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A good fight: violence and female excellence in northern Chad2021 Ethnos 86 (2): 331-48
  • Judith Scheele
H6 [ETHNOS-]1469-588X
The utensils possess me2020 Arts & cultures (21): 116-21
  • Nimrod
*H6/KFY [ARTS-]ONLY ISBNin thematic issue 'Shamanism and the sacred'
Échange ou prédation? Ce que le terrain fait aux Toubou (Tchad)2020 L'Homme (234-235): 319-33
  • Catherine Baroin
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216
A window into the early evolutionary history of Cercopithecidae: later Miocene evidence from Chad, Central Africa2019 Journal of human evolution 132: 61-79
  • Andossa Likius
  • Franck Guy
  • Guillaume Daver
  • Hassane T. Mackaye
  • Laurent Pallas
  • Patrick Vignaud
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
The "God of Lam," millenarian prophet (north Cameroon and southern Chad, 1927 to 1930)2019 Journal des africanistes 89 (1): 32-82
  • Christian Seignobos
H6/KY [SOCIETE-]0399-0346English summary
Remoteness is power: disconnection as a relation in northern Chad2019 Social anthropology 27 (2): 156-71
  • Judith Scheele
  • Julien Brachet
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0964-0282in special issue 'The return of remoteness: insecurity, isolation and connectivity in the new world disorder'
Saharan prisons2019 History and anthropology 30 (5): 509-14
  • Judith Scheele
H6 [HISTORY-]1477-2612in special issue 'On captivity: a forum'
Identity confusion for unarmed child soldiers: a clinical observation in Chad2019 L'Autre: cliniques, cultures et sociétés 20 (3): 291-300
  • Amal Hachet
  • Rahmat Noubarangar
H6 [AUTRE-]1626-5378in special section 'Bébés: de l'anthropologie à la psychanalyse 2'; English and Spanish summaries
African national anthems: their value system and normative 'potential'2018 African study monographs supplementary issue 56: 3-20
  • Francis Onditi
H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0286-9667in supplementary issue 'African potentials: their diversity, dynamism and challenges'
The graphicalization of description. Drawing and photography in the fieldwork journals and museum work of Henry Balfour2018 Anthropology and photography 10: 1-25
  • Christopher Morton
Open access2397-1754
Digital management of rock art: the African Archaeology Archive Cologne (AAArC)2018 African archaeological review 35 (2): 285-98
  • Eymard Fäder
  • Friederike Jesse
  • Joana Wilmeroth
  • Tilman Lenssen-Erz
*H6/KE [AFRICAN-]0263-0338in special section Catalogues and preservation of rock art'; in special issue 'African rock art and digital practice'; French summary
A (digital) future for Saharan rock art?2018 African archaeological review 35 (2): 299-319
  • Savino di Lernia
*H6/KE [AFRICAN-]0263-0338in special section Catalogues and preservation of rock art'; in special issue 'African rock art and digital practice'; French summary
Museological approaches to the management of digital research and engagement: the African rock art image project2018 African archaeological review 35 (2): 321-37
  • Elizabeth Galvin
  • Helen Anderson
  • Jorge de Torres Rodriguez
*H6/KE [AFRICAN-]0263-0338in special section Catalogues and preservation of rock art'; in special issue 'African rock art and digital practice'; French summary
Ravens reconsidered: raiding and theft among Tubu-speakers in Northern Chad2018 African studies review 61 (3): 135-55
  • Judith Scheele
*H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0002-0206in thematic section 'Crime and punishment'; French summary
The impasses of trance at school. Gender violence, religion and protesters in N'Djamena2018 Cahiers d'études africaines (231-232): 881-911
  • Andrea Ceriana Mayneri
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055in special issue 'Face à la sorcellerie'; English summary
Déformation labiale, liberté d'expression et cohésion sociale2018 L'Autre: cliniques, cultures et sociétés 19 (3): 356-60
