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Antisemitism under erasure: Christian Zionist antiglobalism and the refusal of cohabitation2021 Ethnic and racial studies 44 (1): 39-57
  • S. Jonathon O'Donnel
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]1466-4356
Measuring marriage and cohabitation: assessing same-sex relationship status in the current population survey2021 Demography 58 (3): 811-20
  • Krista K. Payne
  • Wendy D. Manning
Everyday rituals of migration: constructing relatedness and agency among young refugees in Denmark2020 Ethnos 85 (3): 550-74
  • Andrea Verdasco
H6 [ETHNOS-]1469-588Xin special issue 'Urban flows'
Cross-group friendships, the irony of harmony, and the social construction of “discrimination”2020 Ethnic and racial studies 43 (7): 1169-88
  • Eleni Andreouli
  • Katy Greenland
  • Martha Augoustinos
  • Richard Taulke Johnson
H6/KD [ETHNIC-]1466-4356
Parents, children, marriage: Bulgarian courts’ view on Romani marriage-making2020 Martor: revue d'anthropologie du Musée du Paysan Roumain (25): 153-64
  • Maria G. Nikolova
H6/KVQ [MARTOR-]ISSN 2734-8350in special issue 'Marriage-making among Roma in Central and Eastern Europe: practices, imaginaries, economies'
Same-sex couples' shared time in the United States2020 Demography 57 (2): 475-500
  • Joan Garcia Roman
  • Katie R. Genadek
  • Sarah M. Flood
Young adulthood relationships in an era of uncertainty: a case for cohabitation2020 Demography 57 (3): 799-819
  • Wendy D. Manning
The social significance of interracial cohabitation: inferences based on fertility behavior2020 Demography 57 (5): 1727-51
  • Kate H. Choi
  • Rachel E. Goldberg
Marriage and union formation in the United States: recent trends across racial groups and economic backgrounds2020 Demography 57 (5): 1753-86
  • Deirdre Bloome
  • Shannon Ang
Living together in Colombia? The Plan Nacional de Música para la Convivencia (2002)2020 Gradhiva: revue de anthropology et museologie (31): 92-111
  • Jaime Salazar
H6 [GRADHIVA-]0764-8928in thematic issue 'L’idéal du musicien et l’âpreté du monde'; English summary
The involvement in childcare of married and cohabiting fathers: evidence from Italy2019 Genus 75: 1-19
  • Fausta Ongaro
  • Silvia Meggiolano
H6/HB [GENUS-]2035-5556
What future awaits couples living apart together? (LAT)?2019 Sociological review 67 (1): 226-44
  • Luis Ayuso
H6/KF [SOCIOLOGICAL-]0038-0261
Sexual coercion, consent and negotiation: processes of change amongst couples participating in the Indashyikirwa programme in Rwanda2019 Culture, health & sexuality 21 (8): 867-82
  • Erin Stern
  • Lori Heise
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058
Cohabitants, captives, or trade: the early late Woodland non-weaver ceramic assemblage at the Marseton #2 Weaver village in Mercer County, Illinois2018 Midcontinental journal of archaeology 43 (3): 257-80
  • Richard L. Fishel
The civility of strangers? Caste, ethnicity, and living together in postwar Jaffna, Sri Lanka2018 Anthropological theory 18 (2-3): 357-81
  • Sharika Thirangama
H6 [ANTHROPOLOGICAL-]1463-4996in special issue 'Civility: global perspectives'
Shifting alliances in accessing the underground2018 Africa 88 (4): 876-80
  • Robert Jan Pijpers
  • Sabine Luning
H6/KY [AFRICA-]0001-9720in thematic section 'Mining gold in Ghana: debate'
Childcare by grandparents in married and cohabiting couples: evidence from Italy2018 British journal of sociology 69 (3): 580-600
  • Silvia Meggiolaro
H6/KF [BRITISH-]0007-1315in thematic section 'Researching family and intimate relations'
Teneke mahalles in the late Ottoman capital: a socio-spatial ground for the co-habitation of Roma immigrants and the local poor2018 Romani studies 28 (2): 157-94
  • Egemen Yilgür
H6 [GYPSY-]1528-0748
