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Thinking about thinking: mild traumatic brain injury and finding continuity in US military veterans' embodied minds2018 The Cambridge journal of anthropology 36 (1): 80-98
  • Anna Zogas
H6 [CAMBRIDGE-]0305-7674in special issue 'Cognitive disability'
Rules of the game of death brain2016 Revista de antropología (São Paulo) 59 (2): 32-58
  • Juliana Lopes de Macedo
H6/KUL [REVISTA-]0034-7701English summary
Brain disorder and rock art2013 Cambridge archaeological journal 23 (1): 69-81
  • Robert G. Bednarik
H6/KE [CAMBRIDGE-]0959-7743
Intracranial volume, cranial thickness, and hyperostosis frontalis interna in the elderly2012 American journal of human biology 24 (6): 812-9
  • Gali Dar
  • Hila May
  • Israel Hershkovitz
  • Janan Abbas
  • Yael Mali
H6/HB [AMERICAN-]1042-0533
Grap and NF expression in brain tissue in children and adults after fatal traumatic brain injury2011 Papers on anthropology 20: 51-62
  • A. Barzdina
  • A. Petersons
  • M. Pilmane
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Chronic alcohol abuse is implicated in the oxidative stress and the changes in the neurotrophic factor receptor expression in the human CNS2011 Papers on anthropology 20: 368-79
  • Regina Kleina
  • S. Skuja
  • V. Groma
H6/HB [PAPERS-]1406-0140
Urban-rural contrasts in explanatory models and treatment-seeking behaviours for stroke in Tanzania2008 Journal of biosocial science 40 (1): 35-52
  • The Tanzanian Stroke Incidence Project Team
  • C. Panter-Brick
  • G. Mshana
  • K. Hampshire
  • R. Walker
H6/HB [JOURNAL-]0021-9320