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Aging, motor disability and exclusion. A view from the province of Copiapó2021 Runa: archivo para la ciencias del hombre 42 (2): 99-117
  • Cristobál Candia Araneda
  • Mauricio Lorca
0325-1217English and Portuguese summaries
Biomechanical analysis of the launch with atlatl2021 Boletin de arqueologia PUCP (30): 53-76
  • Carlos Coros Villca
H6/KE [BOLETIN DE ARQUEOLOGIA PUCP-]2304-4292in special section 'La antropología biológica en Sudamérica'; English summary
Getting the hang of how to tame the beast: learning process of digital technology by elders2019 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 62 (3): 652-78
  • Déborah Krischke Leitão
  • Diessic Shaiene Gaige
  • Monalisa Dias de Siqueira
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701English summary
Significant change in muscular strength based on the head and neck position2017 Papers on anthropology 36 (1): 115-25
  • Gregory Anoufriev
  • Imants Kalninš
  • Janis Vetra
  • Janis Vetra Jr
  • Larisa Beilina
  • Silvija Umbraško
  • Vladimir Sklarevich
  • Vladislavs Kotovs
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Embodying identities in transition through Chinese dance in Belfast2015 Irish journal of anthropology 18 (1): 33-41
  • Wanting Wu
H6/KVC [IRISH-]1393-8592
Activity-related sexual dimorphism in Alaskan foragers from Point Hope: evidence from the upper limb2015 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 72 (4): 473-89
  • Assumpció Malgosa
  • Ignasi Galtés
  • Joan Manyosa
  • Pere Ibáñez-Gimeno
  • Xavier Jordana
The overall approach to elderly patients in the hospital: a filmic survey at the Bretonneau Geriatric Hospital (Paris)2014 Journal des anthropologues (138-139): 221-38
  • Nicolas Archimbaud
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]1156-0428English summary
The optimal waiting time for armstring peak power after a warm-up program with static stretching2014 The Anthropologist 18 (3): 777-81
  • B. Meric Bingul
The effect of core plyometric exercises on soccer players2014 The Anthropologist 18 (3): 927-32
  • Yakup Akif Afyon
Permanent deficits in handgrip strength and running speed performance in low birth weight children2013 American journal of human biology 25 (1): 58-62
  • João Wellington-Barros
  • José Maia
  • Marcelus Brito-Almeida
  • Marcos Moura-Dos-Santos
  • Raul Manhães-De-Castro
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Risk factors for osteoarthritis of the hip2013 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 48: 65-74
  • Branislava Stanimirov
  • Jelena Zvekić-Svorcan
  • Karmela Filipović
  • Snežana Tomašević-Tododović
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Quantitative differences in motor abiilities and basic anthropometrics characteristics of boys and girls from fourth grade of primary school2013 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 48: 121-7
  • Živković-
  • Andrea Jelena Vuković
  • Dragan Cvejić
  • Svetlana Buišić
  • Tamara Pejović
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Study of back strength and its association with selected anthropometric and physical fitness variables in inter-university hockey players2012 The Anthropologist 14 (4): 359-63
  • Jaspal Singh Sandhu
  • Santosh Jha
  • Shyamal Koley
Kinematics of bipedal locomotion while carrying a load in the arms in bearded capucin monkeys (Sapajus libidinosus)2012 Journal of human evolution 63 (6): 851-8
  • Dorothy Fragaszy
  • Evandro Sanches
  • Jandy Hanna
  • Marcos Duarte
  • Qing Liu
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0047-2484
The influence of regular physical education classes on the adaptive processes of motor agility and functional abilities2012 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 47: 261-8
  • Nataša Branković
  • Ratko Pavlović
  • Sandra Milanović
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Assessment of physiological workload related to selected manual material handling tasks2011 The Anthropologist 13 (4): 293-8
  • Hemu Rathore
  • Neelima Sinwal
  • Suman Singh
  • Sushma Sinwal
Populational-genetical analysis of hyperextensibility of the thumb joint in the population of Živinice (Bosnia and Hercegovina)2011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 195-9
  • Adisa Ahmić
  • Hajrija Hamidović
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Trend of different age groups' change of hyper-extensibility in the distal thumb joint in the population of Sapna (B & H)2011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 219-27
  • Ešref Bećirović
  • Frikreta Brahimaj
  • Mehdin Selimović
  • Ramiz Salkić
  • Sabina H. Halilović
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
The puppet's paradox: an organic prosthesis2011 Res 59/60: 325-36
  • Chiara Cappelletto
*H6 [RES-]0277-1322
No relationship between low back pain and hamstring flexibility2011 The Anthropologist 13 (2): 117-20
  • Neha Likhi
  • Shayamal Koley
Assessment of postural stress among inmates of old age home in India2011 The Anthropologist 13 (1): 43-6
  • S. N. Kashyap
Influence of one-year training process on development of basic physical abilities2011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 247-52
  • Dalibor Sudar
  • Vukašin Badža
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Anthropometrical characteristics of girls 7-8 years of age from the aspect of initial selection for rhythmic gymnastics2011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 279-85
  • Dušanka Tumin
  • Tatjana Jezdimirović
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
The impact of body composition on the performance of complex locomotive structures of girls 11-12 years of age2011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 287-92
  • Boris Popivić
  • Dejan Madić
  • Dušanka Tumin
  • Jelena Obradović
  • Milan Pantović
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Quantitative differences in anthropometric characteristics and motor abilities of girls from Novi Sad and Split2011 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 46: 301-7
  • Damjan Jakšić
