*H6/KUL [BULLETIN-]0261-3050in special section 'Resource engagements: experiencing extraction in Latin America'
People and jobs in the process of commodification of indigenous Chaco crafts2020 Anales de antropología 54 (2): 59-68
  • Myriam Fernanda Perret
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0185-1225English summary
Development policies and territorial planning: an analysis of the linkage of international agencies, government and non-government organizations and indigenous populations2020 Mana 26 (1): 1-28
  • Malena Inés Castilla
H6/KUL [MANA-]1678-4944English and Portuguese summaries
A place to find oneself. Displacements and rituals among Guarani people from Paraguayan Chaco2020 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 63 (2): 1-22
  • María Eugenia Domínguez
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701English summary
Córdoba eastern frontier. Colonial expansion, interethnic relations and control policies in an interactional space (18th century)2020 Revista Tefros 18 (1): 75-109
  • Daniela Sosnowski
1669-726XEnglish and Portuguese summaries
La narración mítica en algunos grupos etnográficos sudamericanos2020 Archivos 18: 51-60
  • Mario Califano
H6/KUL [ARCHIVOS-]1668-4737in special monographic issue 'Escritos harákmbet'
Ethnobotanical knowledge encoded in Weenhayek oral tradition2020 Journal of ethnobiology 40 (1): 39-55
  • Itzel Quiroz
  • Marcela Mendoza
  • Michelle Scalise Sugiyama
*H6 [JOURNAL-]0278-0771
The expeditions of Doctor Vellard2020 Disparidades: revista de antropologia 75 (1): 1-15
  • Diego Villar
H6/KVE [REVISTA-]2659-6881English summary
Verbal play, metaphor and sexuality. Nagakyagak (jokes) among the Toba (Qom) of the southern American Gran Chaco region2020 Disparidades: revista de antropologia 75 (1): 1-15
  • Florencia Tola
  • Paola Cúneo
H6/KVE [REVISTA-]2659-6881English summary
Catholic organisms in the consolidation of indigenous organizations: the case of the Shiyaxauapi group in the province of Chaco, Argentina2019 Anales de antropología 53 (1): 109-20
  • Malena Inés Castilla
H6/KUL [ANALES-]0185-1225English summary
Hierarchical alignment and comparative linguistics in the Guayakuran languages: an exhaustive alignment approach2019 International journal of American linguistics 85 (1): 123-61
  • Jens E.L. Van Gysel
On the properly political (disposition for the) anthropocene2019 Anthropological theory 19 (1): 74-94
  • Mario Blaser
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGICAL-]1463-4996in special issue "Politics in the time of "post politics": rethinking anthropology's conception of the political for the 21st century"
Indigenous sovereignty and the new developmentalism in plurinational Bolivia2019 Anthropological theory 19 (1): 95-119
  • Nancy Postero
  • Nicole Fabricant
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGICAL-]1463-4996in special issue "Politics in the time of "post politics": rethinking anthropology's conception of the political for the 21st century"
"To think about peace". About the negotiations between some governors of Tucumán and several caciques of Chaco in the 1770s2019 Fronteras de la Historia 24 (1): 100-31
  • María Laura Cutrera
H6/KUL [FRONTERAS-]0123-4676English summary
The Bolivian Toba (Guaicuran) expansion in northern Gran Chaco, 1550-18502019 Ethnohistory 66 (2): 275-300
  • Marcela Mendoza
Sorcery, revenge, and anti-revenge: relational excess and individuation in the Gran Chaco2019 Social analysis 63 (2): 81-101
  • Florencia Tola
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0155-977Xin special issue 'Theorizing relations in indigenous South America'
Non-human making history, the environment and the body in the Argentinean Chaco2019 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 23 (2): 489-513
  • Florencia Tola
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]0873-6561in special section 'Entre seres intangíveis e pessoas: experiência e história'; English summary
Eighteenth-century Vilela2019 Indiana 36 (2): 43-68
  • Lucía A. Golluscio
  • Raoul Zamponi
H6/KUL [INDIANA-]0341-8642in special issue 'Contribuciones de la documentación colonial de lenguas indoamericanas a los estudios lingüísticos actuales'; English summary
Un núcleo óseo: nuevos aportes a la comprensión de la tecnología ósea en el Gran Chaco sudamericano (Argentina)2019 Latin American antiquity 30 (2): 429-36
  • Guillermo Lamenza
  • Horacio Calandra
  • Luis del Papa
  • Susana Salceda
*H6/KE [LATIN-]1045-6635English summary
