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The carving of the rhino 'jambiyyah' hilt in North Yemen1990 Arabian studies 42: 11-21
  • Jan Chapman
Guaranty of the market at Huth1990 Arabian studies 42: 63-91
  • Paul Dresch
A beekeeping project in the Yemen Arab Republic1990 Arabian studies 42: 1-10
  • Elbert R Jaycox
  • Jan Karpowicz
Weights and measures in Mecca during the late Ayyubid and Mamluk periods1990 Arabian studies 42: 177-85
  • Richard T Mortel
Notes on mystical healers in the Hugariyyah1990 Arabian studies 42: 171-6
  • Cynthia Myntti
The indigo industry of the Yemen1990 Arabian studies 42: 39-62
  • Jenny Balfour-Paul
The early history of the Yemeni port of Al-Hudaydah [with a supplementary note by R.B. Serjeant]1985 Arabian studies : 37-51
  • John Baldry
The production of sorghum ('dhurah') in highland Yemen1985 Arabian studies : 53-88
  • Daniel Martin Varisco
The Yemeni coast in lOO5/1597: an anonymous note on the flyleaf of Ibn al-Mujawir's 'Tarikh al-Mustabsir'1985 Arabian studies : 187-91
  • R B Serjeant
Sea chanties of Kuwait1985 Arabian studies : 89-95
  • Hessa al- Rifai
T.E. Lawrence and his Arab contemporaries1985 Arabian studies : 7-21
  • Suleiman Mousa
Bertram Thomas and the crossing of Al-Rub' Al-Khali1985 Arabian studies : 139-50
  • Brian Marshall
An unpublished Ottoman manuscript on the Yemen in 1849: Mustafa Hami's "Sevkü 'l-'asker 'l-cedid der 'ahd-i Sultan Mecid"1985 Arabian studies : 161-86
  • Klaus Kreiser
The Tayyibi - Fatimid community of the Yaman at the time of the Ayyubid conquest of southern Arabia1985 Arabian studies : 151-60
  • Abbas Hamdani
Palgrave and his critics, the origins and implications of a controversy. l, The nineteenth century - the Abyssinian imbroglio1985 Arabian studies : 97-138
  • Benjamin Braude
Village communities in Bilad Rufayadah: their political and economic organisation1982 Arabian studies : 77-96
  • Mohammed al- Zulfa
Recurrent verbal formulas in Kuwait1982 Arabian studies : 205-10
  • Mahmoud Aziz F Yassin
Kawkaban: some of its history1982 Arabian studies : 35-50
  • Clive Smaith
Sanitation and security: the imperial powers and the nineteenth century 'Hajj'1982 Arabian studies : 143-60
  • William R Roff
Observations on the architectural terminology of the south-west of the Arabian peninsula1982 Arabian studies : 97-112
  • Theodore Prochazka jr
The commercial history of the Hijaz Vilayet, 184O-19O81982 Arabian studies : 57-76
  • William Ochsenwald
The development and function of the shaykh in nomad/settler symbiosis1982 Arabian studies : 5-204
  • William Lancaster
Some examples of the secular architecture of the Najd1982 Arabian studies : 113-42
  • Geoffrey King
The 'Ikhwan' movement of central Arabia1982 Arabian studies : 161-9
  • Lawrence Gouldrup
Tribal structures in south Oman1982 Arabian studies : 51-6
  • Salim Bakhit al-Tabuki
Mathematical astronomy in medieval Yemen1979 Arabian studies : 61-5
  • David A King
William Leveson Gower in the Yemen, 19O31979 Arabian studies : 141-7
  • Eric Macro
Women's inheritance of land in highland Yemen1979 Arabian studies : 161-87
  • Martha Mundy
The identification of the Wadi 'l-Qura and the ancient Islamic site of al-Mibyat1979 Arabian studies : 1-
  • Abdullah A Nasif
Water resources and agriculture in Qatar1979 Arabian studies : 67-85
  • John G Pike
Lieutenant Wyburd's journal of an expedition into Arabia1979 Arabian studies : 21-36
  • Penelope Tuson
Regular and permanent markets in the San'a' region1979 Arabian studies : 189-91
  • Robert Wilson
Hakluyt's description of the 'Hajj'1978 Arabian studies : 75-80
  • C F Beckingham
Guarding crops against 'am-sibritah' in north-west Yemen1978 Arabian studies : 209-10
  • Robert Wilson
Early sites of Jabal 'Iyal Yazid1978 Arabian studies : 67-73
  • Robert Wilson
Architectural terminology of the Saudi Arabian south-west1978 Arabian studies : 113-121
  • Theodore Prochazka jr
A Turkish report on the Red sea and the Portuguese in the Indian ocean (1525)1978 Arabian studies : 81-8
  • Salih Ozbaran
Bayt al-Mu'ayyad: a late nineteenth-century house of al-Bahrayn1978 Arabian studies : 27-45
  • Geoffrey King
A St. George of Dhofar1978 Arabian studies : 59-65
  • T M Johnstone
Development or decline of pastoralists: the Bani Qitab of the Sultanate of Oman1978 Arabian studies : 7-
  • J S Birks
Biographical notes on European accounts of Muscat 15OO-19OO1978 Arabian studies : 123-59
  • Robin Bidwell
Temporary marriage in pre-Islamic south Arabia1978 Arabian studies : 21-5
  • A F L Beeston
Sedenterisation and settlement of the Bedouin1978 Arabian studies : 1-5
  • Sa'id Salman Abu'Adhirah
Bio-bibliographical background to the crisis period in the Ibadi Imamate of Oman (end of 9th to end of 14th century)1976 Arabian studies : 137-64
  • J C Wilkinson
A bust of a south Arabian winged goddess with nimbus in the possession of Miss Leila Ingrams1976 Arabian studies : 67-78
  • Jacques Ryckmans
Knots and curses [Arabia]1976 Arabian studies : 79-83
  • T M Johnstone
Evolution of the organisational structure of the Fatimi Da'wah: the Yemeni and Persian contribution1976 Arabian studies : 85-114
  • 'Abbas Hamdani
A note on Law No. l of 1974 concerning the family, People's Democratic Republic of Yemen1976 Arabian studies : 1-6
  • Isam Ghanem
A French family in the Yemen1976 Arabian studies : 127-35
  • Louise Février
The Yemeni constitution and its religious orientation1976 Arabian studies : 115-25
  • Al-Tayib Zein al-Abdin