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Population distribution of the methionine allele at the PRNP Codon 129 polymorphism in Europe and the Middle East2008 Human biology 80 (2): 181-90
  • Florent Diéterlien
  • Géraldine Mercier
  • Gérard Lucotte
H6/HB [HUMAN-]0018-7143
Spongiform encelopathy, cannibalism and neanderthals extinction2004 Human evolution 19 (2): 81-92
  • B. Chiarelli
About mad cows1997 Journal des anthropologues 68/9: 201-9
  • Anne-Marie Brisebarre
English summary
Presymptomatic detection or exclusion of prion protein gene defects in families with inherited prion diseases1991 American Journal of human genetics 49 (6): 1351-4
  • J Collinge