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Canine economies of the Ancient Near East and eastern Mediterranean2021 Journal of field archaeology 46 (2): 81-92
  • Benjamin Arbuckle
  • Jacqueline Meier
  • Max Price
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]2042-4582
Voluminous evidence for an elusive period: storage pits and surplus from middle Chalcolithic Anatolia2021 Journal of field archaeology 46 (4): 210-22
  • Fokke Gerritsen
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]2042-4582
Monumentality, social memory, and territoriality in Neolithic–Chalcolithic northwestern Arabia2021 Journal of field archaeology 46 (4): 239-59
  • Ambika Flavel
  • Daniel Franklin
  • Hugh Thomas
  • Jacqueline Noble
  • Jane McMahon
  • Laura Strolin
  • Lauren Swift
  • Melissa Kennedy
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]2042-4582
Transformative copper metallurgy in Chalcholithic Cyprus: a reapprisal2021 Antiquity 95 (381): 670-85
  • Bleda S. Düring
  • Patrick Degryse
  • Sarah De Ceuster
  • Vasiliki Kassianidou
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Early pastoral communities in the mountains of Sicily. Prehistoric evidence from Vallone Inferno (Scillato) in the palaeoenvironmental framework of the Madonie mountain range2021 Journal of anthropological archaeology 61: 1-15
  • Andreu Ollé
  • Josep Maria Vergès
  • Vincenza Forgia
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Chronological sequences of the Copper and Bronze Age in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula: analysis of the radiocarbon dates of Las Mayores (Numancia de la Sagra, Toledo) in their regional surrounding2021 Munibe 72: 97-110
  • Armando González Martín
  • Enrique Cerrillo Cuenca
  • Primitiva Bueno Ramírez
  • Rosa Barroso Bermejo
H6/KE [MUNIBE-]2172-4555Basque and English summaries
Late prehistory of the lower Galilee: multi-faceted investigations of Wadi el-Ashert2021 Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (385): 1-32
  • Austin Chad Hill
  • Morag M. Kersel
  • Thomas M. Urban
  • Yorke M. Rowan
H6/KW [AMERICAN-]0003-097X
Tales from the supplementary information: ancestry change in Chalcolithic-Early Bronze Age Britain was gradual with varied kinship organization2021 Cambridge archaeological journal 31 (3): 379-400
  • Ian Barnes
  • Joanna Brück
  • Selina Brace
  • Thomas J. Booth
H6/KE [CAMBRIDGE-]0959-7743
Transregional perspectives: characterizing obsidian consumption at early Chalcolithic Ein el Jarba (N. Israel)2020 Journal of field archaeology 45 (4): 249-69
  • Katharina Streit
  • Kathrhy Campeau
  • Tristan Carter
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0093-4690
The Neolithic of Southeast Europe: recent trends2020 Annual review of anthropology 49: 123-40
  • John Chapman
  • Stella Souvatzi
H1 [BIENNIAL-]0084-6570
Iconography of the third millennium BC in western Iberia: the representations of deer2020 Adoranten : 24-40
  • Andrea Martins
The chipped stone industry from the Chalcolithic in eastern Romania: a literature review. I. Raw material procurements and the blade technology2020 Arheologia Moldovei 43: 7-23
  • Diana-Măriuca Vornicu
H6/KE [ARHEOLOGIA-]0066-7358
A Corded Ware culture grave from Nezabylice in northwestern Bohemia. On the construction of chamber graves in the Late Eneolithic in Central Europe2020 Archeologické rozhledy 72 (1): 3-25
  • Agnieszka Půlpánová-Reszczyńska
  • Miroslav Dobeš
  • Petr Limburský
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267English summary
Millennia of continuity in the votive behaviour of Europeans. The testimony of tools for determining the value of metal2020 Archeologické rozhledy 72 (3): 311-48
  • Martin Ježek
Pietrele: the Neolithic and Eneolithic settelement on the shore of "Lake Gorgana" (5200-4250 BC). The excavations up to 20142020 Materiale şi cercetări arheologice (Serie Nouă) (16): 5-24
  • Jürgen Wunderlich
  • Meda Toderaş
  • Svend Hansen
H6/KE [MATERIALE ARHEOLOGICE-]0076-5147English summary
L'industrie en matières dures animales du site énéolithique d'Atmageaua Tătărască (Bulgarie). Données technologiques et fonctionnelles2020 Materiale şi cercetări arheologice (Serie Nouă) (16): 5-24
  • Monica Mărgărit
H6/KE [MATERIALE ARHEOLOGICE-]0076-5147English and Romanian summaries
Figural representations in the early Eneolithic: an unpublished figurine from Bubani (eastern Serbia)2020 Materiale şi cercetări arheologice (Serie Nouă) (16): 49-55
  • Jovan D. Mitrović
  • Selena Vitezovic
