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Prehistoric innovations: wheels and wheeled vehicles2018 Acta archaeologica (Budapest) 69 (2): 271-98
  • Mária Bondár
H6/KE [ACTA-]0001-5210
Gaining traction on cattle exploitation: zooarchaeological evidence from the Neolithic Western Balkans2018 Antiquity 92 (366): 1462-77
  • Haskel J. Greenfield
  • Jane S. Gaastra
  • M. Vander Linden
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Panniers to stiff carts: early farm transport in the Isle of Man2015 Folk life 53 (2): 122-50
  • Chris Page
  • David Viner
H6/KVC [FOLK-]0008-3496
An axle and two wheels: material culture and memory in a Sutherland emigrant family of the nineteenth century2014 Scottish studies 37: 134-41
  • Margaret A. Mackay
H6/KVC [SCOTTISH-]in monographic issue 'A festschrift in honour of John MacInnes'
Cartage in Buda (1900-1950)2013 Néprajzi értesítő 95: 129-58
  • Mátyás Szabó
H6/KVN [BUDAPEST. Magyar Nemezeti Muzeum. Neprajzi Tar. A Neprajzi Muzeum Ertesitoje-]0007-9699English summary
Products of cartwrights in tariffs2013 Ethnographia 124 (3): 321-37
  • Fruzsina Cseh
H6/KVN [ETHNOGRAPHIA-]0014-1798English summary
Der Mensch lernt fahren - zur Frühgeschichte des Wagens2012 Mitteilungen der anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien 142: 81-100
  • Stefan Burmeister
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGISCHE GESELLSCHAFT IN WIEN. Mitteilungen-]0066-4693in thematic issue 'Bewegung - Fortbewegung'; English summary
A new early bronze age wagon model from the Carpathian Basin2011 World archaeology 43 (4): 538-53
  • György V. Székely
  • Mária Bondár
H6/KE [WORLD-]0043-8243
Das Rind in Vorgeschichte und traditioneller Landwirtschaft: archäologische und technologisch-ergologische Aspekte2011 Mitteilungen der Berliner Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte 32: 81-106
  • Astrid Masson
  • Eva Rosenstock
H6 [BERLINER-]0178-7896
The neolithic burial sequence at Flintbek LA3, north Germany, and its cart tracks: a precise chronology2011 Antiquity 85 (329): 743-58
  • Doris Mischka
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
The churl's wagon2010 Folklore (Tartu) 43: 51-60
  • Andres Kuperjanov
H6/KVT [FOLKLORE-]1406-0957
Leleche, the wheel tracks of Daur history2009 China's ethnic groups (1): 54-61
  • Weiwei Su
H6/KWS [CHINA'S-]1672-3341
The phases of loss - the case of wheeler craft2009 Tabula 12 (2): 233-46
  • Fruzsina Cseh
H6/KF [TABULA-]1419-3310English summary
The cart ruts of Malta: an applied geomorphology approach2008 Antiquity 82 (318): 1065-79
  • Alastair Pearson
  • Derek Mottershead
  • Martin Schaefer
H6/KE [ANTIQUITY-]0003-598X
Recording and interpreting Moffreys2007-2008 Folk life 46: 96-119
  • Dennis R. Mills
H6/KVC [FOLK-]0008-3496
Carros de l'Alzinar de la Roca i eines de carreter de Can Marxant, patrimoni pagès i menestral a la Plana de Vic2007 Revista d'etnologia de Catalunya 30: 148-51
  • Anna Homs i Forcada
  • Jacint Torrents i Buxó
  • Rocío Almazán i Moga
H6/KVE [REVISTA-]1132-6581
L'Adrar des Iforas (Malil) à l'époque des chars: art, religion, rapports sociaux et relations à grande distance2006 Sahara 17: 29-50
  • Christian Dupuy
H6/KE [SAHARA-]1120-5679English and Italian summaries
Bisher unbekannte kupfer- und bronzezeitliche Wagenmodelle aus Ungarn2006 Acta archaeologica (Budapest) 57 (1-3): 35-45
  • T. Kovács
H6/KE [ACTA-]0001-5210
A fragment of clay model wagon from Rugineşti2006 Studii şi cercetări de istorie veche şi arheologie 57 (1-4): 113-28
  • Anca-Diana Popescu
H6/KE [STUDII-]1220-4781English summary
Die spätrömischen Hortfunde von der Gora oberhalb von Pohlov Gradec2005 Arheološki vestnik 56: 293-368
  • Dragan Božič
H6/KE [ARHEOLOSKI-]0570-8966English and Slovenian summaries
Verzierter Wagenbeschlag aus den Sammlungen des Ethnographischen Instituts des Mährischen Landesmuseums2005 Folia ethnographica 39: 85-95
  • Jarmila Pechová
H6/KVL [ETHNOGRAPHICA-]0862-1209English and German summaries
A wagon with a cauldron or a ceremonial wagon? (On the lead wagon model from Frög near Rosegg)2004 Arheološki vestnik 55: 251-66
  • Paul Gleirscher
H6/KE [ARHEOLOSKI-]0570-8966English and Slovenian summaries