Managing common properties in Cameroon's international coastal area: patterns of coexistence between local communities and their Beninese and Nigerian fishermen2018 African study monographs 39 (4): 141-57
  • Antoine Socpa
H6/KY [AFRICAN-]0285-1601
Dwelling together: observable traces and controls in residential urban spaces2017 Space and culture 20 (1): 4-23
  • Melissa Anna Murphy
H6 [SPACE-]1206-3312
Anthropology, history and academic ethnocentrism: biases and limitations in recognizing and understanding solidarity2017 Etnofoor 29 (2): 39-57
  • Elena Mamoulaki
*H6 [ETNOFOOR-]0921-5158in special issue 'Solidarity'
Governing access to gold in Ghana: in-depth geopolitics on mining concessions2017 Africa 87 (4): 758-79
  • Robert J. Pijpers
  • Sabine Luning
H6/KY [AFRICA-]0001-9720in special section 'Mining gold and copper'; French summary
We are also indigenous: the vulnerability of naturalism in western contexts of interspecies coexistence2017 Etnográfica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 21 (1): 49-71
  • Santiago M. Cruzada
H6 [ETNOGRAFICA-]0873-6561English summary
Shared residence and parenthood: a controversial practice and ambivalent norms2016 Journal des anthropologues (144-145): 191-219
  • Benoît Hachet
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]1156-0428in special issue 'Parentés contemporaines'; English summary
Why still marry? The role of feeling in the persistence of marriage as an institution2016 British journal of sociology 67 (3): 516-40
  • Aart C. Liefbroer
  • Francesco C. Billari
H6/KF [BRITISH-]0007-1315
Changing patterns of kinship: cohabitation, patriarchy and social policy in Chile2016 Journal of Latin American studies 48 (4): 769-96
  • Alejandra Ramm
*H6/KUL [JOURNAL-]0022-216XSpanish and Portuguese summaries
Women's agency in living apart together: constraint, strategy and vulnerability2015 Sociological review 63 (3): 589-607
  • Simon Duncan
H6/KF [SOCIOLOGICAL-]0038-0261
Queering the home: the domestic labor of lesbian and gay couples in contemporary England2015 Home cultures 12 (2): 193-211
  • Carla Barrett
H6/KF [HOME-]1740-6315in special issue 'Alternative domesticities'
Marriage and separation risks among German cohabiters: differences between types of cohabiter2015 Population studies 69 (2): 237-51
  • Aart C. Liefbroer
  • Anne-Rigt Poortman
  • Nicole Hiekel
H6/HB [POPULATION-]0032-4728
'Let's talk about the institution': same-sex common-law partners negotiating marriage equality and relationship legitimacy2015 Canadian review of sociology and anthropology 52 (4): 402-28
  • Hélène Frohard-Dourlent
  • Katherine A. Lyon
H6/KUB [CANADIAN-]1755-6171French summary
Sacralidades Timorenses2015 Cadernos de arte e antropologia 4 (1): 103-10
  • Daniel Schroeter Simião
  • Henrique Romanó Rocha
  • Sarah Victória Alemeida Rodrigues
in special issue 'Art, agency and power effects in East Timor'; English summary
The impact of alcohol consumption on patterns of union formation in Russia 1998-2010: an assessment using longitudinal data2014 Population studies 68 (3): 283-303
  • David A. Leon
  • Emily Grundy
  • Katherine Keenan
  • Michael G. Kenward
H6/HB [POPULATION-]0032-4728
Paying lobola when my wife dies: an African pastoral study about the practice of forcing people to pay lobola after their wifve passed away2014 Journal of human ecology 48 (1): 135-43
  • M.E. Baloyi
H6/KF [ASSOCIATION-]0970-9274in special issue 'Advancing indigenous knowledge (IK) in sustainable teaching and learning practices to promoting economic development'
Apresentação. Vicinalidades e casas partíveis2014 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 57 (2): 11-21
  • Emília Pietrafesa de Godoi
  • João de Pina-Cabral
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701introduction to thematic section 'Vicinalidades e casas partíveis'