Socioeconomic transformations, migration and rural-urban ethnopolitical organization between the Chaco region and the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Region2019 Cuadernos de antropologia social (49): 91-107
  • Juan Manuel Engelman
  • Malena Castilla
  • María Laura Weiss
H6/KF [CUADERNOS-]1850-275xin special issue 'Repensando temas de antropología económica'; English and Portuguese summaries
“Anthropology” and anthropology: stories of an Ayoreo anthropology-maker2019 Mundo Amazonico 10 (1): 107-23
  • Leif Grunewald
2145-5082English and Spanish summaries
Between the future that is already here and the past that has never passed: Chaco diplomacies in the anthropocene2019 Mana 25 (3): 809-36
  • Antonela dos Santos
  • Augustina De Chazal
  • Florencia Tola
  • Gabriel Rodrigues Lopes
  • Juan Pablo Restrepo
  • Maximiliano Varela
  • Sonia Sarra
H6/KUL [MANA-]0104-9313English and Portuguese summaries
The extraordinary travel of a mollusc Anodonta from the Chaco to Switzerland, or how a “simple” shell became an (ethnographical) museum object2019 Anales. Museo de América (Madrid) (27): 159-84
  • Sara Sánchez del Olmo
H6/KUL [MUSEO DE AMERICA. Anales]1133-8741English summary
Meaning and feeling in autobiography: a Wichí case (Gran Chaco)2019 Disparidades: revista de antropologia 74 (1): e002e
  • Zelda Alice Franceschi
H6/KVE [REVISTA-]2659-6881in thematic section 'Etnografías feministas'; English summary
Arawakan-Guaicuran language contact in the South American Chaco2018 International journal of American linguistics 84 (2): 243-63
  • Fernando O. de Carvalho
Reshaping the Chaco: migrant foodways, place-making, and the Chaco War2018 Journal of Latin American studies 50 (3): 579-611
  • Ben Nobbs-Thiessen
*H6/KUL [JOURNAL-]0022-216XSpanish and Portuguese summaries
Skin, paper, tiles: a cross-cultural history of Kadiwéu art2018 Journal of material culture 23 (3): 344-67
  • Luciana Martins
H6/KF [JOURNAL-]1359-1835
Western Toba in the Chaco Boreal (South America): indication of ethnohistorical and linguistic contacts2018 Indiana 35 (1): 165-89
  • Marcela Mendoza
  • María Belén Carpio
H6/KUL [INDIANA-]0341-8642English summary
Producción misionera sobre la lingüística chiriguana2018 Anthropos (St Augustin) 113 (1): 151-67
  • María Agustina Morando
H6 [ANTHROPOS-]0257-9774English summary
Apuntes sobre la definición de bandas, parentela y otras unidades sociales wichí2018 Archivos 16: 1-54
  • María Cristina Dasso
H6/KUL [ARCHIVOS-]1668-4737
El mito, la memoria y el olvido entre los wichí2018 Archivos 16: 55-120
  • María Cristina Dasso
H6/KUL [ARCHIVOS-]1668-4737
Estudios morfométricos aplicados a puntas de proyectil lanceoladas del holoceno temprano-medio en sierras y llanuras pampeanas de Argentina2018 Latin American antiquity 29 (3): 572-90
  • Diego Rivero
  • Guillermo Heider
*H6/KE [LATIN-]1045-6635English summary
La mirada vigil: la percepción de la noche en el mundo humano2018 Archivos 16: 121-76
  • María Cristina Dasso
H6/KUL [ARCHIVOS-]1668-4737
Modelling identities: Qom pottery at Resistencia (Chaco) by the end of the 1960s2018 Anales. Museo de América (Madrid) (26): 7-30
  • Aixa Vidal
H6/KUL [MUSEO DE AMERICA. Anales]1133-8741English summary
Meeting at the laboratory: the actor-network theory and the Pilagá music scene2017 Indiana 34 (1): 309-29
  • Miguel A. Garcia
H6/KUL [INDIANA-]0341-8642English summary
Indigenous deals - Cosmologies negotiated in environmental and development projects2017 Sociologus (New Series) 67 (1): 43-58
  • Volker von Bremen
H6/KF [ZEITSCHRIFT-]0038-0377in special issue 'Alternative models of knowledge as a critique of epistemic power structures'
Letters from the Chaco: Alfred Métraux and Jules Henry2017 Revista de dialectología y tradiciones populares 72 (2): 555-75
  • Lorena Córdoba
H6/KVE [REVISTA-]0034-7981English summary
"Bitter" manioc (Manihot esculenta): its consumption and the grater used by indigenous peoples of the Gran Chaco in its preparation2017 Journal de la Société des Américanistes 103 (2): 205-28
  • Nicolás M. Kamienkowski
  • Pastor Arenas
H6/KUB [SOCIETE-]0037-9174Spanish and French summaries
A ransom in the Chaco2017 Indiana 34 (2): 265-85
  • Isabelle Combès
H6/KUL [INDIANA-]0341-8642English summary
Woman also fight: "sexual politics" of the bodies of Qom (Western Toba) women before socio-religious conversion (central-western Chaco)2017 Mana 23 (3): 373-402
  • Mariana Daniela Gómez
H6/KUL [MANA-]0104-9313Portuguese and English summaries