H6/KE [MATERIALE ARHEOLOGICE-]0076-5147Romanian summary
Population genomics on the origin of lactase persistence in Europe and South Asia2020 Archivio per l'antropologia e la etnologia 150: 99-117
  • Naoyuki Takahata
  • Yoko Satta
H6 [ARCHIVIO-]0373-3009in special issue 'Integrated anthropology: from genetics to ecology, biodiversity, conservation of organisms, cultures and ethnicities'; Italian summary
Ecological dimensions of population dynamics and subsistence in neo Eneolithic Eastern Europe2019 Journal of anthropological archaeology 53: 92-101
  • Aleksandr Diachenko
  • Douglas J. Kennett
  • Thomas K. Harper
  • Yuri Ya Rassamakin
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Skilled people or specialists? Knowledge and expertise in copper age vessels from central Italy2019 Journal of anthropological archaeology 55: 1-20
  • Vanessa Forte
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
Mercury in archaeological human bone: biogenic or diagenetic?2019 Journal of archaeological science 108: 1-10
  • Alison R. Taylor
  • Ana Maria Silva
  • António Valera
  • Armando González Martin
  • Ashley McKenzie
  • Audrey Alderman
  • Eduardo Vijande Vila
  • Leonardo García Sanjuán
  • María Molina Moreno
  • Oscar Cambra-Moo
  • Rebecka Brasso
  • Steven D. Emslie
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Transits and cultural continuities at 4th and 3rd millennium cal BC in the Ebro valley: the open-air settlements of Igay and Los Cascajos (La Rioja, España)2019 Munibe 70: 1-22
  • Carmen Alonso Fernández
  • Javier Jiménez Echevarría
H6/KE [MUNIBE-]1132-2217English and Basque summaries
The settlement patterns in Roshtkhar plain, northeastern Iran2019 Iran 57 (2): 109-22
  • Hassan Basafa
  • Javad Zanganeh Ebrahimi
  • Mohammad Hossein Rezael
H6/KWJ [IRAN-]0578-6967
Contextualizing Kuruçay Höyük: assessing the unexplored late chalcolithic landscape near the beginning of early social complexity in SW Turkey2019 Journal of field archaeology 44 (1): 1-18
  • Branko Mušič
  • Igor Medarić
  • Ralf Vandam
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0093-4690
Proto-Indo-Europeans: the prologue2019 Journal of Indo-European studies 47 (3/4): 293-380
  • Alexander Kozintsev
H6 [JOURNAL-]0092-2323
Towards an archaeological approach to prehistoric rock carvings. From method to symbolics: the final area (western Liguria, Italy) as a case-study2019 Studia mythologica slavica 22: 11-35
  • Martina Olcese
H6/KVP [STUDIA-]1408-6271Italian summary
Industria materiilor dure animale din Tell-ul Gumelniţean de la Pietrele. Reevaluarea vechilor clecţii arheologice2019 Materiale şi cercetări arheologice (Serie Nouă) (15): 61-80
  • Meda Toderaş
  • Monica Mărgărit
H6/KE [MATERIALE ARHEOLOGICE-]0076-5147English summary
The early part of the early (Baalberge) stage of the Funnel Beaker culture in east Bohemia: the settlement in Štítary2019 Archeologické rozhledy 71 (2): 168-240
  • Drahomíra Malyková
  • Milan Zápotocký
  • René Kyselý
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267English summary
Mining and processing of the Stránská skála-type chert during the Late Neolithic and Early Eneolithic periods2019 Archeologické rozhledy 71 (3): 373-417
  • Antonín Přichystal
  • Jaroslav Bartík
  • Ladislav Nejman
  • Lubomír Šebela
  • Petr Škrdla
Contribution to the issues of the distribution of copper from central Slovakia in Moravia in Late Bronze Age: on the example of the metal hoards Blučina 1 and Blučina 132019 Archeologické rozhledy 71 (4): 615-40
  • Milan Salaš
  • Tomáš Zachar
H6/KE [ARCHEOLOGICKE-]0323-1267English summary
The archaeological and numismatic material of the Enea Lanfranconi bequest in the collections of the Hungarian National Museum2019 Communicationes archaeologicae Hungariae : 51-106
  • Bence Soós
  • Gábor-János Tarbay
  • Marta Pallag
  • Tamás Szabdváry
  • Viktória Mozgai
H6/KE [COMMUNICATIONES-]0231-133XEnglish summary
Earliest salt working in the world: from excavation to microscopy at the prehistoric sites of Ţolici and Lunca (Romania)2018 Journal of archaeological science 89: 46-55
  • Dominique Sordoillet
  • Jean-Pierre Sizun
  • Martine Buatier
  • Nicolas Rouge
  • Olivier Weller
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Interpersonal violence among the Chalcolithic and Bronze Ages inhabitants living on the Central Plateau of Iran: a voice from Tepe Hissar2018 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 75 (1): 49-66
  • Andrew Millard
  • Charlotte Roberts
  • Zahra Afshar
