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Mobility and infrastructure in the Russian Arctic: Das Sein bestimmt das Bewusstsein?2017 Sibirica: journal of Siberian studies 16 (3): 1-13
  • Nikolań≠ Vakhtin
H6/KW [SIBIRICA-]1361-7362introduction to special issue 'Mobility and infrastructure'
Temporality of movements in the north: pragmatic use of infrastructure and reflexive mobility of Evenki and Dolgan hunters, reindeer herders, and fishers2017 Sibirica: journal of Siberian studies 16 (3): 14-34
  • Vladimir N. Davydov
H6/KW [SIBIRICA-]1361-7362in special issue 'Mobility and infrastructure'
National autonomies in the Far Eastern Republic: post-imperial diversity management in pacific Russia, 1920-19222017 History and anthropology 28 (4): 445-60
  • Ivan Sablin
H6 [HISTORY-]0275-7206in special issue 'Loyalty and disloyalty on the Russia-China border'
Speaking with and about Chinese: language attitudes, ethnic stereotypes and discursive strategies in interethnic communication on the Russian-Chinese border2013 Civilisations 62 (1/2): 71-89
  • Kapitolina Fedorova
H6 [CIVILISATIONS-]in thematic issue 'Identité, culture et intimité: les stéréotypes dans la vie quotidienne'; French summary
Plan view of the palaeolithic complex of the western Trans-Bań≠kal region2013 Arkheologicheskie vesti 19: 12-25
  • I.I. Razgil'deeva