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Naming powers: Hausa tsafi and Tiv tsav2014 Journal of African cultural studies 26 (1): 33-55
  • Raymond Boyd
  • Richard Fardon
*H6/KY [JOURNAL-]1369-6815
The holocene history of the southern Lake Chad basin: archaeological, linguistic and genetic evidence2012 African archaeological review 29 (2-3): 253-71
  • Scott MacEachern
*H6/KE [AFRICAN-]0263-0338in special issue 'Thinking across the African past: archaeological, linguistic and genetic research on the precolonial African past'; French summary
Immigration of the Chadic-speaking Sao towards 600 BC2008 Borno Museum Society newsletter (72/73-74/75): 84-106
  • Dierk Lange
H6/KY [BORNO-]1115-0335
The endangered languages issue in northern Nigeria: a Chadic perspective2005 Borno Museum Society newsletter (62-63): 7-31
  • Andrew Haruna
H6/KY [BORNO-]1115-0335
Mt DNA sequences of Chadic-speaking populations from northern Cameroon suggests their affinities with Eastern Africa2004 Annals of human biology 31 (5): 554-69
  • J. Bružek
  • M. Hájek
  • R. Brdička
  • R. Čmejla
  • V. Černý
H6/HB [ANNALS-]0301-4460German, French, and Spanish summaries
Dott, aka Zodi (Chadic, West-B, south-Bauchi): grammatical notes, vocabulary and text2002 Afrika und Übersee 85 (2): 161-248
  • B. Caron
H6/KK 'ZEITSCHRIFT-'0002-0427