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Dung by preference: the choice of fuel as an example of how Andean pottery production in embedded within wider technical, social, and economic practices2000 Archaeometry 42 (1): 43-60
  • B. Sillar
Interpreting wild seeds from archaeological sites: a dung charring experiment from the Andes1998 Journal of ethnobiology 18 (2): 211-27
  • Christine A. Hastorf
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On the charred seeds from epipalaeolithic Abu Hureyra: food or fuel?1997 Current anthropology 38 (4): 651-5, 658-9
  • G. C. Hillman
H6 [CURRENT-]comments on 'Seed eaters of the ancient Near East: human or herbivore?' by NF Miller in Curr Anthrop 1996 (37:3) 521-8; with reply by Miller, see this issue, 655-9