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The ancient earthworks of western Uganda: capital sites of a Cwezi empire?2002 Uganda Journal 48: 17-32
  • Peter Robertshaw
The resurrection of the spirits: archaeology, oral history and the Bacwezi at Munsa2002 Uganda Journal 48: 71-80
  • Edward I. Steinhart
Recent archaeological discoveries in Buganda and their implications for heritage management policies2002 Uganda Journal 48: 87-102
  • Andrew Reid
Ecotourism in Uganda2002 Uganda Journal 48: 103-10
  • Edward B. Rugumayo
James Desmond Clark2002 Uganda Journal 48: 133-4
  • Ephriam Kamuhangire
Prof. Ian Livingstone2002 Uganda Journal 48: 135-6
  • Ian Thomas
The age and function of the ancient earthworks of western Uganda2001 Uganda Journal 47: 20-33
  • Peter Robertshaw
Bride wealth in Uganda: a reality of contradictions2001 Uganda Journal 47: 49-66
  • Peter R. Atekyereza
The only money a woman can claim: a history of distilling in Bunyoro2000 Uganda Journal 46: 1-16
  • Justin Willis
English for Uganda in the next millennium. The grammar of the noun phrase and article in Ugandan English2000 Uganda Journal 46: 39-48
  • Allestree E. C. Fisher
Uganda: a safe haven for Polish refugees 1942-19512000 Uganda Journal 46: 67-72
  • D. Kiyaga-Mulindwa
The Mountain People revisited2000 Uganda Journal 46: 111-13
  • Curtis Abraham
Health practices in Uganda1997 Uganda journal 44: 108-20
  • Peter Cowley
Colonial treaties and the legal regime of the Nile valley: rethinking the legal framework into the twenty first century with special reference to Uganda (2)1997 Uganda journal 44: 11-29
  • John Ntabirweki
Reflections on Church and politics in Uganda1996 Uganda journal 43: 61-73
  • Akiki B. Mujaju
Land tenure relations in Uganda1996 Uganda journal 43: 12-33
  • Apolo R. Nsibami
Colonial treaties and legal regime of the Nile valley: rethinking the legal framework into the twenty first century, with special emphasis on Uganda's interests1996 Uganda journal 43: 34-51
  • John Ntambirweki
Some thoughts on ancient historical dimensions of current conflicts in the greater Kivu region1996 Uganda journal 43: 52-60
  • David Lee Schoenbrun
The economic history of Uganda and progress under its structural adjustment programme1995 Uganda journal 42: 16-31
  • Mark J. Ellyne
Sacred forests in modern Ganda society1995 Uganda journal 42: 32-44
  • William S. Gombya Sembajjwe
The women's movement in Uganda: an analysis of present and future prospects1995 Uganda journal 42: 54-74
  • Joy C. Kwesiga
Uganda's resonse to the challenge of HIV /AIDS1995 Uganda journal 42: 1-15
  • John Rwomushana
  • Omwony Ojok