  • Gustav Bala
  • Marijana Čavala
  • Ratko Katić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Comparative study of physical fitness components of rural and urban female students of Punjabi University, Patiala2010 The Anthropologist 12 (1): 17-21
  • Manmeet Gill
  • Nishan Singh Deol
  • Ramanjit Kaur
An association of backpack weight and postural habits in school going children of Amritsar, Punjab, India2010 The Anthropologist 12 (2): 107-11
  • Navneet Kaur
  • Shaymal Koley
Development of an anatomically based-whole-body muskoloskeletal model of the Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata)2009 American journal of physical anthropology 139 (3): 323-38
  • Haruyuki Makishima
  • Kazuo Tsuchiya
  • Naomichi Ogihara
  • Shinya Aoi
  • Yasuhiro Sugimoto
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Locomotor variation and bending regimes of capuchin limb bones2009 American journal of physical anthropology 139 (4): 558-71
  • Brigitte Demes
  • Kristian J. Carlson
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Dynamic in-hand movements in adult and young juvenile chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)2009 American journal of physical anthropology 138 (3): 274-85
  • Dorothy Fragaszy
  • Jessica Crast
  • Misato Hayashi
  • Tetsuro Matsuzawa
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Functional implications of radial diaphyseal curvature2009 American journal of physical anthropology 138 (3): 286-92
  • Assumpció Malgosa
  • Ignasi Galtés
  • Joan Manyosa
  • Xavier Jordana
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Female flexibility from adolescence to maturity2009 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 44: 245-52
  • Jelena Obradović
  • Maja Batez
  • Milan Cvetković
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKOGI-]1820-7936English summary
Technical note: forearm pronation efficiency analysis in skeletal remains2009 American journal of physical anthropology 140 (3): 589-94
  • Assumpció Malgosa
  • Ignasi Galtés
  • Joan Manyosa
  • Xavier Jordana
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
A comparative analysis of motor models of the volleyball pioneer selections of Serbia during the period from 1996-20042008 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 43: 229-37
  • Goran Nešić
  • Tamara Karalić
  • Toplica Stojanović
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Trends of active range of motion at three important joints in school-going boys of Amritsar, Punjab2008 The Anthropologist 10 (3): 225-7
  • Amitoj Singh
  • Shyamal Koley
Trends of active range of motion at three important joints on school-going girls of Jammu2008 South Asian anthropologist 8 (1): 61-3
  • Roopsi Rohini
  • Shyamal Koley
H6/KW [SOUTH-]0257-7348
Gait parameter adjustments of cotton-top tamarins (Saguinus oedipus, Callitrichidae) to locomotion on inclined arboreal substrates2008 American journal of physical anthropology 135 (1): 13-26
  • John A. Nyakatura
  • Manuela Schmidt
  • Martin S. Fischer
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Impact of habitual physical activity on the human body proportions: a comparative study of some traditional occupational groups2007 Journal of human ecology 22 (3): 271-5
  • A. P. Singh
  • S. P. Singh
H6 [JOURNAL-]0970-9274
Changes in the level of physical and motoric evolution among Polish youth in the peiod between1964 and 20042006 Česká antropologie 56: 43-7
  • Ewa Ziółkowska-Łajp
  • Marek Drozdowski
The influence of anthropometrical and flexibility parameters on the results of breaststroke swimming2005 Anthropologischer Anzeiger 63 (2): 213-19
  • Gennadi Jagomägi
  • Toivo Jürimäe
H6/HB [ANTHROPOLOGISCHER-]0003-5548German summary
Changes in range of motion of the lower limbs among women during the final three months of pregnancy2004 Česká antropologie 54: 49-50
  • Martina Černeková
  • Petr Hlaváček
H6/KVL [ANTROPOLOGICKÁ-]0862-5085English summary
Curvilinear, geometric and phylogenetic modeling of basicranial flexion: is it adaptive, is it constrained?2004 Journal of human evolution 46 (2): 185-213
  • Callum F. Ross
  • Maciej Henneberg
  • Matthew J. Ravosa
  • Simon Richard
Predicting long bone loading from cross-sectional geometry2004 American journal of physical anthropology 123 (2): 156-71
  • Brigitte Demes
  • Daniel E. Lieberman
  • John D. Polk
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
Morpho-physiological characteristics of young female volleyball players2003 Papers on anthropology 12: 202-18
  • Padevětová
  • J. Železny
  • M. Prokopec
  • M. Řemenář
Transversal analysis of frequency of cyphosis among adolescent students2003 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Jugoslavije 38: 177-83
  • Veselin Jovović
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]0351-1480English summary
Longitudinal changes in isokinetic le strength in 10-14-year-olds2002 Annals of human biology 29 (1): 50-62
  • J. R. Welsman
  • M. B. A. De St Croix
  • N. Armstrong
  • P. Sharpe
0301-4460French and German summaries
Relationship between back extensor muscle strength, fatiguability and anthropometric characteristics in middle-aged women2002 Papers on anthropology 11: 53-61
  • Ege Johanson
  • Helena Gapayeva
  • Jaan Ereline
  • Mati Pääsuke
Preliminary study of jumping ability using the Optojump system2002 Biométrie humaine et anthropologie 20 (1/2): 17-21
  • Berengere Lange
  • Thierry Bury
1279-7863in thematic issue 'Sport, biométrie humaine, kiné-anthropométrie'; English summary
Chasse et activités physiques dans la préhistoire: les marqueurs osseux d'activités chez l'homme fossile2000 Anthropologie et préhistoire 111: 156-65
  • Olivier Dutour
H6 [SOCIETE-]0777-6187in special section 'Weapons' in special issue 'Hunting in prehistory'
Dimensions and moment arms of the hind- and forelimb muscles of common chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)1999 American journal of physical anthropology 110 (2): 179-99
  • Susannah K. S. Thorpe
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]0002-9483
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