  • Hervé Madjirébaye
H6 [AUTRE-]1626-5378
Ravens reconsidered: raiding and theft among Tubu-speakers in northern Chad2018 African studies review 61 (3): 135-55
  • Judith Scheele
*H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0002-0206in thematic section on crime and punishment with introduction by L White and T Leedy, 53-5; French summary
Clamra Célestin: devoted collector, ancestral guardian2017 Tribal art 21 (4): 160-5
  • Célestin Clamra
  • Joshua Dimondstein interv
*H6/KFY [WORLD-]1354-2990
Trends in the age at reproductive transitions in the developing world: the role of education2017 Population studies 71 (2): 139-54
  • Ann K. Blanc
  • Barbara S. Mensch
  • John Bongaarts
H6/HB [POPULATION-]0032-4728
Maternal union instability and childhood mortality risk in the global south, 2010-142017 Population studies 71 (2): 211-28
  • Andrés Salazar-Arango
  • Laurie F. DeRose
  • Montserrat Gas-Aixendri
  • Paúl Corcuera García
  • Reynaldo Rivera
H6/HB [POPULATION-]0032-4728
Theological education for a religiously radicalized world: an Africal Pentecostal assist2017 International review of mission 106 (1): 151-66
  • Joseph Bosco Bangura
Creative encounters: African trade and Chinese oil production in western Chad2017 Social analysis 61 (3): 41-55
  • Nikolaus Schareika
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0155-977X
The Devil's money: a multi-level approach to acceleration and turbulence in oil-producing southern Chad2017 Social analysis 61 (3): 56-72
  • Andrea Behrends
  • Remadji Hoinathy
H6/KF [SOCIAL-]0155-977X
(In)visibility and representation: social justice in recent Chadain documentary films2017 Critical interventions: journal of African art history and visual culture 11 (3): 287-300
  • Suzanne Crosta
H6/KFY [CRITICAL-]1930-1944in special issue 'African documentary cinema'
Chalk and cheese 2.02017 Journal of human evolution 113: 103-6
  • Bernard Wood
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484review article on The metaphysics of apes: negotiating the animal-human boundary by R Corbey (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ Pr, 2011); Almost human: the astonishing tale of Homo naledi and the discovery that changed our human story by L Berger and J Hawks (Washington DC: National Geographic, 2017)
Phytoliths indicate significant arboreal cover at Sahelanthropus type locality TM266 in northern Chad and a decrease in later sites2017 Journal of human evolution 106: 66-83
  • Alice Novello
  • Anne-Elisabeth Lebatard
  • Christine Paillès
  • Doris Barboni
  • Florence Sylvestre
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
Genetic structure of the western and eastern African Sahel/Savannah belt and the role of nomadic pastoralists as inferred from the variation of D-loop mitochondrial DNA sequences2017 Human biology 89 (4): 281-302
  • Iva Kulichová
  • Mame Yoro Diallo
  • Martina Čížková
  • Mohammed G. Mokhtar
  • Pavel Munclinger
H6/HB [HUMAN-]0018-7143
The Libyan connection: settlement, war, and other entanglements in northern Chad2016 Journal of African history 57 (1): 115-34
  • Judith Scheele
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0021-8537
A discussion of the debate around styles and chronology of Saharan rock art2016 American Indian rock art 42: 115-18
  • Ahmed Alsherif
From the Bible to Christmas toys among the Mundang in Chad2016 Cahiers d'études africaines 56 (4): 915-40
  • Maud Gauquelin
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055English summary
Beyond serial founder effects: the impact of admixture and localized gene flow on patterns of regional genetic diversity2016 Human biology 88 (3): 219-31
  • Graciela S. Cabana
  • Keith L. Hunley
H6/HB [HUMAN-]0018-7143
The values of 'anarchy': moral autonomy among Tubu speakers in northern Chad2015 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (New Series) 21 (1): 32-48
