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Timing and pace of changes in puberty in Belarusian Poles'ie schoolchildren surveyed in 1976-1978 and in 2010-20122015 International journal of anthropology 30 (3/4): 243-8
  • N. Kozakevich
  • V. Mel'nik
H6/HB [INTERNATIONAL-]0393-9383in special issue 'Belarusian anthropology - 50 years of development'
Middle phalangeal hair distribution of Serbian and Albanian high school pupils2010 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 45: 165-74
  • Dobrivoje Đorđević
  • Elizabeta Dadić Nikoloska
  • Ljudmila Efremovska
  • Milan Ćirić
  • Milkica Nešić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Characteristics of sexual maturity in adolescents from the region of the south-east Rodopi mountains from 7-17 years2009 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 44: 307-16
  • Slavi Tineshev
Middle phalangeal hair distribution in the local population in Tuzla Canton (Bosnia and Hercegovina)2009 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 44: 369-74
  • Hajrija Hamidović
  • Rifat Terzić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKOGI-]1820-7936English summary
Middle phalangeal hair distribution: samples from the research of the Albanian population of the Republic of Macedonia2008 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 43: 114-21
  • Dobrivoje Đorđević
  • Elizabeta Dadić Nikoloska
  • Jovan Efremovski
  • Ljudmila Efremovska
  • Orhan Iseni
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Hairiness of the middle phalanx of the hand in high school pupils in Niš2008 Glasnik antropološkog Društva Srbije 43: 539-46
  • Milan Ćirić
  • Milkica Nešić
  • Nenad Pejčić
  • Suzana Branković
  • Vladimir Nešić
H6/KVP [ANTROPOLOSKO-]1820-7936English summary
Algunos datos antropológicos del indígena puneño2008 Boletín de Lima 30 (151): 109-14
  • José Marroquin
*H6/KE [BOLETIN-]0253-0015English and German summaries
Pubertal development during adolescence among Bhil boys of Rajasthan2001 The Anthropologist 3 (3): 167-71
  • K. N. Reddy
  • K. S. N. Reddy
  • S. Yousuf Basha
Stages of biological maturation in the Slovak population: timing and sequences2000 Papers on anthropology 9: 142-52
  • Miroslav Prokopec
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Relationship of primary and secondary sexual characters of human females with blood groups1999 Journal of human ecology 10 (3): 215-7
  • Amrapali Sinha
  • C. K. Singh
  • H. P. Singh
A human axillary organ: an evolutionary puzzle1998 Human evolution 13 (2): 73-89
  • D. M. Stoddart
A study of middle phalangeal hair among two endogamous castes of Assam1997 Journal of human ecology 8 (3): 219-20
  • Sarthak Sengupta