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Agricultural marketing in less developed areas with reference to livestock1992 Fort Hare papers 11: 67-77
  • G. C. G. Fraser
Investigating racial attitudes in pre-school children by means of photographs1992 Fort Hare papers 11: 78-89
  • G. A. Richardson
  • T. S. Magojo
Eric Voegelin: a consciousness of order1992 Fort Hare papers 11: 1-46
  • E. H. Wainwright
Towards an African Christian theology: African traditional beliefs and Christianity1992 Fort Hare papers 11: 99-124
  • D. T. Williams
The life and work of Professor H.W. Pahl1990 Fort Hare papers 10: 1-21
  • B M Mini
An excavation of a middle stone age deposit in Grassridge rockshelter, Sterkstroom district, Cape province1988 Fort Hare papers : 51-62
  • H Opperman
A reference framework for planning agricultural development in less developed countries1985 Fort Hare papers : 42-51
  • T J Bembridge
Crites' model of career maturity and its implications for the southern African region1985 Fort Hare papers : 83-90
  • Eugène van Niekerk
Towards a communicative teaching of language: English second language (ESL) teaching strategies at the Universities of Michigan and Fort Hare1985 Fort Hare papers : 29-37
  • K Pillay
The role of adult education in development at the Institute of Extra Mural Studies of the National Unversity of Lesotho, Africa1985 Fort Hare papers : 38-41
  • Donovan Russell
The deception of wealth and the blessing of poverty1985 Fort Hare papers : 1-10
  • J N Suggit
Prosperity and faith: Christian emphasis or materialist syncretism?1985 Fort Hare papers : 11-28
  • D T Williams
'Township art' in southern Africa1984 Fort Hare papers : 407-17
  • E J de Jager
A report on excavations at Grassridge Rock Shelter, Sterkstroom district, Cape Province1984 Fort Hare papers : 391-406
  • H Opperman
Intercultural communication: the bridge between cultural groups1982 Fort Hare papers : 263-74
  • H J Groenewald
Concepts of time among the Xhosa1982 Fort Hare papers : 229-38
  • D Kopke
The relationship between achievement motivation, test anxiety and level of aspiration of black students at the University of Fort Hare1982 Fort Hare papers : 247-57
  • W G van der Merwe
On the encounter of indigenous African religion with Christianity1981 Fort Hare papers 7 (3): 185-99
  • J P A Du Preez
Man and cosmos: the visual cosmology of Dan Rakgoathe1980 Fort Hare papers 7 (2): 95-123
  • E J de Jager
Successful agricultural extension: a Rhodesian experience1979 Fort Hare papers 7 (1): 85-90
  • T J Bembridge
illus., bibliogr.
Fuel consumption in the Ciskei: a preliminary survey1979 Fort Hare papers 7 (1): 72-9
  • K J Gabarone
  • M E Marker
  • T H Lichaba
illus., map
Reddingsopgrawing van 'n steentydperk-vindplek op die Fort Hare Universiteitsterrein1979 Fort Hare papers 7 (1): 59-71
  • H Opperman
English summary illus., map, bibliogr.
Some religious concepts of Xhosa school children in the Ciskei [with questionnaire appendix]1979 Fort Hare papers 7 (1): 1-38
  • J P A Du Preez
illus., bibliogr.
Contemporary African sculpture in South Africa1978 Fort Hare papers 6 (6): 421-58
  • E J de Jager
illus., bibliogr.
The functions of the verbal extensions in Xhosa1978 Fort Hare papers 6 (5): 395-406
  • H W Pahl
The Xhosa dictionary1978 Fort Hare papers 6 (6): 466-73
  • H W Pahl
Xhosa beadwork from Victoria East and Middledrift districts1977 Fort Hare papers 6 (4): 266-92
  • W M K Sobahle
illus., bibliogr.
Preliminary report on an archaeological investigation at Ratshaka hills1976 Fort Hare papers 6 (3): 169-90
  • L P M Matiyela
illus., maps, bibliogr.
The reproductive rate of cattle owned by blacks in a Ciskei area1975 Fort Hare papers 6 (2): 157-61
  • E J B Bishop
  • S H E Stampa
illus., bibliogr.
Xhosa divining and contemporary psychotherapy: a reciprocal perspective1974 Fort Hare papers 6 (1): 35-46
  • D Kruger
Archaeological survey of the Transkei and Ciskei: interim report for 19721973 Fort Hare papers 5 (6): 447-55
  • R M Derricourt
The British native authority system in Africa1973 Fort Hare papers 5 (6): 485-99
  • D M Groenewald
The effects of the migrant labourer on the Ovambo of south west Africa1972 Fort Hare papers 5 (4): 265-81
  • P D Banghart
illus., bibliogr.
An exploration of the possibilitis of prevention of nutritional deficiency diseases among the Xhosa by means of improved agricultural methods and education: with reference to the Ciskei1972 Fort Hare papers 5 (3): 199-210
  • D L Brown
Archaeological survey of the Transkei and Ciskei: interim report for 19711972 Fort Hare papers 5 (3): 211-22
  • R M Derricourt
illus., map
Die estetiese en kuns in kultuurverband: 'n antropologiese perspektief en beskouing1972 Fort Hare papers 5 (4): 229-43
  • E J de Jager
The linguistic genius of the Carey descendants1972 Fort Hare papers 5 (4): 303-11
  • G C Oosthuizen
The arts and crafts of the Xhosa in the Ciskei: past and present1971 Fort Hare papers 5 (2): 87-167
  • V Z Gitywa
illus., map, bibliogr.