  • Judith Schele
H6 [JOURNAL-]1359-0987French summary
Tourism in Chadian Sahara: national politics and local indifference2015 Cahiers d'études africaines 55 (1): 107-31
  • Judith Scheele
  • Julien Brachet
H6/KY [CAHIERS-]0008-0055English summary
Cooperation or conflict? Identity and scarce resources of prehistoric Saharan pastoralists2015 African study monographs 36 (1): 5-26
  • Tilman Lessen-Erz
H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0285-1601in special issue 'Indigenous identities and ethnic coexistence in Africa'
Que sont devenus les enfants de Doyaba?2015 L'Autre: cliniques, cultures et sociétés 16 (1): 88-92
  • Claire Mestre
H6 [AUTRE-]1626-5378
Fleeting glory in a wasteland: wealth, politics, and autonomy in northern Chad2015 Comparative studies in society and history 57 (3): 733-52
  • Judith Scheele
  • Julien Brachet
H6/KF [COMPARATIVE-]0010-4175
Years fallen apart: ruins, development and autonomy in Faya-Largeau, Chad2015 L'Homme (215-216): 279-305
  • Judith Scheele
  • Julien Brachet
H6 [HOMME-]0439-4216English summary
Pliocene hominin biogeography and ecology2015 Journal of human evolution 87: 78-86
  • Gabriele A. Macho
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484in special issue 'Environmental variability and hominin dispersal'
A 'despicable shambles': labour, property and status in Faya-Largeau, northern Chad2015 Africa 85 (4): 122-41
  • Judith Scheele
  • Julien Brachet
H6/KY [AFRICA-]0001-9720in thematic section 'The politics of labour'; French summary
Toros-Menalla (Chad, 7 Ma), the earliest hominin-bearing area: how many mammal paleocommunities?2014 Journal of human evolution 69: 79-90
  • Emmanuel Fara
  • Hassane Taïsso Mackaye
  • Michel Brunet
  • Patrick Vignaud
  • Soizic Le Fur
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
Lending a strong hand to Chad's AIDS-oriented medical staff: a sociologist among carers2014 Journal des anthropologues (138-139): 183-203
  • Bruno Proth
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]1156-0428English summary
Authoritarian structures in Chad: perceptions of power among the powerless2014 Sociologus (New Series) 64 (1): 53-78
  • Helga Dickow
H6/KF [ZEITSCHRIFT-]0038-0377English summary
Réflexion sur l'évolution de la mobilité des pasteurs nomades au Tchad: sédentarisation ou transhumance?2013 Nomadic peoples (NS) 17 (1): 126-36
  • Patrice Grimaud
  • Serge Aubague
H6/KF [NOMADIC-]0822-7942
Violence and regulation in the Darfour-Chad borderland c. 1909-56: policing a colonial boundary2013 Journal of African history 54 (2): 177-98
  • Christopher Vaughan
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]0021-8537
Un sito di pitture rupestri sul versante sud-occidentale del gruppo montuoso di Terkei (Ennedi, Ciad)2013 Sahara 24: 168-70
  • Pier Paolo Rossi
H6/KE [SAHARA-]1120-5679
Contes d'arts rupestres en Ennedi: nouveaux sites de Kadarala (plateau Erdébé)2013 Sahara 24: 173-84
  • Gérard Jacquet
H6/KE [SAHARA-]1120-5679
Living in the interstices of firms. Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Chad2013 Etudes rurales (191): 149-68
  • Gérard Chouquer
H6 [ETUDES-]0014-2182in thematic issue 'Les agricultures de firme: 2. Délocalisation et évictions'; English summary
Dreams and nightmares of nationhood: the Obi Igwara special memorial event to mark 50 years of decolonization in Africa, 1960-20102013 Nations and nationalism 19 (3): 434-55
  • Athena S. Leoussi
  • Elliott Green
  • J.E. Spence
  • Paul Nugent
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078
Will Chinese investment create economic development in Africa? Some perspectives and reflections2013 The Anthropologist 15 (1): 43-51
  • D.D. Tewari
Survival strategies and citizenship claims: youth and the underground oil economy in post-amnesty Niger Delta2013 Africa 83 (2): 270-92
  • Paul U. Ugor
H6/KY [AFRICA-]0001-9720French summary