Distancing the dead: late Chalcolithic burials in large maze caves in the Negev desert, Israel2018 Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (379): 113-52
  • Amos Frumkin
  • Boaz Langford
  • Dafna Langgut
  • Julia Abramov
  • Micka Ullman
  • Naama Yahalom-Mack
  • Nimrod Marom
  • Uri Davidovich
H6/KW [AMERICAN-]0003-097X
Human figurines from the region of Tel Halif in light of schematic representations in the Chalcolithic cultures of the Southern Levant2018 Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (379): 87-102
  • Amir Ganor
  • Ianir Milevski
  • Nimrod Getzov
H6/KW [AMERICAN-]0003-097XTurkish summary
Copper isotopes as a means of determining regional metallurgical practices in European prehistory: a reply to Jansen2018 Journal of archaeological science 93: 216-21
  • A.H. Bankoff
  • J. John
  • O. Chvojka
  • R. Mathur
  • W. Powell
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403reply to M Jansen, see this issue 211-5
On the use of Cu isotope signatures in archaeometallurgy: a comment on Powell et al.2018 Journal of archaeological science 93: 211-5
  • Moritz Jansen
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403comments on 'Digging deeper: insights into metallurgical transitions in European prehistory through copper isotopes' by W Powell et al. in J archaeol Sci 2017 (88): 37-46
A tale of two tells: dating the Çatahöyük West Mound2018 Antiquity 32 (363): 620-39
  • Amy Bogaard
  • Catriona Gibson
  • David Orton
  • Eva Rosenstock
  • Jana Anvari
  • Jonathan Last
  • Peter F. Biehl
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Size matters: the role of nodule size in assessing lithic transportation - the case of the Mount Reihan flint extraction and axe/adze workshop, Dishon basin, eastern Galilee, Israel2018 Lithic technology 43 (3): 186-200
  • Avi Gopher
  • Meir Finkel
*H6/KE [LITHIC-]0197-7261
Siret's smile2018 Antiquity 92 (365): 1247-59
  • Jean Guilaine
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Prehistoric innovations: wheels and wheeled vehicles2018 Acta archaeologica (Budapest) 69 (2): 271-98
  • Mária Bondár
H6/KE [ACTA-]0001-5210
Chalcolithic ceramic connections between Mesopotamia and Iran, c. 5900-5100 B.C.E.2018 Iraq 80: 233-50
  • Kyra Kaercher
  • Melissa Sharp
H6/KE [IRAQ-]0021-0889Arabic summary
A middle Timnian nomadic encampment on the Faynan-Bersheba road: excavations and survey at Nahal Tsafit (late 5th/early 4th millennia B.C.E.)2018 Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (380): 27-60
  • Jacob Vardi
  • Kyle Knabb
  • Liora Kolska Horwitz
  • Sorin Hermon
  • Steven A. Rosen
  • Yuval Goren
H6/KW [AMERICAN-]0003-097X
Feeding a third millennium BC mega-site: bioarchaeological analyses of palaeodiet and dental disease at Marroquíes (Jaén, Spain)2018 Journal of anthropological archaeology 52: 23-43
  • Hervé Bocherens
  • Jess Beck
  • Marta Díaz-Zorita Bonilla
  • Pedro Díaz-del-Río
*H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0278-4165
The planning and orientation of the Rego da Murta dolmens (Alvaiázere, Portugal)2018 Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 84: 207-24
  • Alexandra Figueiredo
  • Benito Vilas-Estévez
  • Fabio Silva
H6/KE [PREHISTORIC-]0079-497XFrench, German and Spanish summaries
To weave or not to weave? Textile production and the development of a technological habitus in Cypriot prehistory2018 Origini 41 (1): 25-51
  • Giulia Muti
  • Luca Bombardieri
H6/KE [ORIGINI-]0034-6805Italian summary
Evidence from burial sediments for prehistoric burial practice and ritual in Monte Claro chambered tombs: micromorphology, mineralogy and geochemistry2018 Journal of archaeological science 100: 139-47
  • Clare Wilson
  • Ilaria Garbi
  • Maria Raimonda Usai
  • Maria Rosaria Manunza
  • Matthew D. Pickering
H6/KE [JOURNAL-]0305-4403
Traditions of ceramic production in the Central and Eastern Europe eneolithic: Tripolye, late Malice and Lublin-Volhynian cultures2018 Sprawozdania archeologiczne 70: 67-85 [plates i-viii]
  • Anna Zakościelna
  • Elena Starkova
H6/KE [SPRAWOZDANIA-]0081-3834
Microliths from graves of the Lublin-Volhynian at Site 2 in Książnice, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship2018 Sprawozdania archeologiczne 70: 243-68 [plates i-ii]
  • Bernadeta Kufel-Diakowska
  • Stanisław Wilk
H6/KE [SPRAWOZDANIA-]0081-3834
Late Copper Age settlement in Pécel 2nd (Hatos-dűlő) site2018 Studia comitatensia (36): 8-27
  • András Raina
H6/KVN [STUDIA-]0133-3046English summary