The wheelright's trade in Suvalkija at the turn of 20th century2003 Liaudies kultûra 5: 10-21
  • Janina Morkūnienė
H6/KVT 'LIAUDIES-'0236-0551English summary
An iron age chariot burial from Scotland2003 Antiquity 77 (297): 531-5
  • Fraser Hunter
  • Stephen Carter
H6/KE 'ANTIQUITY-'0003-598X
The remains of the eneolithic cart from the Ljubljana marshes2002 Arheološki vestnik 53: 51-7
  • Anton Velušček
0570-8966English summary
Iconografía y técnicas agrícolas: carretas y carros en España2002 Anales del Museo Nacional de Antropología 9: 127-69
  • José Luis Mingote Caldeón
H6/KVE [ANALES-]1135-1853
Chariots of the gods ? Landscape and imagery at Frännarp, Sweden2002 Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 68: 215-46, 317, 320, 325 [i-ii]
  • John Coles
0079-497XFrench, Spanish and German summaries
It beats walking - the sedan chair2001 Ulster folklife 47: 66-74
  • Mark Kennedy
Art rupestre dans le confins nord-orientaux du Tassili-n-Ajjer (région de l'Aramat, Lybie)2001 Sahara 12: 45-82, 'plates B-F'
  • François Soleilhavoup
  • Helene Delousset
  • Jacques Guerrier
  • Nicole Honoré
  • Philippe Masy
1120-5679English and Italian summaries
Transport of the inhabitants of the Jurbarkas' region: retrospection, pecularities and usage2001 Liaudies kultûra 5: 22-32
  • Janina Morkūnienė
0236-0551English summary
The Chapar-Khāna system in Qajar Iran2001 Iran 39: 257-91
  • Willem Floor
Transport painting: the decorated rickshaws of Dhaka1999 Arts and the Islamic world 34: 71-2
  • Bulbon Osman
0264-1828in special issue 'Contemporary art in Bangladesh
The travelling barbarians1999 Konteksty 1/2: 55-61, 217
  • Agnieszka Tulik
1230-6142English summary
'Riksha-Art' in Bangladesh1999 Kleine Beiträge 17: 95-100
  • Franz Sindermann
The horse bridle of the middle bronze age in the east European forest-steppe and the steppe1999 Anthropology and archeology of Eurasia 38 (1): 39-59
  • A. D. Priakhin
  • V. I. Besedin
H6/KVY [ANTHROPOLOGY-]1061-1959in special issue 'Chasing horse cultures in Eurasia'
Some characteristics of peasant transport and vehicle culture in the north of Trans-Danubia1999 Ethnographia 110 (2): 255-63
  • Lajos Kemecsi
English summary
Iranian hand-carts. Means of transportation, technical rationality and state logic1999 Techniques et cultures 33: 145-65, 216, 218
  • Didier Gazagnadou
0248-6016English and Spanish summaries
Passwege der keltischen und römischen Zeit in den Ostalpen1999 Mitteilungen der anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien 129: 125-31
  • Rupert Breitwieser
English summary
People narrate: master1998 Liaudies kultūra 1: 65-71
  • Jonas Vaiškūnas
English summary
Carreaux de Poêle représentant des chevaliers des XVIe-XVIIe siècles, découverts en Moldavie1998 Studii şi cercetări de istorie veche şi arheologie 49 (2): 195-205
  • Paraschiva-Victoria Batariuc
H6/KE [STUDII-]1220-4781French summary
Die neue Entdeckung des sog. Fürstengrabes aus der älteren [Eisenzeit] in Kolín1997 Středočeský vlastivědný Sborník 15: 165-7
  • Jarmila Valentová
German summary
The wheeled cauldrons and the wine1997 Antiquity 71 (274): 994-9
  • Gad Rausing
Description of three human skeletons from the burial site Sukhanika, southern Siberia. On the social status of chariot-men among the population of the Karasuk culture1997 Eurasia antiqua: Zeitschrift für Archäologie Eurasiens 3: 255-76
  • Mariia B. Mednikova
German and Russian summaries
People narrate1997 Liaudies kultūra 6: 68-71
  • Valentinas Gustainis
English summary
Felt and [tent carts] in The secret history of the Mongols1997 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (Series 3) 7 (1): 93-116
  • Michael Gervers
Reconstruction and study of the horse-drawn carriage No. 1 [from] Han tomb No. 1 on Shuangru hill1997 Kaogu 3: 16-26
  • Cui Dayong
Über die Tonwagenmodelle auf dem Gabiete Rumäniens in der Bronzezeit1996 Thraco-Dacica 17 (1/2): 117-37
  • Cristian Schuster
German summary
Attempted typological modelling of the cart stock of a settlement1995 Ethnographia 106 (2): 463-80
  • Gyula Szekeres
German summary
Holzteer in der Tribologie [English and French summaries]1991 Acta praehistorica et archaeologica 23: 47-53
  • A Kurzweil
  • D Todtenhaupt