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It's all in the timing: coital frequency and fertility awareness-based methods of family planning2006 Journal of biosocial science 38 (6): 763-77
  • Irit Sinai
  • Marcos Arévalo
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0021-9320
Does an effect of marriage duration on pre-transition fertility signal a parity-dependent control? An empirical test in nineteenth century Leuven, Belgium2003 Population studies 57 (1): 55-62
  • Jan van Bavel
Social and proximate determinants of sexual activity in rural Nigeria2003 Journal of biosocial science 35 (4): 585-99
  • Alfred Adewuyi
  • Amy Tsui
  • Janine Barden-O'Fallon
Determinants of coital frequency among married women in Central African Republic: the role of female genital cutting2002 Journal of biosocial science 34 (4): 525-39
  • Holley Stewart
  • Linda Morison
  • Richard White
The prevalent use of contraception among teenagers in Denmark and the corresponding low pregnancy rate2002 Journal of biosocial science 34 (1): 1-11
  • Hanne Wielandt
  • Jesper Boldsen
  • Lisbeth Knudsen
Coitus, the proximate determinant of conception: inter-country variance in sub-Saharan Africa2000 Journal of biosocial science 32 (2): 145-59
  • Mark Simon Brown
Coital frequency among married and cohabiting couples in the United States1998 Journal of biosocial science 30 (1): 131-2
  • William H. James
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]comments on article by KV Rao and A DeMaris, see J biosocial Sci 1995 (27:1) 135-50
Sex ratio, coital rate, hormones and time of fertilization within the cycle1997 Annals of human biology 24 (5): 403-9
  • W. H. James
H6/HB [ANNALS-]French and German summaries
Offspring sex ratio in women with android body fat distribution1997 Human biology 69 (4): 545-56
  • Devendra Singh
On sex ratio and coital rate: a hypothesis without foundation1995 Current anthropology 36 (2): 295-8
  • Valerie J. Grant
H6 [CURRENT-]comments on 'Changing sex ratios: the history of Havasupai fertility and its implications for human sex ratio variation' by JF Martin in Curr Anthrop 1994 (35:3) 255-80; with reply by Martin