Agnatas, vizinhos e amigos: variantes da vicinalidade em África, Europa e América2014 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 57 (2): 23-46
  • João de Pina-Cabral
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701in thematic section 'Vicinalidades e casas partíveis'; English summary
Mobilidades, encantamentos e pertença: o mundo ainda está rogando, porque ainda não acabou2014 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 57 (2): 143-70
  • Emília Pietrafesa de-Godoi
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701in thematic section 'Vicinalidades e casas partíveis'; English summary
Pedagogies of affection: the role of exemplariness and emulation in learning processes - extracurricular Islamic education in the Fetullah Gülen community in Istanbul2013 Anthropology and education quarterly 44 (4): 381-98
  • Fabio Vicini
H6 [COUNCIL-]0161-7761in special issue 'Ethnographies of religious education'
Gellner redux?2013 Nations and nationalism 20 (1): 18-36
  • Hudson Meadwell
*H6/KF [NATIONS-]1354-5078
Living together in Río Bec houses: coresidence, rank, and alliance2013 Ancient Mesoamerica 24 (2): 469-93
  • Dominique Michelet
  • M.Charlotte Arnalud
  • Philippe Nondédéo
*H6/KE [ANCIENT-]0956-5361in special section 'Noble farmers and weak kings in the classic Maya lowlands: the Río Bec Archaeological Project, 2002-2010'; Spanish summary
Convivencia in a borderland: the Danish-Slavic border in the middle ages2013 Archaeological review from Cambridge 28 (1): 75-93
  • Magdalena Naum
H6/KE [ARCHAEOLOGICAL-]0261-4332in thematic issue 'Archaeology and cultural mixture'
Socio-economic resources and first-union formation in Finland, cohorts born 1969-812012 Population studies 66 (1): 69-85
  • Marika Jalovaara
H6/HB [POPULATION-]0032-4728
Moral scrutiny, marriage inequality: cohabitation in Bangkok, Thailand2012 The Asia Pacific journal of anthropology 13 (3): 211-27
  • Pilapa Esara
H6 [CANBERRA-]1444-2213
The relationship between work history and partnership formation in cohorts of British men born between 1958 and 19702012 Population studies 66 (2): 123-45
  • Erzsébet Bukodi
H6/HB [POPULATION-]0032-4728
Changes in union status during the transition to parenthood in eleven European countries, 1970s to early 2000s2012 Population studies 66 (2): 167-82
  • Brienna Perelli-Harris
  • Michaela Kreyenfeld
  • Renske Keizer
  • Trude Lappegård
  • Wendy Sigle-Rushton
H6/HB [POPULATION-]0032-4728
Negotiating the social family: migrant live-in elder care-workers in Taiwan2012 Asian journal of social science 40 (3): 295-320
  • Danièle Bélanger
  • Stephen Lin
Front speed of language replacement2012 Human biology 84 (6): 755-72
  • Joaquim Fort
  • Joaquim Pérez-Losada
H6/HB [HUMAN-]0018-7143
Determinants of perceived quality of relationship in families where parents and married children co-reside2012 Journal of human ecology 40 (1): 63-8
  • Kushagra Joshi
  • S. Thind
  • Sushma Jaswal
H6 [JOURNAL-]0970-9274
Sexual attitudes, behaviours and acculturation among young migrants in Shanghai2012 Culture, health & sexuality 14 (9): 1081-94
  • Kristin Mmari
  • May Sudhinaraset
  • Robert Wm. Blum
  • Vivan Go
H6/KGT [CULTURE-]1369-1058French and Spanish summaries
Sweden's marriage revival: an analysis of the new-millennium switch from long-term decline to increasing popularity2011 Population studies 65 (2): 183-200
  • Sofi Ohlsson-Wijk
H6/HB [POPULATION-]0032-4728
Multi-faith Britain and family life: changing patterns of marriage, cohabitation, and divorce among different faith groups 1983-20052011 Journal of contemporary religion 26 (1): 33-41
  • Andrew Village
  • Emyr Williams
  • Leslie J. Francis
H6/KFO [JOURNAL-]1353-7903
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